The great manga debate!

I'd like to direct everyone's attention to the following conversation from the beginning of this thread.

You should read... nothing. All the good ones have already been made into anime which you can watch for free on youtube. Save the money.

you can get the manga for free if you know where to look.:wink: and all of the best ones have not been made into anime, or you have obviously not read or even heard of death note.8)

Nope. Give it a month, it'll be an anime.

I present to you Death Note - the anime.

Like I keep telling you guys, I know everything.
I think there's an annoyingly vapid quality to a lot of popular manga. A lot of it seems...derivative. I think that comes from the way it's produced. Something about manga just seems fast and cheap.

And I suppose that's why people like it. A lot of why I don't like manga comes from jealousy. It annoys me that people are reading some of the dumber manga when there are so many profound and smart American comics out there. To me, it's like how people prefer cheap sitcoms over shows like Arrested Developement. They like it because its easy to digest and it doesn't force them to think as much.
Degustibus non disputandem *everyone groans* and all that.

The very reason why there's a prolific amount of derivativeness and vapidity and stupidity in a lot of manga is a combination of both Sturgeon's Law (i.e., 90% of everything is crud) multiplied by the sheer volume of stuff being produced. There's a large mass market for this stuff that makes its commercialness a foregone conclusion, in the same way that any creative industry that becomes highly mass market has to produce a highly commercial culture.

On the other hand, much of the manga that is exported and localized for English readers isn't necessarily the best stuff that is out there. Remember that people in the business of importing foreign works --- whether dealing in European art-house cinema or Japanese role-playing games --- still have to take things like profit and serving a market into consideration and that reflects itself in their decisions.

As inane as Dragon Ball Z is --- it's still a highly profitable intellectual property for kids that translates itself not just in its (IMO intolerably and ludicrously) long serialized narrative, but in how easy it is to merchandise. This is unsurprising, because anime studios have long made it a non-secret that their anime shows DON'T make money from advertising sponsors, but from merchandise.

I could probably write more boring voluminous posts on this topic, but the question you have to ask yourself sometimes when assessing the arguably overhyped phenomenon of manga is "Is it really bad, or is it just not for me?"

I don't mean that as condescension, but dismissing manga because you dislike the large amount of shounen bullcrap (One Piece, Naruto) and nauseating shoujo pabulum (Love Hina{/i]) seems as logical as dismissing American comics because of the large amount of superhero nonsense and geek-pastiche.

moonmaster said:
"Now that I have transformed into my 13th and penultimate form, you will never stop me GOKU!!!"
"I've come back from the dead for the fifth and last time during this battle to defeat you once and for all, Gleezo!!! SUPER SAIYAN 87!!!"
As far as I know, Dragon Ball Z is not exactly well-regarded by even the most forgiving of highbrow manga cognoscenti in Japan.

But don't let stupid shounen fool you. There're some out there that are actually full of some pretty solid themes once you get over the initial hurdle that taking a comic about bread-baking and Japanese chess seriously requires.
My only problem with manga is that it's pretty expensive to read an entire series.

That, and that the highest grossing anime film of all time is Pokemon. But, I'm getting off topic.
I like Full Metal Alchemist, GTO and Death Note. Other than that, I pretty much avoid manga like rape.

Don't bother buying any. There are a lot of sites where you can get it all for free. (,, etc.)
My only problem with manga is that it's pretty expensive to read an entire series.

That, and that the highest grossing anime film of all time is Pokemon. But, I'm getting off topic.
Geez, that's like dismissing the entire American film industry because the highest grossing American film of all time is Titanic.
I had a lengthy conversation with my Japanese friend about Manga yesterday. Basically why Manga is such a bigger media form than comics. partly it's cuz it's bigger it can support itself better and doens't have to have a 10 to 1 superhero genre split. There are manga for girls, businessmen etc. and the fact that they are so small businessmen can put them in their pockets and read them on trains...and there's no stigma attatched, like if I ever read a coimc on a train (which I have) I always get the feeling people think I'm this massive geek, that's why I usually only read cool things.. Also Manga are so small and much cheaper than comics. Comics are really expensive I think for what they are, and I feel really ripped off if I buy a comic and don't like it. In Japan manga's are apparently like $1 each, admitadly they're usually B+W and on poor quality paper so you can't treasure them as you do a comic, but I don't like having to spend lots of money I'm probably only going to read once, the format makes more sense there. Also because of the social acceptance, you're more likely to get manga in libraries/shops, where it's easy to get hold of them, get into don't have to get yourself to a specialist comic book store.

But I like specialist comic book stores, and i like the fact that it's just as valid a media type as film and prose, but there's a minority of people who read comics...makes me feel cool when i meet other people who also read comics, like there's an instant bond there. I also like big comic book geeks, who know useless information and try to out geek each other, re-enact marvel secret wars and girl-geeks that dress up like power-girl. I guess that culture will always be there tho. I think I'd rather have more manga widely-sold in the mainstream.

ok rant over...sorry just had a cool convo about it and wanted to share some of those ideas.
I think the blatant soft-core pornography in a lot of Manga titles is hilarious (Hanaukyo Maid Team anyone?) and some of the humour is right up my alley.

I agree that it can be a bit weird sometimes but it's by no means easy to get where I live (Dublin, Ireland). I think there is two shops in the whole city that I've found that sells Manga comics and then only very limited stock (Admittedly I didn't look too hard, but still)

Animé is better though, in my opinion.
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