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ProjectX2 said:
They ****ed up the numbering with this series.
What do you mean?

It's the same thing they did with Spider-Man, FF, and many other series. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up doing it with Runaways in the future.
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With how it was a new series, and then it's been put back up to it's original numbers now.

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I started reading this, It's not bad. I did like the "Beetles Reunion" crack. Not sure If I'll keep up with this.
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I still am not in liking of Songbird. But that's fine. It's like I want to hate her or something now, since I don't think I want to like every character anywhere, which I think is how things should be.
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Nicieza's said, many times, that this book is more about the struggles - and the failures - of a group of people as they try to figure out what it takes to be a team and to be heroes (or even IF they want to be heroes). I get that, but my problem is that the central characters have become SO unlikable that I'm having trouble rooting for them, which means I'm starting not to care very much. Bad sign, that.

This month's letter column even discusses this exact percepion of the team, so I'm not the only one. I can be patient, but it seems like I've BEEN patient, and now maybe I should be patient in trade format instead of regular monthly format.

Plus Fixer steals all the good lines....
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Very interesting issue. At the moment the Thunderbolts are helping capture villians (secretly for their own use) and helping the Pro-Registration side. But with the way this issue ended, with Zemo talking to Cap, Falcon and Hercules, it seems he has other plans again. But plans that can mean the end for Iron Man if it goes the way I think it will, which it seems it might.

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I imagine this thread is going to get more hits a month now...

A shadowy Norman Osborne gives a restrained Bullseye the 411 on his new membership to the Thunderbolts. Informing him that he now has nanotech running through his blood and he has four chances. The first time will cause you to loose your motor abilities and render you helpless for ten minutes, the second time will hospitalize the victim for 3-4 days, the third time - permenant nerve damage, the fourth time partial paralysis or permenant brain damage. The body will not recover from any of the shocks so it doesn't have to be consecutive. Bullseye is freaked because Daredevil caused him paralysis once (before his adamantium spine surgery) Osborne continues to go through what happens when Bullseye breaks the rules and Bullseye has one question; When can he kill Daredevil?

Jack Flag is getting a mouthfull from his girlfriend about his costume still being in storage and not thrown out. She knows the consequences of this Civil War and Jack says he won't use it often only when he has too. The girlfriend is mad because she thinks he's still hopeing his idol, Captain America, will call on him. They both quickly forget about not useing the costume when a girl down in the street is being hassled by a local gang. Jack throws the mask on and the girlfriend tells him to be careful and he jumps out of the window to save the day.

Osborne meets with Moonstone who assumes she's going to be the team pyschiatrists. Osborne wants her as the field leader because he feels that Songbird has too many morals. She'll be paid... I forget but a lot of $$$$$ , she won't be tainted with nanotech and after five years can retire. She agrees. And goes on about how she can control everyone on the team except... Bullseye. Norman assures her he won't be used unless needed.

The media is going nuts about the activity at the T-Bolts base (I forget the techno babble about their mountain) but they're taking off which means an unregistered hero is about to be captured.

Jack and his girlfriend see the ships approaching and he tells her to go to her mothers and that he can handle the supervillains because he's more durable than even Captain America. The final panel has them embracing telling him not to be a hero...


It wasn't great. I'm sorry if I missed anything but I didn't bring it home with me. It was good though and the Bullseye moments and references were more than enough to keep me satisfied. Probably going to be one of my favorite 616 books.
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I read it, and enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of Deodato, but the art was better than I thought it would be.

When I first saw Jack Flag, I was wondering how Ellis got Grifter into the Marvel universe...

The comic feels like a mock of Thunderbolts (and to an extent, Thunderbirds - with all the mock ads, references etc.), and it seems like Ellis is doing this because he can. However, I'll keep reading, because Ellis writing Green Goblin and Bullseye is an excellent idea.

The preview art for next issue looks pretty good too, except for the panel of a giant Venom. I hate giant Venom.

