Should Marvel continue Ultimates after Millar and Hitch finish?

Should Marvel continue Ultimates after Millar & Hitch finish?

  • Yes, continue the book with different creative teams

    Votes: 61 79.2%
  • No, stick with appearances in minis and other books

    Votes: 16 20.8%

  • Total voters


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May 17, 2004
Even though Ultimates is considered an ongoing and one of the 4 cornerstones of the Ultimate Universe, the seiries is currently not set to continue after Millar & Hitch finish Ultimates 2.

Many people consider the book a masterpiece that should be Millar & Hitch's baby; others want to see it continue with another creative team.

What do you think?
F*** yeah this book needs to continue. Yes, it is Millar's and Hitch's baby, but would Marvel really want disappointed and pissed off fans if they stop the book after volume 2 ends?
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I actually voted no. I don't know if there's any else who can bring the drama like Millar and Hitch. Unless maybe Robert Kirkman and Steve Epting came to the table...
I will vote yes. It's one of my favourite comics and even if it's not the same I still want it. Maybe a combination of Ellis and Hitch? I will miss them both...
E has me convinced that these characters are better kept background characters... They'll come and go as the other writers see fit. I think that's the best way to do it.
Goodwill said:
Absolutely... Also, like E said before, how many catastrophic things can happen in one Universe?

A lot of things can happen in one universe. Having them written is a whole 'nother story.
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I've said it before...

These runs can't last forever there should be closure...

now with the ultimates im not saying they should disband or anything just kinda leave us with the "they'll always be there feeling" and then do mini arcs for the characters that need them (Captain, Hulk, Widow, etc...)
I agree with what you said Manwithoutfear. I think they should stop it to make it more dramatic and effective, but I only voted for Yes because I love the Ultimates and I want Marvel to make more money... Okay, only the first part.
In some ways I agree with you and some I don't. Some writers who have an issue limit try to fit heaps of ideas into one arc which kind of ruins the book. I hope Millar doesn't do this since he's got many plots going: Thor, Hulk, Other Ultimates. And now he seems to be starting more: Ultron, possibly Yellowjacket and probably many others that will pop up in the book. Even though Millar shouldn't do this as he's a great writer who should be able to pull it off.
I can't be bothered typing up another long post... I'll agree with anything just as long as it doesn't involve different types of pteradactyls and packets of sugar. :twisted:
I agree with the background characters idea. After Millar, keeping an ongoing title just wouldn't feel right. The occasional "Ultimate War," would be nice, though...
I say yes, but I'd like to see the population of the Triskelion kept down. If you go over to, you can get a complete list of how many Avengers there were... especially some of the multiples like Hank's personalities over the years and stuff... it's ridiculous. Get maybe VISION or one or two other big Avengers onto the public team, and then just hold it steady at that, and I'll be happy. After all, I'm pretty sure Hank was the Ant Man in the 90s Avengers cartoon... he can stay in the silver helmet for the Ultimates, right?
Yeah, the only reason I would want to see the title continue is to see the Ultimate version of, say, Black Panther or Vision, you know?

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