Prized Possessions

Prized possessions eh? I'm a student living in a single room, so it's probably something in here. hmmmm...

My old hiking backpack. I used that thing for 11 years and it has seen as much of the world as I have. It even saved my life once. I've patched that thing up so many times, but it's starting to rip at all the seams now. Using it again would mean breaking it, which is not something you want happening on a hike, so last year I finally got a new backpack. I cant move myself to throw the old one away though. It's gathering dust under my bed now.

My 2 wristbands. One is the Sziget festival 2008 bracelet. 2008 was my first time at Sziget, my first time in Hungary and it was there that I met my current girlfriend. My little sister gave me the other one when she went to study abroad. She made it out of a belt our mother used to wear. She made herself one as well. They dont come off. :wink:

The stuffed mouse I used to carry everywhere as a child that's gathering dust in a box somewhere now. *cue "you've got a friend in me" *

My Absolute Sandman VOL. 3 would be a must. I have the first three volumes, but I like the third the best because of the Ramadan. That was hooked me on my Neil Gaiman addiction. They are the most expensive comic-related items I own and all three were gifts.
- Aaron Eckhart's autograph (which is really weird, and beautifully nonsensical) made out to 'Gothamite', from the day I met him (and personified the stereotype of fanboys who take things too seriously). I also have a camera phone picture of the day, in terrible quality that I will certainly post at some point.

- A movie review I wrote for English class a few years ago, for which I got an A.
I used to have a Mitsubishi Might Max, a small red pick up, that I loved but it was hit by a drunk driver and totaled. I had driven all across the country in it.
I used to have several bookshelves of books, but I sold them all.

I still get a bit sad about not having both of those, but I got a newer and nicer truck, and I can always replace the books when I have a proper library to house them.

My hitch hiking backpack and sleeping bag are the two most prized things I now own. With those two things and a little bit of cash I can get anywhere in the world and have the best time of my life.
Which movie did you review?

Tim Burton's Batman. I've spent my whole life talking about that movie, so when we were assigned as generic a task as "Review a movie" I naturally picked it.

I still have it neatly packed into the inside cover of my special edition DVD case of the movie and read it every time I watch the film.

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