Spider-Man The New Scorpion


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Jun 16, 2004
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Well, speculation surrounding the title will be about Gargan as the new Venom is false. In fact, this Scorpion is female and, so far, does not appear to be related to Gargan or the female Scorpion that has already shown up. Amazing Fantasy seems to be throwing women into the mix a bit much, huh? We'll see though. There's a cover image of her that's not too shabby. ;)
Blech. I say Blech. Why are they throwing away perfectly good (or atleast perfectly workable) characters for new, female versions. Lines of thought like this is why we've had 18 supergirls lately.
Yeah, it just seems to me that this Next stuff is producing too many girl villains/ heroes. We've got X-23 and Arana (Meaning Black Spider, I think) and the cast of the Runaways is primarily girls, too. This is insane.
Wow guys, sexest much?

Just kidding...

But what's wrong with the women? There's really like more bad guys and male heroes than 'bad women' and female heroes. I say, cool to the idea.
TheManWithoutFear said:
I say hell no there's no reason to womanize every hero and villain out there...
I'm not saying womanize every hero and villain. I'm just saying yeah to the idea of having more women.
I'm all for more women, just make them original characters instead of dropping off existing ones.
Baxter said:
I'm all for more women, just make them original characters instead of dropping off existing ones.

Added to that, it's not cool to have all these women characters coming out all at once. Marvel needs to have female heroines come out in moderations if they are going to have them at all... It irks me when we can't have a male come around and tear it up, you know? I'm not sexest or whatever, but there is a difference between what men fight for and like and what women fight for and like and I can relate more to the man's side than the women. Do you get it now, Ice?
Because of the tail, you don't think she's the character you're supposed to be? Where's Iron Fist's actual iron fist? Huh? I'm just trying to fool with you here, but I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal if she didn't have it.
Doesn't Araña have some sort of metamorphosis into hunter mode or somesuch? Who says Scorpion doesn't have something similar?
Me because if they did have something going on like that I would puke at how unoriginal Marvel is being with their Next line... Speaking of which, they are taking my thing for the fan fics! I had "Next" first! ;)

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