Curses, serpentine! The expert sniper's worst enemy.
No jam! These are the end times! There will never be jam again!
Abandon all hope! It's so dark...it's so cold...


"We are the carriers of the jam."
Oh no I tripped! Leave me behind! FLY YOU FOOLS!!!!

No prob, enjoy your death

I've always said that I hate running so much and I'm so slow that if there ever really was a zombie apocalypse I'd just get it over with and kill myself right away.

*loads bullets*

Dude, use a grenade, much better death sequence, more emotion as your cold lifeless hand drops the loaded grenade on the ground, and it explodes as we all run away in shame.

Oh, woe is me!!!

If only I had worked on my cardio prior to the end times! My mother was right, my cigarette habit shall indeed kill me!


I will be using SCIENCE to outrun you all.


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