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cmdrjanjalani said:
Nah, it's a pretty huge cut. If Sabretooth only got his throat slit he would have still be asking for more. Wolverine's also a killer, and knows that only a fatal decapitation would take out a healer like Sabretooth so he definitely lopped off Sabretooth's head. It was just done slightly offscreen to minimize the gore since UXM is a comic book for all ages and not MAX.

My theory is that some of the Brotherhood probably tried to patch him quickly, long enough for Sabretooth to survive and regenerate.

I'd say it was self recoverable unless the spinal cord was severed, and we just didn't see that much of his neck to know either way. Since any writter can say iyt wasn't a complete job he could be back. I honestly thought he was done for after Return to Weapon X myself. The "I woke up first" line made me think Wolvie went to town on him after he got up.
BKV and Pals said:
More Ultimate questions:

1. What do you think about adding normal humans to the series? Like a girfriend or boyfriend to one of the x-men. We hardly ever see then interact. In that note, i wold like to see Stevie Hunter, Candy Southern or a brand new character, who is ok about hanging out with mutants.

***Well, I think mutants work best when they're feared and hated, but never say never...

2. When will you introduce Ultimate Harry's Hideway???C'mon, the X-Men need a place to hang! Very Happy

***They live in a MANSION! Why would they go to some crappy dive? Smile

3. Please keep Ali in the team!!She's become my favourite!and bring Rogue back!

***No worries about Ali. We'll see about Rogue....

4.People in CBR boards were complaining about the fact we are seeing no brand new characters(original form the Ultimate version) in your run. Will this change?

***Yep, the issue after the Longshot arc introduces an all-new villain.

5. Have you consider using Amanda Sefton? A witch would be cool in the team. Plus, when will Kurt be in the spotlight? He's the only one still in the role of supporting character.

***Stay tuned!

6. When will Wolverine and Storm return?

***Maybe never...?

From the most recent FAQ update.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Ultimate X-Men

1. Any chance of seeing an Ultimate Deadpool somewhere in your UXM run?

***Probably not, sorry.

2. Cyclops doesn't seem to have a grip on the team as of now. I say this because he couldn't control Iceman in the Cry Wolf arc. Is there anything that will personally affect Scott that will make him step up in his leadership role and earn the respect of his teamates?

***Stay tuned!

there's what I had to ask and he had to say to it... I find it funny that he said sorry after probably not.... I usually see just "probably not"
Baxter said:
On sabertooth, I think he could still be alive. The angle of the art doesn't show his entire neck, so he could have just had his throat slashed out.
Looks like you didn't look very well. Look again, and you'll see that Logan completely took Sabretooth's head off. Remember the line?

"Try growing this back!" **Slashes off head**
I agree, the head was completely sliced off. Is that the rule for mutants with regenative powers in the Ultimate Universe, take off the head and it's over? Kind of reminds me of Highlander. :lol:
While I wish there was only one, we don't really know. I'm sure he'll show up again, if for no other reason than eventualy the Ultimate line will degrade like the original and other series have, and we'll get bad writers who'll do whatever they feel.
I don't think there are rules to how the regenerative mutants really work... I heard in 616 Wolverine came back to a full scale human from a speck of what used to be him. If this is true in the UU, PLEASE bring back Sabertooth. That's such a waste to throw him out like that!
Goodwill said:
I don't think there are rules to how the regenerative mutants really work... I heard in 616 Wolverine came back to a full scale human from a speck of what used to be him. If this is true in the UU, PLEASE bring back Sabertooth. That's such a waste to throw him out like that!

WHAT??? Wolverine came back from a speck? That's ridiculous. And it'll be impossible to kill Wolverine. When the hell did that happen?

I know someone's going to bring back Sabretooth. I don't think it's gonna be Vaughan, but someone will. I would like Sabretooth to stay dead. Bringing back Sabretooth would just create another Wolverine-centered story that I just don't care for. Now that I write that, having Sabretooth run ramped through the mansion and taking every X-man out wouldn't be that bad. But back to Vaughan, I think Mystique will make an apperance. It sounds like he's having fun writing the ongoing series, so him introducing Ultimate Mystique (as something outer than a cat) wouldn't be farfetched.
TheManWithoutFear said:
I'd like to see him again, too. That was one helluva way to go if he is gone. I'd be satisfied with that departure...

