Top 20 video games that changed the world.


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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
From Gamepro magazine:

20. Guitar Hero.
Platform: PS2/2005

19. Pokemon
Platform: Game Boy/1996

18. E.T.: The Extra Terrestial
Platform: Atari 2600/1982

17. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Platform: Playstation/1999

16. Street Fighters II
Platform: Arcade/1991

15. Goldeneye 007
Platform: N64/1997

14. Nintendogs
Platform: DS/2005

13. Counter-Strike
Platform: PC/1999

12. Tetris
Platform: Game Boy/1989

11. Sonic the Hedgehog
Platform: Genesis/1991

10. Mortal Kombat
Platform: Arcade/1992

9. Dance Dance Revolution
Platform: Arcade/1998 (Japan)

8. Sim City
Platform: PC/1989

7. John Madden Football
Platform: Genesis/1990

6. Halo 2
Platform: XBOX/2004

5. Pac-Man
Platform: Arcade/1980

4. Doom
Platform: PC/1993

3. Super Mario Bros. 3
Platform: Nintendo/1990

2. Grand Theft Auto III
Platform: PS2/2001

1. World of Warcraft
Platform: PC/2004

What are your thoughts? Do you agree/disagree? Would you keep the same list but change titles around? Would you change everything with this list altogether? Want to post your own?

WoW is just a big MMORPG hit, nothing new, nothing THAT good, just made blizzard win a lot of money... It changed china, but far from the whole world. :lol:
Grand Theft Auto III should of been 1 imo as it started a whole new type of game showing up and they have been loads of them now

simpsons hit and run

and many more.

I love the idea of the giant free roaming crime games they are amazing and fun. Even Spider-man 2 and ultimate spider-man used the free roam GTA type thing.
Dude, Tetris is only #12? **** that.

And no, WoW hasn't changeds the world. It just gave MMO addicts a new flavor drug.
The fact that Guitar Hero, Nintendogs and World of Warcraft are in there makes the list feel more like a list one would revise after a few years.

Not that they're bad games, it just feels like a rather... spontaneous decision.
If they are talking console games, the top 2 are Tetris and Super Mario Brothers. Super Mario sold the original NES, and Tetris sold the original Game Boy. Without those 2 consoles gaming would not be what it is today.

And I can think of about 15 games that would go ahead of WoW.
Good lord, World of Warcraft is NUMBER ONE?

Just soak that in for a moment. They're saying that WoW is the most Earth-Shattering, life changing, genre-busting videogame of ALL TIME?

W..... T..... F***ing..... F!

Besides, even Halo 2 shouldn't be THAT high up. And Nintendogs isn't exactly low-teens material either. Who's the idiot that deceided Nintendogs changed the world more that Pokemon?

And what about Pong?
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I disagree with you all. WoW really is earthshattering.

6 million people, right now, globaly, are subscribed to that game. That means six million people pay 15 dollars a month to play. Compare this to say the next biggest MMO ever, which was Everquest.

Everquest, at peak, had half a million people.

I'd say its pretty insane that six million people are still playing WoW after two years. And this isn't even the number of copies sold. That's probably closer to 8 million, if not more. WoW dragged huge amounts of non-gamers into the gaming market.

I'd actually take off Nintendogs and Guitar Hero and put in Final Fantasy 7 and Starcraft. FF7 revolutionized the RPG industry and Starcraft is, easily, the biggest and ,arguably, the best RTS ever made.

Maybe take off ET (As that was just a funny story), replace it with Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario 3 and replace it with the original Super Mario Bros.
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At least two games that are not on that list but should be is:

Pong - Started the Game Console trend.
The Legend of Zelda (the first one) - Not only did it start one of the best game-series ever existed but it was also the first game where you could save your game (using battery memory) instead of using password or start over every time.
20. Guitar Hero. (Should not be on the list.)

19. Pokemon (Agree.)

18. E.T.: The Extra Terrestial (Agree. It was the straw that broke the camel's back for Atari.)

17. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Agree somewhat.)

16. Street Fighters II (Agree. Breathed new life into arcades.)

15. Goldeneye 007 (Oh I so agree here. So many good memories.)

14. Nintendogs (WTF is this????)

13. Counter-Strike (Agree.)

12. Tetris (Agree.)

11. Sonic the Hedgehog (Agree.)

10. Mortal Kombat (Agree. Like SFII it helped breathe new life into arcades.)

9. Dance Dance Revolution (Agree. I've never played this game sober, lol.)

8. Sim City (Agree.)

7. John Madden Football (Agree.)

6. Halo 2 (Should be Halo, not Halo 2. Halo was more worldshaking than Halo 2.)

5. Pac-Man (Agree. "I got Pac-Man fever!!!" :p)

4. Doom (Agree.)

3. Super Mario Bros. 3 (Agree. But it should be lower on the list. Super Mario Bros. should be near the top.)

2. Grand Theft Auto III (Agree.)

1. World of Warcraft (No. If an MMORPG is going to be on the list, it should be Everquest. That game opened the floodgates for MMORPGs.)

Here's some other games that should/could have been on the list:
The Legend of Zelda, Pong, Donkey Kong, Mega Man.
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thee great one said:
All those games suck, expect Tetris.
Not all of them. Pokemon was awesome, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighters, Super Mario Brothers 3, Goldeneye 007, DDR, GTA III...those are great games.

Others I wouldn't really jump the hoop for.
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Final Fantasy 7 - took RPGs out ot the niche market with exceptional graphics (during that time) and story.

Either Starcraft for upping the ante on the quality of RTS gaming and becoming the most popular that until now people still play it, or Dune II that begun the modern RTS genre.

The Sims - Isn't this like one of the most best-selling games? Not to mention made people who were commonly non-gamers into the gaming world?
That's a pretty crappy list.

Star Wars Battlefront rocks. :D
Really dumb list...

The real list !

#1 - Pong
#2 - Tetris
#3 - Mario (the original)
#4 - Pacman
#5 - Wolf3d

well my biased opinion.