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I love talking to myself.

This episode was a lot of suck...

I love how they're bringing Lana and Clark back together just so they can end it properly but... ugh this was just terrible. The core plot once again means nothing to me but this was just super-bad. I mean the kid was lame, Lana's crying at the end for the kid that she knew a total of two days was bad. Seriously how couldn't Lana know? I mean Clark should've been blown to pieces. How bout where the hell was Jason throughout this entire episode? All of a sudden Clark and Lana are real close again but no jealous boyfriend? cmon...

Ok, the good... Lionel's back and sticks it to Mrs. Teague (who, I don't care how old she is, is HOTTT). Again, I say Lana and Clark coming together is a good thing. Evil Lex shining through at the end.

Glad that episode is out of the way... how bout the previews for the upcominig episodes... Yeah, ****in' sweet.
Talking to yourself, MWoF? What about me?

Yeah, last night's episode sorta sucked. I mostly watched LOST.

Didn't hate it. The "freak of the week" power was weak and the core of the episode was bad as always, but the kid was definitely one of the better villains. I mean he froze people and took their heads off... yikes...

Love Clark/Lana is progressing more and more. So they can end their relationship the right way. Now with Jason gone... it's finally gonna happen.

I can't wait to see what happens with Mr. Kent and Clark goin away but that will all be explored next season and not this one.

Any thoughts on how much Chloe will be in the next season with her being the only one leaving Smallville?

Next week: 90 min season finally and it looks awesome... if you don't watch the show, watch it for the BATMAN BEGINS TRAILER ATTACHED!!! Wooo hooo

Good episode though.
I barely watched it. I was mostly watching LOST. So what did they say would happen in the season finale? I missed the preview.
moonmaster said:
I barely watched it. I was mostly watching LOST. So what did they say would happen in the season finale? I missed the preview.

They just showed some clips. Another meteor shower is coming down on Metropolis. The most interesting segment they showed was Clark, in what looked like the artic, screaming "I can't do this alone".

I could give you a link to a site that's loaded with spoilers...
TheManWithoutFear said:
I could give you a link to a site that's loaded with spoilers...

That would be great.

I don't care if you've never seen the show before. I don't care if you don't like DC Comics. I don't care if you're not a fan of WB shows... I know I'm not.

The season finale of Smallville was probably the best 1 hour and 15 minutes of television that I have EVER seen. Lex is no longer borderline villain he is now the main villain. Clark/Lana was an awesome scene. The chemistry between Clark and Lana is dead on. I wish they didn't turn Chloe into the obnoxious reporter in the graduation scene but she picked up in the caves. What was that spaceship that Lana saw at the end? What of Clark's parents? What powers does Lionel now have? What happened to Chloe and Lex? Where the **** is the Fortress of Solititude? HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON!? I wet myself this was sooo good sooo ****in' good it made up for everything this season lacked... it was the best Smallville I have ever seen.. :( When's next season?

+ Batman Begins kicks ***...
Ultimate Gambit said:
so how did Lex become totally Evil.... im kicking myself for missing this I'm so pissed

He completely lost his cool and was like threatening Lana and Chloe about the stones. Then he whispers to his unconscience father and says "I want to tell you something before you leave this earth. I am the son you've always wanted me to be." It was chilling Michael Rosenbaum is the best thing on that show which means he's the greatest thing on television.
Ultimate Gambit said:
ya hes a awesome actor so did Clark get all the stones and if he did what happened?

Clark got all of the stones. The missing one, Lionel had the entire time. But Clark got them all and when he put them in they formed a superman symbol without the "S". He grabbed it and he was transported to Antartica. He walked around for a bit got frustrated and let the stone go it floated infront of him he grabbed it again and then threw it. They showed it flying through the air and it was coming toward the camera and then it just said "To Be Continued".

Oh yea, the John Williams score played the whole time.
The episode was indeed awesome.....

That preview was incredible. I'm seeing the movie on the first day. Hopefully, when this movie is released, Joel Schummacher and all memories of Batman and Robin will literally be erased from the face of the earth.

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