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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
I had a really ****ty night, well, week rather... I dunno, I just thought that maybe there should be a place for venting about real life things outside of the thread that is mostly socially based...
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i hate how architects feel that, in order to make architectural education real enough, they give students enough work to absolutely kill any social college experience. it's the same all over the world, and it has been so demanding and absurd since Louis XIV in France. i love the work, i love architecture, but i can't stand working until 4 am everyday. i have leaving my dorm at 10 to my classes at studio, and basically staying inside that building until 4 am. i hate how they joke about it, i hate how it is shown as a right of passage. architects need to be very skilled, but, for the money they make (most often comparable with teachers), they shouldn't have to go through hell. though i suppose it is a dream-type job. BUT I HATE HOW I WENT TO COLLEGE EXCITED ABOUT HAVING THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, DOING MY WORK BUT HAVING FUN, ONLY TO WORK 18 HOURS A DAY 5-6 DAYS A WEEK, TO GET ****ING B'S. I'm in a ******* honors college thats supposed to be crazy competitive, Ivy-league level, and I'm getting B's because architects expect you to be Le-Corbusi-****ing-er all the time.

I hate how every girl I fall for ends up having a quasi boyfriend, and that they like me, but they have their relationship which isn't even that real! ****ing ridiculous.

I hate how I'm a ****ing loner. Mostof my friends are juniors, so I live basically alone, and they are all tighter with eachother than they am with me. They're good friends, but the fact that I only hang out with like 7 people, and in architecture I have no real friends, only acquaintences, pisses me off.

I hate people telling me how I'm good looking. Maybe if it actually meant something, and girls were throwing themselves at me, I'd be flattered or someething. But now it just kind of seems like a sick joke.

All kind of petty... I guess... but there are times that i just feel so tired of everything. I mean, I've had the same cold for 3 weeks because I have gotten 2 8-hour days of sleep since being sick...
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I hate people who annoy me.

I hate people who smell.

I hate people who have smelly breathe.

These are three things that make me hate life.
I hate people that make everything complicated.
I hate all that career ****. I want to be rich.
Cool, i love this thread Strangefate!

I i hate so many things...let's see
I hate being the good guy...i help drunk friends, i'm the first one to start punching a dude that is trying to kill my friends, i'm the one who lends money and don't even care if my friend forgets and i specially hate when some girl i like start dating with some ******* and i just turn my back 'cause i know she wil be happier with him, even if he is a goddamn idiot.

I hate my bad luck, i don't know it seems that god hates me, every timei fall for a girl, there is aways someone in front of me and i always get ****ed. I hate being the goddamn clow...even though im the comic relief of the group intentionally, i hate that my jokes are based in my own stories that i just get ****ed.

I hate how i'm a ****ing giant (1,90m 120kg) i look like a monster and even though i dont eat that much i can't get normal.

I hate how i need to get drunk to stay happy even if i don't remember in the next day.

I hate the fact that i just lost 4 years of my life because a ****ing doctor give me anti depressives when i just had some glands problem, ****, 4 years locked up in my room thinking if it was easier if i just jumped out of the window.

I hate my face and that's why i leave my hair long, to hide it.

I hate the fact that i dont have something that im good at... in everything i do there always someone better...

I hate the fact that to talk about comics i have to go to a american forum 'cause my friends here preffer to read manga.

I hate how im 21 years old and my father and my mom don't trust me to do anything and they do everything to my brother that is only 18.

I hate this cosmic conspiracy that ****s me up

I'm a ****ing loner i could get some ugly chicks or some drunken ones too, but i can't, i'm the ****ing good guy and my twisted ****ing morals come first and that's why i'm alone even when i'm full of ppl by my side.

I hate mostly myself because i'm afraid to change and i'm afraid to just keep like this.

wof i think that's it, feel a little better now
I have a bit of a woman problem that majorly sucks...
Met her 2 weeks ago, she's a fresher in my university living on the same floor as my best mate (we both have just entered our 5th year).
I have developed a very flirty relationship with her, that has lead on to her kissing me and also texting a nekkid picture of herself to me.
I really really like this girl, more so than I have liked a girl in ages.
Guess who has come to visit her this weekend? Her boyfriend.
Although as i type this, things may be looking up....I know she was trying to decided weather or not to dump him this weekend. And she has just sent me 4 text begging me to come out tonight, and has admitted to being MORE than a little drunk....things might be looking uo....or I could end uop meeting this guy, and fighting the urge to lay him out....either way, I'm in for a good night!!!

I hate the fact that the girl i like is away for another 12 days! But know you this, when she comes back she WIll be mine!

I hate my boss, hes a ****ing prick

I hate the fact that one of my best friends is in love with a girl he cant have.

I hate pop music, and yet they always play it at work!

I hate fathers who beat there daughters. ****ers!

I hate fruit

I hate people trying to make me eat fruit!

I hate that i got no money!

I hate that i have to wait ages for the USM game to come out in NZ and that MK Shaolin Monks is already out and i cant get it :(
I hate fruit too. It ain't even good for you!
thee great one said:
Wow I'm proj's arch-nemisis.

I also hate people who can't spell, can't be bothered to spell, and think they're great.

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