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Jun 16, 2004
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In light of the fact that Pokemon: Battle Revolution will be the first Wii game with online capability, I must start this thread...


Since the beginning, I have never had a problem with the games. I think the Pokemon games are incredibly inventive and fun. Despite the fact they are a little less mature than they could get away with, they are very good games...

So, now we're at a stand still. A new game for the DS is coming out and we've got Battle Revolution. Anyone getting back into this or what?
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If I get a DS I will probably get a Pokemon game to play for it. My stumbled onto my cousins a few years back and got very addicted to it. Immature? I wouldn't think so. I like the strategy of it. It's pretty similar to the new Marvel games (Legends, Ultimate Alliance) Build your own superior team and train them (earn attributes).
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The only thing immature about Pokemon was the merchandising. The games themselves, though, are pretty cool.
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If you'll look at my age, you'll be able to see I was smack-dab in the middle of Pokemania when it hit, because I was 8.

I loved the card game, I loved the characters, I loved the video games, and I especially loved the show, which was really what the whole thing was about.

Looking back...no regrets at all. I still appreciate the whole thing greatly, and would probably enjoy watching the entire series again someday. They only lost me when they took it to the next level and introduced about 300 new Pokemon, because that was just too much to keep up with.

Around that time, I switched my focus over to the vastly superior(perhaps even epic) Digimon TV series.
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Sacred&Profane and I are always talking about Pokemon on MSN just about everyday. We're both psyched for the new DS games, Diamond & Pearl (April 22nd- U.S. Release) and Pokemon: Battle Revolution (Spring 2007, no solid date yet).

I bought Emerald a couple months ago and have played that and go back to it from time to time. I've also gone back to the gamecube ones, Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. Not the best pokemon games since its different, but enjoyable and easier way to get the legendary pokemons.

A good site to visit is www.serebii.net. Great site for pokemon news.

Also, back in October I bought Pokemon Ranger for the DS. Its very different the the 'typical' pokemon game. You dont capture and train pokemon, but playing as a Pokemon Ranger, you do capture pokemon and use their help on missions that require you helping other people. In here, you capture them with whats called a stylus, that looks like one of those spinning tops. Once beaten, there are 3 extra missions you get to do. There is actually a 4th one too, for the pokemon "Manaphy" thats for the D/P games. That mission can only be gotten with a code that Nintendo has not released yet for the U.S. Japan got the code via reserving for the 10th pokemon movie. This mission is the only way to get this pokemon for the D/P games. You get it as an egg and then transfer it over to D/P to hatch and raise it there.

Okay, I think Ive done way more than enough pokemon geekery here. Sorry.
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I liked the Pokemon games, but after Sapphire and Ruby (which I thought sucked), I stopped playing them.

When I was a kid, I did have a ****load of cards though. I've got hundreds of them in a box somewhere.

And the anime just annoyed me.
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As Ice stated above, Pokemon is a major interested of mine. I consider myself something of a pokemon enthusiast, and by far a Pokemon master when it comes to the games.
Diamond and Pearl cannot come soon enough. Fire Red/ Emerald are thus far the pinnacle of pokemon gaming, and from what I hear, Diamond and Pearl are like those with Gold and Silver attributes.

Night and Day in Diamond and Pearl is the best new function since Night and Day in Gold and Silver.

*watches the anime dub consistently, tries to buy all the games, buys cards whenever possible, and goes to Pokémon forums every day when online*

Luuuuuurve Pokémon.

I started playing Ranger today. And, ugh, it took me forever to figure out a good way to make circles. o_O After I saw Spenser do it at the speed of light, I figured the faster, the better. Eventually it became clear that it's best to take it a steady, medium pace.

Onto the fandom. For some odd reason, tons of people that liked Pokémon back in the fad days are coming back recently. Pretty cool. :D I hope Pokémon continues to become more popular, but hopefully it doesn't pretty much burn itself out like it did early on.

Also, Serebii.net is overrated~
I've always been a fan. Never left.

