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Jan 27, 2005
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"The things you own end up owning you"
-Tyler Durden

What are is your most prized possession or possessions?

I have to say for me it would be my Firebird, HDTV, PS3, and my trade collection.
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Re: Prized Processions

My red jacket for sure, I've had it since seventh grade and even though it's dying on me I'll keep it until I find a perfect replacement, then keep it in a place of honor
Re: Prized Processions

Comics wise: my copy of Ghost Rider vol 1 #1 (first comic I ever read)

Art Wise: My autographed AH! Dark Phoenix Litho, and my original Bachalo drawing of Domino.

Everything else: my custom made black leather corset, my sketch books, my staedtler 980 lead holder (i've been using it for almost a decade now), and my very own Ranger geek.

Oh... and Fred...

He's 34 years old as of X-Mas 08, my mom and my real dad (who passed away) bought it for my first christmas, I still have him.
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Re: Prized Processions

My gun. My awesome blue hat. My dog tag. My enviable knowledge of things that you don't know. And my brain which was coined google earth. I'm that damn good with directions.
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Re: Prized Processions

Mine would be these :

My 2ft statue of Brain from pinky and the brain. And next to him in the DBZ box is my set of 7 dragon balls, each is stared correctly and made of a clearish orange rubber. Those are my two prized processions.
Re: Prized Processions

My laptop and my phone. I feel like almost everything else I have is replaceable, even if it would cost a lot of money. But I have work on the computer that is irreplaceable and I use my phone constantly for email and other stuff, and if I lost either I would have major problems.

More superficially, my comics (technically it's the trades and hardcovers; I don't really have that much in the way of comic issues). I have quite a few books and some being out of print would be hard to replace. TOG probably has more than I do but I really do have a lot.
Re: Prized Processions

My books. I'm a crazy book nut and just don't show it. I guess that should include my comics and trades too.

Also, my notes and journals from my Europe trip.
Re: Prized Processions

My comic collection is ruling my life, I can't do anything cause of them, I'm running out of space, I can't leave town because my LCS is incompetent, and if I don't catch their mistakes on the release dates, I simply don't get the comics I want, etc.

My dad is terrible for this stuff, he could absolutley never move, he has to much important stuff, 1969 428 Cobra Get Mercury Cougar, 1968 351 Cleveland Mustang GT, enough engine's to power a NASCAR race. A veritible archive of classic records. He also has a first edition of Planet of the Apes, printed by the author himself, numbered and signed. He bought it when he was in vegas in the 60's for 10 bucks.
Re: Prized Processions

Laptops? Games Consoles? PHONES?!

I have a small box of mementos in my room. It's mostly made up of cinema tickets, receipts, some congratulatory cards and an ultra-cheap bracelet thing my girlfriend bought me when she was away because it said 'awesome' on it.

Some e-mails someone sent me to let me know how special I was to them.

Also, my Flash t-shirt which I wore frequently on my Eurotrip and would generally consider to be my 'Gothamite-clothes' (in the same way that Random has his flaming S t-shirt and his legendary red jacket).

A photo of my brother, me and my cousin at Canada's Wonderland bungee-flight-chord thing, which remains the coolest, scariest and most intense theme-park related thing I have ever done. That scene at the end of Toy Story where Woody and Buzz plummet and then FLY? That was us. ;)

Superficially, it would have to be my collection of 90s and 00s action figures. They're all roughed-up and unsellable, but they still look as dynamic and as beautiful to me as the day they were given to me. I also have no fewer than five Batmobiles from movies and cartoons as well as the animated Batplane, so my figures know how to ride in style!

[/pathetic fanboy]
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Re: Prized Processions

I don't really have anything Prized, I'm a clutter freak and tend to clear out my clutter ever six months or so.

I really don't have any possession that means alot to me I guess.
Re: Prized Processions

A rusty bayonette from Afghanistan that I took off the first man I ever killed.

I am so serious.
Re: Prized Processions

I will call my laptop one of them as it has so much of my art, writing, MSN convos and photographs on it. In the same vein, my digital camera because it's one of the highest end objects I own and I carry it everywhere.

I have pretty much every Harry Potter Lego set ever, and have them all set up in my room, joined together and modified by me, making a gigantic, one-of-a-kind Lego Hogwarts and its grounds. It is beautiful.

All my stuffed animals.

My small magic cup which contains more magic than anything else I know.
Re: Prized Processions

I have pretty much every Harry Potter Lego set ever, and have them all set up in my room, joined together and modified by me, making a gigantic, one-of-a-kind Lego Hogwarts and its grounds. It is beautiful.


I don't know that I have any prized possessions. I might count my book collection, especially The Lucifer Effect, but it's not like the physical copy is important to me. My music collection, I suppose, spaced out across my iPod and iTunes and CDs. I have this one pair of jeans I love. I still can't really think of anything I prize. My pocketknife, maybe?

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