This is true. I liked Ultimate Sabes but 616 Sabes is to my mind better. He's a good villain and gives writers so many opportunities to use the word "eviscerated".
No, no... He is a great character to have around because it's him that provokes Wolverine into his more nasty side, which is what all of you want to see again, right?
616 he was a great character. Ultimate Sabes didn't do alot except one fight with Wolverine and we already knew Wolverine has a dark side. That was completely unimportant. Sabes hasn't really done anything and he died. There's no real reason to bring him back, especially since Wolvie's not here. When he gets back, you don't just need him to be killing things and popping beer. There doesn't need to be any people in the book for that. Without doing something, Wolverine is superfluos and just bring Sabes back so he has someone to fight over and over is a terrible idea.
Q&A - Vaughan

TheManWithoutFear said:
Just got done reading all the Runaways I can. You're definitely up their on my list. I'm usually into Marvel but Y: The Last Man I'm definitely gonna start picking up.

***Thank you!

I know the Dad's probably not going to be Tristram Silver but thanks for recognizing him anyway :twisted:

Anyway on to some questions...

I know I asked for an Ultimate Deadpool and you said no. How about someone else that's not X-related appearing in UXM. It seems all of the guest appearances go to Ultimate Spider-Man. Why couldn't the X-Men run across another superhero? I know this is hard because you have all these other characters to handle. I was just wondering.

***There's a chance you may get your wish.

Big Fan, Tom Lyons

If anyone else has any (I know Goodwill does). Post them here... A similar thread could be started with Bendis Q&A. If only he'd answer as frequently.
I haven't been on that site in ages, if there are any questions that he answered that I haven't talked about yet, by all means MwoF, post them up and share!
Hello, Brian... It's been a while since I've posted on your board, however, I'm sure you remember me from the most excellent avatar! Anyway, I have been waiting to ask you a few questions about some things and what better time to ask you than now?

1.) You may be the wrong person to ask, however, I've noticed that you take a great deal of time looking through past issues of UXM to keep tabs on all of the characters... As I'm sure you've noticed #41, where Bendis introduces a brand new character only to kill him because he kills everyhing he comes in contact with, there are a lot of questionable things that happen. For one thing, there was this whole government conspiracy deal introduced in Bendis' run and it was elaborated on in this particular issue. I remember the kid asking how Wolverine found him and Wolverine pointed out that Xavier used Cerebro... However, in later issues of that arc, Fury was found responsible. Fishy, right? Well, since you've promised to wrap things up in both Millar and Bendis' run, I thought you may be able to answer this question... Xavier and Fury couldn't have been in it together since they aren't on good terms with one another and it seems out of character for Xavier to do something like. My money was on Fury until Wolverine opened his mouth. So, do you plan on tackling this or is this something I'll have to ask Bendis about?

***Stay tuned. I won't tie up EVERY loose end, but that will be addressed. Bendis' best issue...

2.) Also, I just found out that you're going to cover the return of Magneto! Not too soon, huh? Anyway, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that this DARING move is for Singer so that he can be most comfortable during his year run. Being a novice to the expansive X-Men universe can be tough, and I'd imagine Magneto being the buffer for those who don't know too much about the other guys. Anyway, since you seem to have a pretty wide range as to the characters you can use (Mojo, Sinister, Fenris) are you going to A.) Use Magneto as the main focus B.) Or the person or party responsible for breaking him out? My head is buzzing with the thought of him returning and I'd like to have some light shed on the matter... I know it's probably too soon to ask, but could I have SOMETHING on this arc besides "Stay tuned"?

***Well, I think you're going to be surprised. That's all I can say.

3.) To add to that, Magneto is a big deal... He's had his own mini-series before with both the X-Men and the Ultimates. Are we going to see that happen again with the X-Men and the Ultimates or are we only going to get to see the X-Men? To let you know, either way sounds good to me.

***This story is BIG. 'Nuff said.

4.) Is Deathstrike Wolverine's wife?

***Um... no?

5.) A lot of rumors have been circulating about your Ultimate project after what you've already done on UXM. Most are expecting HYDRA, others are saying that it will correct the continuity errors. Can you say anything about the "next big thing" next to Galactus in the Ultimate Universe? That would be a big help.

***Think smaller. It's just one project, but it's a very cool one. Something important happens.
I decided to go over and ask a few questions on my own...

Brian, a couple of questions from a long-time lurker...

***Cool, thanks for posting.

Well, for one, Colossus... It seems to me that you are not only setting up Colossus as one who's not exactly a fan of the Professor, but you're also alienating him from his team mates (particularily with the ending of The Most Dangerous Game with him talking to Nightcrawler). I mean, I think most of us have figured out that Mr. Rasputin is gay, and I'm also pretty sure that the pious Nightcrawler isn't going to be too keen on that should it get brought up. Will this be enough to make him leave? Is it possible that you've been leading up to Colossus joining Magneto, when he escapes?

