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Feb 22, 2005
Folkestone, UK
The new SHERLOCK HOLMES aired today! It's written by Steven "Dr Who" Moffat and it was based on the original story, A STUDY IN SCARLET but was a rather nice twist on it.

It was endearing, fun, and exciting in all the right ways.
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Thank you. I wanted to see this but missed it. Luckily I searched on Sky+ and BBC HD is showing a repeat in 15 minutes :D
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Excellent. I have been waiting for this.
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This was really good. I liked how the text would appear on screen. I'm not sure if the next two episodes are written by Moffat but I hope they're just as good.

I also hope Watson ends up with Dawn. :)
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Is this coming to the US? I hate torrenting. Never been able to get it to work right.
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You filthy pirates.
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the show is strangely unique and interesting at the same time. a lot similar to the other "investigation" shows in storyline, but still finds a way to make it its own show.
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The second episode better involve Sherlock and Watson fighting pirates or I will be very disappointed.
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Anyone who hasn't watched this yet is a horrible person... I absolutely adore it.

Moriarty is truly terrifying... Was he modulating his voice so that Sherlock couldn't figure out where he came from?
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The second series is still going to be made up of 90 minute episodes. No idea on how many there will be though.
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Yeah, I saw that... But hey, if there were 3-6 movie-length stories a year, it would still be amazing. As long as there's more and its good, I'm in.

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