Also, Serebii.net is overrated~

How are they overrated? Only good site that updates with news on the games currently. And how they have set up the pokedex for ALL the games ever listing EVERY attribute and all? How are they overrated?
'Cause it is the only Pokémon site that I have ever seen recommended outside of a Pokémon forum. Now, the Pokédex and Attackdex and such is true. I'm always using it as a source for research. It isn't the only one with news, though. Although the other sites tend to be lacking in content or frustrating to figure out.

Hmm, maybe "overrated" wasn't the right word. Maybe "overexposed" is more accuarate...

(...yeah, it's late at night here.)
'Cause it is the only Pokémon site that I have ever seen recommended outside of a Pokémon forum. Now, the Pokédex and Attackdex and such is true. I'm always using it as a source for research. It isn't the only one with news, though. Although the other sites tend to be lacking in content or frustrating to figure out.

Hmm, maybe "overrated" wasn't the right word. Maybe "overexposed" is more accuarate...

(...yeah, it's late at night here.)
The only bad about it is the forum. I dont care about the forum. I get lost there. I just mean its good for news and everything else outside their forum.

Either way, it's still a good place for news, which is really what I just meant it for. I mean, I know it's not the only place, duh! :p

But from the other places I've been to, it's the best one for news.
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I never did get that pokey-man game the kids play.
I never did get that pokey-man game the kids play.

It was after your time, though, wasn't it?

Anyways, I used to be into the cards and show, but eventually lost interest. I downloaded a few of the new movies, and to be honest, its too much of a kids' show to reassert my interest. And I'll be damned if I start collecting the cards again.


The games have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I loved RBY and I loved GSC even more, but RSE really weren't my thing. I tried to like 'em, but I just wasn't into them. I really liked the remakes of Red and "Blue" (Fire Red and Leaf Green) and I'm more than willing to give Diamond and Pearl a chance. I haven't been into the Stadium type games since Stadium 2 (I missed Colosseum and Gale of Darkness), but if I really like DP, I'll look into Battle Revolution.

What they need to do is remake Gold and Silver. Even though you can catch all the GS pokemon in the third and fourth gen games, I'd still love to see GS remade on the DS. They were easily my favorite pokemon games.
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It was after your time, though, wasn't it?

I was in high school when it hit, although it seems I was about the same age as some of the people who said in this thread they play it.
I really like the games... And I am seriously considering buying a DS for the Diamond and Pearl games. The one thing that is convincing me to do so is the online capabilities... Where you can trade Pokemon with other trainers around the world. That, to me, improves the title by a very large margin... That, and you'll most likely get to battle people from all over the place, too. Theoretically, Ice and I could be rivals with the new DS game. That's pretty cool to me.

I've looked up some of the new Pokemon, too. I'm glad they are bringing back some of the older ones, evolving them, and introducing some new characters that'll be able to fit nicely into the vast numbers of Pokemon there are now.

I just don't know if I can stand the ridicule again... I'll get hounded for playing that **** in college.
What's funny, is that a lot my college friends are also fans of the games and want to play them, too.

I was 12 when I began starting playing pokemon, getting Red Version for christmas along when I had gotten a Game Boy Color.
I mean, I could PROBABLY get away with it... But I don't know. I would feel pathetic. I don't know, I haven't convinced myself they are just good games... There's a stigma about the Pokemon games that I can't get over.
use too love pokemon games.

red and blue - loved
yellow -loved most

not liked a game since played the others like gold , silver and the remakes of red ect.. on ds but I don't like them.

The first 3 were addictive and I loved them. Gotta catch them all. But then I bought gold and silver and one of the pokemon looked just like a sheep and another a cow and thought "they aren't even trying anymore" and dont get me started on pichu the mini Pikachu

All in all I say they had a great game series going but like so many game series they seemed IMO to get greedy trying to hard to make a new pokemon just to get more money. They don't even add anything GOOD to them just bad new gimmicks to hook kids.
Gold and Silver were easily the best versions of the Pokemon games... They'd be well advised to do one as long and as difficult as that one. After that game, they got too easy.
I never did get that pokey-man game the kids play.

You ain't the only one man. I personally don't get the fascination....and I hate that it spawned hundreds of other crappy anime shows where little boys and girls have weird monsters or objects fighting for them.

So stupid.

The best thing Pokemon did for the world was inspire Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make the Chinpokomon episode of South Park.

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