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Meant to say this as well. I used to have a MASSIVE folder full of conversations, but for whatever accidental reason, while downloading new software that required a folder; the whole thing was deleted. It was heartbreaking. :cry:

Luckily, I have amassed a fairly big collection of newer ones but none of them have the same minty "best days of my life" feeling that some of those other ones had. A definite highlight of those chats was "EPIC CONVO 2007", which was essentially a trans-atlantic multi-chat with about ten people who came and left at different intervals for the better part of four hours. Several UC members took part in this, although other than Planet-Man and possibly Wade_Wilson, I can't remember who they were.

I do know that it was on this same night that I called Planet-Man and Joe Kalicki at their respective houses (once again, across the atlantic), just to check in and see how they were doing.

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It's funny: my room is an insane mess because I'm a mild hoarder who has a hard time throwing out anything that I think has some value but I can't think of much that I truly couldn't live without. It would be a ***** to replace my books and comics and DVDs and whatnot but they are replaceable. It would suck to lose all the little mementos and funny things I've collected over the years, but they're not entirely necessary.

The only irreplaceable things I can think of: my art, my blankets and sheets (very weird, but I honestly have an extremely hard time sleeping without them. I'm just so used to them) and my dead grandfather's desk and chair. It was "passed down" from him to my dad to me. I'm sitting next to the desk right now, actually.
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OK then. This is all Hellsbuttmonkey's fault.

What are you blaming him for when we have a perfectly good Venom Melendez over here?
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This has potential to be more interesting than it is currently.
For me its definitely both my Trade Collection and my DVD collection, which I've been building up steadily over the past eight years... My trade collection now spreads across four bookshelves, and my DVD collection is spread across five large storage binders.

On a more sentimental level is my grandfather's class ring for the high school that he went to, that I ended up going to also... I wore it every day for my last two years of school, the other kids with 2006 chiseled into their gaudy Jostens monstrosities, and me with my 1942 class ring.

More recently, I have the license plate of my deceased 2001 Chevy Blazer, which died over the summer... I loved that car so much, and it had seen both oceans in the five years I owned it, and taken me to New York and back on eight different occasions... That car was filled with memories of high school and young love and sneaking out, and staying out late... If it was still here, it would be my number one prized possession.

I have pretty much every Harry Potter Lego set ever, and have them all set up in my room, joined together and modified by me, making a gigantic, one-of-a-kind Lego Hogwarts and its grounds. It is beautiful.

Why am I not currently looking at a series of pictures of this?
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My laptop and my phone. I feel like almost everything else I have is replaceable, even if it would cost a lot of money. But I have work on the computer that is irreplaceable and I use my phone constantly for email and other stuff, and if I lost either I would have major problems.

More superficially, my comics (technically it's the trades and hardcovers; I don't really have that much in the way of comic issues). I have quite a few books and some being out of print would be hard to replace. TOG probably has more than I do but I really do have a lot.

I find this amusing. He has three children, and says his laptop and phone are irreplaceable.
Why am I not currently looking at a series of pictures of this?

For some reason I don't have a photo of the whole thing on Photobucket(I'm SURE I used to though), just a few partials. The thing is, right now the table it's on has run out of space, so one of the big Order of the Phoenix sets is just sitting in the middle of it all, blocking a lot of stuff. I'm working on installing another shelf on it and fixing that. In the meantime, largest partial photo I've got:


I find this amusing. He has three children, and says his laptop and phone are irreplaceable.

I think that's the point of the second and third child, Houde.

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