I still wish Francis Yu was doing this.
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This was my first issue of Thunderbolts, so I'm sure I've missed out on stories that are far better than this, but as a Civil War/Ellis/Deodato/Osborn/Venom fan, there was no way in heck I wasn't going to pick this up. Being a fan of all that probably is also why I liked the issue more than I thought I was going to. I'm adding it to my pull list, but I have no intention of collecting previous trades. (Sorry, T-bolts fans.)

I actually thought that, for the most part, this was some of Deodato's strongest work yet. His ASM run has been remembered for having way too much dark shading over the faces, and his New Avengers issues were a mess, I thought. But in this, especially with the Bullseye close-ups/various facial expressions, I was mightily impressed. I honestly can't wait to read (and see!) more.

My favorite panel of the issue? The end of the action figure commercial with Captain America facedown on the ground. (And could Ellis be referencing LOST with the use of the name Mittelwerk? That's the only time I've ever heard of it used before.)

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I thought he was just parodying Mattel...
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This is the kind of book that I have zero interest in and which I think gives comic readers a bad name. This and Deadpool.

But, with Ellis writing, I figured I'd check it out.

I really liked it.

I haven't read every single Civil War tie-in -- was this the first reveal that Norman Osbourne was working for Tony? I had no idea, although I suppose there were a few hints it was coming. I thought that was kind of cool...although things like this and employing Bullseye and Venom, among others, makes it feel like they are using Civil War to force change anywhere they can thing of something different to do. It's kind of out there. It's not poorly done so far though, so I'll wait it out.

That said, this can only end very, very badly - giving second chances to all these maniacal villains. Knowing what Osbourne has done behind the scenes just to Peter Parker (Gwen's kids, Baby may) - how could anyone trust him for anything?! I hope they explore the relationship with Tony and how he justified this.

So, plenty of interesting concepts and storylines to start out with. I'll keep reading.

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Yeah, if there was one title that I thought sounded the most interesting, it would definitely be this one... I was actually considering picking this up after I saw the preview pages... The art looked gorgeous to me and the whole concept was something original and new. I think this title will really take off. Hopefully, it takes off, anyway.
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I kinda droped Thunderbolts personaly it just seem a rip on the suicide squAD with them being foced on being on the team. I liked it when they where actualy trying to reform...and also they took out Mach-VI..pisses me off.

And why where Radio activeman,Songbird and Swordman in chain they havent commited a crime in years.

also pissed they took out Joystick and Atlas.
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this was a big old meh


i'll stick around though because this idea sounds too good to miss,

BTW Jack Flag was the most interesting part of the book to me, it felt almost as though this was his book, and the thunderbolts were the temparary villains
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I fear for Jack Flag's safety. It seems pretty obvious he's being set up to die so a T-Bolt can get their "first shock."

I hope not though. Gruenwald's Cap was the first Marvel book I ever collected.
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If you ignore Penance, it's really a good book...
and I can't stop laughing at the page with all the reporters, Deodato drawn the host of a very popular Talk Show here in Brazil (The fat guy with a beard) I never thought I would see something like that. :lol: :lol: :lol:

4/5 - I was very surprised with this book. I thought it was going to suck, I'm glad Ellis and Deodato prove me wrong.
I was completely underwhelmed by this issue. It wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't that good. I understand it's a set-up issue, but still I felt there should have been more here.

First of all Jack Flag. Who cares? I don't even mind using a minor character for the introductory arc, but why spend so much time setting him up? Could have been done in half the pages. Pages that could have been used to, I don't know, actually introduce the Thunderbolts. This is their book right? So how come only a few of them got any face time?

The toy page was funny and a nice touch, but a whole page devoted to it seemed like filler.

Also aren't the old members of the Thunderbolts in good standing with the government, Pro Reg and everything? What are they doing locked up with the other psychos?

When I finished reading it I said "That's it?". Not exactly the best way to kick things off, but I'll stick with it for now because I believe it'll get better.


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