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Re: Who should write the New Avengers after Bendis leaves?


My guess is it's Kate and the Smoke Monster
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Re: Secret Avengers (Brubaker/Deodato)

probably when the may solits come around

unless they do that goofy CLASSIFIED thing they do
Re: Secret Avengers (Brubaker/Deodato)

I'd say it's War Machine. They've been working that whole adversity angle out for him for a while.
Re: Secret Avengers (Brubaker/Deodato)

Namore has footy wings, and he doesn't have the arm bands that shadow has.

Actually in a number of costumes he's had wrist braces like that

and Venom ripped off two of his footy wings, so you never know.

and things like footy wings seem to be so telling as to who the character is, that leaving them out would be a wise move

ah hell your probably right

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