***Anything is possible...

Also, should that be the case, when you addressed Jean-Paul you only said that the mansion was crowded. Would Jean-Paul be privy to being an Acolyte of Magneto? and could Colossus and Northstar possibly be hooking up in some sort of Ultimate Avalon? Could Magnetic North have double meanings, with it also referring to a more love type of Magnetism, and North being Northstar (i know i am stretching things just a bit... okay a lot, but still, its interesting)?

***I'll just say that we may be seeing Jean-Paul again.

With Y: the Last Man volume 5... what issues will that cover, because i am really trying to catch up with the issues (i prefer not to have to wait for comics in 6 month periods, cuz i'm impatient)

***It will have issues 24-31, I think, our biggest trade yet.

You've been a little secretive on the possibility of the reemergence of Sinister... which is understandable. But will Sinister tie into the Magnetic North storyline?

***Stay tuned!

Also on Sinister, was he locked up in the facility from Ultimate Six, since he is most definately a altered Genetic type, rather than just any superhuman baddie.... or was he locked up in the Triskelion?

***He's inside the Triskelion.

What's the deal with Psylocke? She pops into a comatose asian post-mortem and then disapears entirely. I was hoping to see her in The Ultimates with her Brother and Dad (and maybe even part of The Union), but no dice.... Will we be seeing her any time soon?

***Stay tuned!

Thanks for answering (or cleverly avoiding answering) my questions!

***Thank YOU!

What I got out of that is---

- Colossus is gonna quit the X-Men, possibly to joing Magneto
- Jean-Paul might make an appearance, but his wording makes me think that it wont be as Northstar
- Sinister is going to break out when Magneto does
- STRIKE (the British/European SHIELD) is going to be involved with the reemergence of Magneto, since it would seem that we will be seeing Psylocke in the upcoming arc

Putting these things together.... my prediction is that Emma Frost (who likely still works for the Government) and her Hellions go to the Triskelion, posibly to meet the ultimates, and magneto uses Polaris to break him out. In the Process, letting Sinister escape.

Jean-Paul sees the report that Sinister is free, and flees to the X-Mansion, and hides there, but Colossus for some reason is propelled to leave....

STRIKE seems to think SHIELD is inadequate to keep people in check, and so they get involved, pissing off all sorts of governments.
More Q&A's and some further expansions on StrangeFate's answers. Mine did come before him though. But the breaking out of other villains seems interesting.
1. I'm repeating this because I don't know if you missed it er... what but if you don't want to comment on it just blow it off again and I won't bring it up...

How bout this. Make one of the runaways a big fan of vigilanteism. (is that a word. Should be) Anyway I think it'd be cool if there was a verbal argument between two of them dealing with The Punisher. One condones his actions the other does not. It's a good way to bring one of the characters towards darker and edgier, an interesting dynamic that The runaways could use.

***Runaways is going to be plenty dark and edgy as is, no worries. Smile

2. You said the number of Ultimate Hellions falls between 1-12 so will this include the mutants mentioned in the New Mutant arc? You already said Lorna, how about Bishop?

***You get the first "Stay tuned!" of the week!

3. After re-reading Cry Wolf, I'm really annoyed with Iceman's character. He's a whiney little ***** isn't he? But what really got to me was how Cyclops couldn't keep him under control. Is there gonna be any focus on Cyclop's leadership abilities in your run?

***Oh, yes.

4. Magneto's breaking out... Do you have the creative right to let some other supervillains held up at the Trisk escape?

***Stay tuned!

5. So will we see Syndicate again? What about Ultimate Warlock? Will anything be done with him?

***Yet again, stay tuned!

6. Ok, so you gave us an "edgier" Xavier in issue #58. Now everyone's goin' round saying Xavier's a bad guy and he's up to no good. I think it's brilliant that you throw shades of grey into character like that but there's no way I'm gonna buy Xavier as a villain. Same thing goes with Fury. Everyone thinks he's out to screw over the United States by useing SHIELD for his own purposes. What do you think of these allegations against the two greater father figures in the Ultimate Universe?

***There are no such things as villains and heroes, just people doing what they think is right.

7. What do you think about the crossover between the Ultimate Universe and Marvel Universe? How can the fans stop this before it happens?

***Who says that's happening?

8. The whole shady Xavier is real cool. But I'd really like him to be a good guy and there's so much buzz about how people think he's evil. Will this be capped off before your run is over... or will we be forever guessing if his intentions are always good?

***STAY TUNED! Smile

Also, look at the crossover question. Hopefully it won't be happening.
The biggest thing I get out of that is that Sinister is NOT dead, something we've debated over a few times. That is the first I've seen BKV say so.
UltimateE said:
The biggest thing I get out of that is that Sinister is NOT dead, something we've debated over a few times. That is the first I've seen BKV say so.

hehe, that was my evil plan

If i asked a question assuming he was alive, and he answered it (which he did), it'd show that he was...

I was hoping he was still there....