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Feb 22, 2005
Folkestone, UK

Right. So, this is Gunnar Golmen, or Loki as we all blatantly know he is. This thread will prove this 'man' is actually the God of Mischief in disguise by showing how he has subtely shifted reality to his whim.

You see, the bastard uses a method of infiltration and subtlety so clever and ingenious, it has only one name: "Where's Wally?"

That's right. He stole a page from his book, and cropped up everywhere. I scoured my copy of the Ultimates to find him, and I believe he may only be confined to The Ultimates 2, but then, I'm not so sure, as this presentation will prove.

But before I begin, I must ask, doesn't Gunnar look familiar? I mean his facial structure. Is he a known actor, or perhaps someone who played Loki or some similar character in a film? As soon as I saw his face I thought, "That's Loki" - he just seemed really, really familiar. He just looks perfect.

But maybe it's just me.

Onto the presentation!


This presentation is in reverse chronological order. Here, in The Ultimates #4, before his close-up (above) Loki... I mean Gunnar... can be seen here, in Rome. This is at the exact time the riot begins that Thor intervenes in, harming police officers, which results in the Ultimates discovering his origin and deciding to take him out.


This, taken at the Hades bar in Manhattan from The Ultimates 2 #2, shows a person, with Gunnar's hairstyle standing right behind the girl that covers Captain America in beer, creating a riot against him.

However, since the man is not wearing the green jacket Gunnar wears, it is possible it is just his spider-clone or a coincidence (both of which are preposterous).


Again, taken earlier from the same issue, here we see a particularly attractive woman, with the female equivalent of Gunnar's hairstyle. While Gunnar may be unable to change gender, perhaps this conspicuous lady is related in some way.

The geek within me can't help but think this could be the Enchantress or Hela - simply because I find it odd that she's got so much of the panel to herself, and her expression is bewitching.

While an explanation is that this is a cameo of someone Millar, Hitch or Neary knows that Hitch has put in as an in-joke for him and his mates, it is again, a preposterous theory.


This is the first, full-fledge appearance of Gunnar. Here he is, just when Volstagg the Voluminous warns Thor of Loki's ambitions, walking around nonchalantly, and grinning.

It is this scene, where Volstagg disappears, that Thor believes is when Gunnar shifted time and space to create the false origin of Thor.

Hairstyle, jacket - this is Gunnar. And if his story is true, there is no reason for him to be so happy to see his brother Thor (who is on the other side of the world) talking to himself in front of a crowd.


Ah, this is from The Ultimates #4, the first volume. Here, when Thor's SHIELD file is mentioned for the first time, we see a man with similar attire and hairstyle to Gunnar.

While it is possible that this is just coincidence since Loki has yet to escape the room with no doors at this time, we cannot escape the indisputable fact that it looks kinda a bit like him.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Millar and Hitch planned this from the beginning and this is proof.


And here we can see Loki/Gunnar behind the Grassy Knoll in Dallas.

All the appearances of Loki (that I could find) to date.

Some may judge me harshly and believe that I have reached too far, and cheated by making composite images, to them I say: "You are right. There were only two secret appearances of Loki in all 17 issues, and after spending all that time looking for things that don't exist, I may have gone a little crazy."

I rest my case.

:crazy: :dazed: :dead:

You found em all. I saw Gunnar/Loki in all those Dallas photos... I knew it was him!!!! Damn him to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I too thought that that girl in the nightclub was Loki as well. We must think alike,, Mr. Bass.
This is totally cool. Thanks Bass for this. The last picture is hilarious :lol: !!

But yeah, I'll take them all. I'm doubtful of the girl in the club and a little shady with the guy in the Thor Recruitment scene but it could be him.

Very cool though.

In the club it's hard to see what colors he's wearing exactly but it's possible it could be green n' gold.

Thanks Bass
WOW JUST WOW. That is really good man. Hmm... maybe he is LOKI, I have no idea what to say. I cant wait to go home and read these books.
i have to give it to you man, brillant work there, i loved how you scanned those for further proof....excellent job, keep up the good work...with stuff like this, maybe you can convince famke to hook up with you after all..
icemastertron said:
Quick guys, bring in the sedatives.
And as a gift, we're gonna give you chocolately wookaly cookies. :p
I have stella artois, far superior :)

I'm convinced about all of them but the guy in Ult. #4
The girl looks like a good possibility.

Damn I love this book.
Guijllons said:
I have stella artois, far superior :)

I'm convinced about all of them but the guy in Ult. #4
The girl looks like a good possibility.

Damn I love this book.
I'm not saying your evidence is wrong or anything. I agree, and have been. The girl does look like a possibility. The face is very similar.
You're more than welcome.

Plus, Famke and I are getting married tomorrow.

Next week: The Bendis Manifesto, and my marriage to Krista Allen.

PS: Guijllons, I know you're the real Loki guy, and I hope this is proof that I want to be your Absorbing Man. :doglickingmaster'shandemoticon:
Yeah, I know. Two separate points there.

But is Loki's objective just to annoy Thor? To have him killed because he's unable to do it himself? But these are questions that really pale in comparison to what volstaag was talking about.

Who is the force that Loki has aligned himself?
The European Defense initiative? is that who? Or something bigger?
that was they best thing i have seen in so long the fact that you tied it all together. that was great . you are a smart man
Bass said:
PS: Guijllons, I know you're the real Loki guy, and I hope this is proof that I want to be your Absorbing Man. :doglickingmaster'shandemoticon:

You scare me more than I thought another man could.

*remembers his uncle at his sixth birthday party*

Nearly as much
Actually, in reference to Loki in 4 I believe it's incredibly possible that was him because at that point I don't believe he was in the room w/ no doors. Didn't Thor tell Fury in issue 7 that he had been busy fighting his brother & the Midgard Serpent?


Loki & Ultron in GTA

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