The Ultimate Universe gets an origin

So instead of getting a miniseries for each ultimate character by a good writer we get one miniseries written by bendis... ****
Depending on what kind of origin this it will be good or bad. Explaining how things got the way they were in first comics e.g He mentioned how nick fury got his place = Good

If it is how the universe got created and anything like relating to 616 = Bad.

But even if it's if its the bad option there's no one better to do it than Bendis. Not just beacuse I like his work in usm , which sure I do and think is genius. But it's beacuse Ultimate Spider-Man was the first ultimate comic , He also did work on Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four , Ultimate Marvel Team-Up and Ultimate Six (I hate that one but still)

so he has done the most for the Ultimate universe and started it all so it's kind of HIS universe so he would of had an idea how things are the way they are. Any other writer doing it would not and that is the key reason It's a good thing it's Bendis
Why does Bendis sound like a parody of himself?

I'm not joking.

I haven't read a Bendis interview in years --- ever since I stopped writing a Bendis news journal on lj in 2004 --- but that's what this reads like. I almost thought this was an April Fool's joke of some sort... in June.
Maybe we'll luck out and it will be good... It could happen... Don't look at me that way, it could...
Im withholding judgment, since this is a story that's been sitting around for a LONG time...

Plus this is the perfect oppurtunity to Retcon "Ultimate Iron Man"
Well, being an Ultimate completist (the rest of Ultimate Vision and UIM Vol. 2 excluded), I have to get this. But I honestly don't think it'll be all that bad.

Now I just have to wait 6 or 7 months for someone to quote this post when we're all *****ing and moaning about the mini. :)
I don't really care about the origins of the Ultimate Universe until the books become interesting again.
I don't what it is, whether Bendis has lost interest in the UU or what, but he hasn't written a decent Ultimate story in a very long time. This is going to suck and I'm going to need to drop Ultimate from the name before it hits so no one thinks we actually read this stuff.
I'm not reading this. I'm telling myself right now that no matter how pretty the cover art is, I'm not being roped into buying it. Not only will I not buy it, but I won't be downloading it either. My precious hard drive space won't be tainted by this crap.
I can't muster up any feeling for this huge mistake. There are so many authors who can do stories like this is mind-blowingly awesome ways. Bendis isn't one of them. He's a horrible choice for this story. It's a catastrophe in the making and I just don't have it in me to care. this was announced here by Bendis himself at WW.

I'm gonna say this----I'm ntrigued. Mostly because hw said this is all based on talks and ideas that he AND Millar came up with when they first started the UU. He even stated that he'll be working with Millar for reference on this.

There's more reasons....but I'll post them later.
When Bendis is on and inspired, he's a good writer. I've heard people raving over New Avengers... And we all once raved over USM. I have faith that this will be good. It's an interesting enough concept and something that I feel is long over due. I hope, along with the things they said they would build on, that flesh out SHIELD's past dealings with the aliens and stuff... I think that'd be a cool thing to get into with the UU. Just me.
Is it just me, or is this a few years too late? Wouldn't it have been best to do this before the UU ultimately (ha ha) turned to crap? '_' Who knows, maybe if this were a done a while ago it could have saved things from the current state of affairs. Done today, it could (a) not matter, (b) put the final nail in the unvierse's coffin, or (c) save and revive the UU. Sounds like a is the most likely option, but who knows... if done in the past it coulda been c. (Of course, this is Bendis who overhypes everything he writes and gives away spoilers for everything he writes and has no idea how to avertise something so it would probably be dissapointing no matter what year it is.)

Maybe they were just waiting for Ultimates 2 to get out of the way.

(This post is very disjointed.)

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