The Japanese Will Doom Us All

Can't believe I forgot Voltron.

Sigh, Samurai Pizza Cats.

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Oh snap! Doom wins.

Ramba Ral was a great man.

"In the middle of the Battlefield, Ramba Ral forgot how to fight." and I'm Chang Wufei, *****. You can't take that away from me.
Everyone on the site with the possible exception of Langsta is too old to be a Gundam pilot. Doom is about right to be the veteran Ace pilot that takes Langsta under his wing. Iceshadow, J. Agawhatsit, and I would be either cannon fodder GM/Zaku pilots, maintenance crewmen, or bridge bunnies.

I'm pulling for bridge bunny. If I get stationed on the White Base expy I've got a 90% chance of survival and a 50% chance of a major promotion before the sequel begins.

Dibs on the quirky mechanic, who has a tortured past, and ends up piloting a Gundam to save his children from the bad guys.

The bad guys introduced the second time around, not the first set of bad guys.

I was thinking more like Zechs Merquis, but maybe you're right, I'll settle for Lt. Lucrezia Noin.

I loved Zechs.
For the third, and hopefully last time, today I assure you that this is a real thing.

That is a ten foot tall walking battle mech, complete with twin machine guns, that can be purchased over the internet. Right now it only fires rubber balls instead of bullets and can't move on any surface that isn't completely flat, but make no mistake Japan is bound and determined to give the world working murder-mechs within the decade.
If you could teach that thing to breakdance, and then strap some guns to its feet, it would be unstoppable.

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