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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
CBR has "New Sherlock Holmes Photos Released".

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Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

I can't wait for this movie. I love Sherlock Holmes. Hell, I love the Victorian era in general.
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)


I assumed this movie would be crap because everyone makes Holmes unlikeable.


This will be stellar.
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

Guy Ritchie + Robert Downey Jr. + Sherlock Holmes = should be good.
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

I have just heard of this now.

RDJ is going to make Sherlock cool again.

I am so sure of this.
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

*grabs little hammer*

*guy grabs huge hammer*

*throws little hammer at the guy and runs away*

I lol'd
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

I've been waiting for a Sherlock Holmes movie, this looks pretty good
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

I remember waay back when I was doing that Hollywood Stock Exchange there was a movie I invested in called Sherlock Holmes Vs. Dracula. Now in that preview there was a guy people saw die but then he didn't...

I'm just sayin'.
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

That trailer was so epic I embed it on my blog!
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

If I had to nitpick, I think Downey's accent sounds a bit iffy. And I'm not sure about some of the slow motion stuff they show in the trailer. But as a whole it looks good.
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Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

Um, when did Sherlock Holmes become a kickass fighter?

Actually he's always been. One of the key aspects of Holmes as I recall is that he strives to be very well rounded, not just his mind but body as well. So he knows how to take care of himself in a fight
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Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

I have either just seen the trailer to the next INDIANA JONES or WILD WILD WEST...
Re: Sherlock Holmes (News)

Me and Selma Heyek living in the cowboy days, I'm a badass cowboy, wikky wicky wick wick, me and Artimus Clyde Frog gonna save Selma Hayek from the big metal spider. Wicky wick yo yo bang bang, wicky wick a badass cowby from the west side.

A wicky wicky wick

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