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I've wanted to get this for a while, so today I ordered the first book off of amazon for like 10 euros, damn cheap compared to what most TPB and graphic novels are like in shops here. If I like it enough, I'll get the next two volumes at the same price!

Let you know what I think of it sometimes next week!
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What the hell do you find funny about this?

The only part I find mildly amusing thing is that I recognize all the scenery(I saw Revenge of the Sith at the theatre they're going to in the preview comic). The rest is teh suck.

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Amusing story, great characters that combine unrealistic video game logic with very real situations and emotions. In all seriousness though, Its how relatable the characters are.

O'Malley managed to create a cast of utterly fantastic characters. If that doesn't come across to you in the preview, then that's too bad. I've read all three volumes in the past two days and its moved up my list to possibly my favorite indy comic of all time (I do not count Image as indy, the four big companies are DC, Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse. Scott Pilgrim is Oni Press).

Hell, man, London ran out of Scott Pilgrim comics... That's how well liked this series is. Its not just a quirky little aside of mine, this is a really great comic book.

Maybe its just the fact that I'm an ex-Manga reader, and an ex-Web Comic Junky, and this is appealing to all of those senses as well as to my love of rediculous genre crossing comics like nextwave and Strangers in Paradise, but Damnit, I love Scott Pilgrim.
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I am bumping this thread to remind people that my opinions are better than Planet-Man's and that Scott Pilgrim is one of the best things ever.

Buy it.

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There are no comic shops around me (that I know of) so I still haven't been able to find any trades:( .

When I get home I need to break in the UC store.

Also is there still only three volumes out?
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They come out about once a year... So yeah.

"Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together" should be out this spring or summer.
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They come out about once a year... So yeah.

"Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together" should be out this spring or summer.

Well no big rush then, I think this promo wallpaper is what won me over:

Seriously, how can you not love that?!
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I've got all three volumes and while its not the greatest thing ever its still pretty good. I didn't really notice the webcomic feel to it till you said something Doc.

I've also ordered another copy of V1 to give to my sister, the local indy rock retro gamer girl. With a wicked Mohawk. I think she'll enjoy it.
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Just finished volume 3 today, and in my opinion it is the best one so far. Wallace is definantly the funniest character in the series, but I'm really interested to see what happens to Kim. It just seems like she is being set up for something...
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I need more Scott Pilgrim...

I check O'Malley's blog constantly, just to hear when the darn thing is going to be released, because "Summer 2007" is waaaaay too not detailed.

*sigh, looks at Avatar*

I still love you Wallace Wells.
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Not an exact date, still, but its better than nothing.

Q: When will the next Scott Pilgrim book be released?
A: I don't know, but I think it's going to be scheduled for late September, which means it could be out any time between late August and late October.

Q: Why don't you release it earlier? Like, say, now?
A: Because I'm still drawing it. It takes a really long time.

Q: Can I interview you for ________?
A: Ordinarily I would love to, but I am officially not doing any more interviews until just prior to the release of my next book. Thank you.

Q: How can I get a copy of COMICS FESTIVAL, the Free Comic Book Day comic published by Oni Press?
A: (1) COMICS FESTIVAL is not published by Oni Press. It's published by Legion of Evil Press, Chip Zdarsky's independent comics imprint. It has nothing to do with Oni Press except that they gave me their blessing to do some free Scott Pilgrim content for this anthology, in support of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. (2) I have no idea how you can get a copy. Please ask your local comic store, or look on an internet comic store. I will post the story online soon enough.

Q: Oh, yeah, is there a movie deal or something? What's going on with the movie deal or whatever? A: Universal holds the option, yes. Edgar Wright (of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) wants to direct it. I don't know what's going on with it at the moment. Nothing official.
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