Peter's future with the Ultimates

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That was someone else. I believe that whoever had the Angel avatar is still active... I'm thinking Ice had the Angel avatar, but I'm not completely sure. I don't think Miken ever had an avatar... I guess the name spoke for itself, huh?
As much as I would love to see Peter drafted into the Ultimates and given training, new costumes etc etc, I think it's unlikely it will happen, or at least, only for a few issues.

Bendis just won't screw around with the character that much. He'll never give him proper military training, because it would make him too powerful. Part of the charm of Spidey at the moment is how much of an amateur he is. And plus, we all know he's going to remain 15 for the rest of our lives.
I think the whole drafting idea is Bendis' idea of characterizing Fury as this all-powerful official who would even do things behind the back of his superiors. He seems to be playing that up a lot and this is probably the thing that will make it come to a head.
It will be very interesting to see what happens if SHIELD ever decides Fury is overstepping himself.
I hope that will be happening soon... If it's one character I don't like, it's Fury because he seems to have everything in control. I don't like control, especially in comic books.
Fury's crossed the line so many time I'm now unable to keep count on my fingers. The most recent encroachment that I can think of is in Ultimates 2 #1 where he waltzes into Iraq, freeing those nine American hostages when the Ultimates were strictly for domestic issues.
I like when Fury and Xavier are together because of the tension. They both know they could do the other some serious harm but they can't do anything for exactly the same reason. Plus, they're both willing to turn on the other when there's no other option. To me, itsone of the more intruiging aspects of the book.

I'd say that Fury is being allowed to get away with "crossing the line" because he gets results. People are willing to ignore a lot if it means they get what they want. What i'm waiting for is for him to do somethign outrageous and have it really blow up in his face (Not entirely unlike Ultimate War) and have The Big Bosses step in.
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