Peter's future with the Ultimates

Peter's identity is pretty well blown.
There will come a time when he will become a public figure.
The problems that he has suffered in 616 have often been set around the lack of a father figure in his eyes. yes, there have been individuals that he has looked up to, only to have them turn bad.
With Nick Fury's support and discipline he may find that father figure.
He could get the best trainning for his powers and the best education to cope with the stress of a life as a super-hero.
I do not think he will become a full time member of the Ultimates.
We have a core team members, (which I do not feel includes Thor - Thor is an attachment who has more in common with Peter's role than the rest of the team).
Spider-man's attitude and ability is perfectly suited as a mainly lone fighter.
Imagine an orchestra, Fury is the conductor, Cap is the lead Violin, the rest of the Ultimates are amongst the players, Thor is electric Guitar player that they use in the background when they are playing certain works and Spider-man is the guest soloist.
I personally think that in two years, when peter turns 18, something will have happened to Aunt May. Either a) she gets killed, b) she dies on her own, or c) she finds out Peter is Spiderman. I'm guessing C, although i think it would be interesting if Peter is orphaned, and Nick Fury takes it upon himself to Adopt him. But I think he would Join the Ultimates as a Reserve member, if only to get the protection systems of SHIELD to look over Mary Jane (and May, if she's alive). I think it's important to remember that the safest they've been has been during Ultimate Six, Peter will remember this. Also, Peter would get to Slip through college and get right to working side by side the Pyms and Tony Stark.

You Also have to wonder if Curt Conners isnt now working for Nick Fury too... he created an illegal genetic Mutation that's goal (as it seemed to me) is to replace Peter Parker.... but those are arguments for other threads
In "Trouble" there was a big hint that Ben was actually the father Peter and not his uncle, (if my memory serves me correctly. What if in Ultimates, Peter's father from the venom issues, isn't really his father, what if Fury was/is?

This would be a bit difficult with Nick being black, but hey this a fantasy comic after all.

If not Fury, what about Stark?

Anything rather than the obvious - Norman!!!

Although given Al Molina's take on otto, it could be him.
Let me guess this straight- you're asking what if Fury was Parker's father? Wow, I say A WHOLE lot of things would be different then. I mean, if that's how it was, would Peter even be Spider-Man today?
How could Fury be Peter's father. Fury was in the ARMY and stuff

You're right rene and I'm wrong.

I mean, soldiers have never been known to have sex with civilians have they?

And I thought that I'd seen the weirdest shit this board could come up with... and then I read this page. Gahh.
As we've seen in the Ultimates, US soldiers have done some rotten things. For example, in one of the last issues of Vol. 1, two soldiers pushed a little kid down just because he was rooting for Iron Man, who could be seen flying above.
Hey Goody, I was just highlighting that it was a little daft to say that it Fury couldn't be Pete's father due to him being in the army. Finding more out about Pete's Ultimate Mother and father is probably the key to his role in the Ultimates. If Fury is not connected in some way to Peter's past I would be very suprised.
I don't think there is any connection, really. Fury told Peter that, while his father was going through all of that jazz before eventually meeting his demise in a plane wreck, he was overseas, studying in India. Unless we take it way back, I don't think Fury will be connected to his past.
Just because the Parkers were SHEILD agents in 616 does not mean that they had any ties to SHEILD in Ultimate. And given how haggared Richard Parker looked in the last video letter he made, he didn't much look like someone who knows he's got a big bad black ops organization behind him.
Goodwill, whilst some people just consider this another hiccup in the Ultimate U, Fury was confirmed in the UXM Weapon X arc to have been at war during the time he told Peter he was in college in India. Then again, he also told Peter that his parents died when he was a kid as well, but told Wolverine in that flashback scene that his momma was still alive.
That Fury's got a lot of explaining to do! :p
I'll say. It seems like the writers have a lot of things to sort out with that character... It would appear that the mini-series rumored to be coming out is a little more needed than we expected!
Miken, is that really you or just some cheap immitation?

I think Miken is referring to the fact that comic book years aren't the equivelant to ours like so many people are thinking right now in terms of Ultimate Spider-Man.
Goodwill said:
Miken, is that really you or just some cheap immitation?

It really is him. But he's still just a cheap immitation.

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