Who knows? I thought that they would have a connection through Namor, but as it seems, both will have seperate story arcs (but maybe WWII might still be mentioned in Namor's arc).

But it's Millar. I know he'll come up with something good.
I hope it's not about travelling in time... Perhap something to do with Namor or possibly an original Human Torch?
Well, the only thing that the N-Zone is being mentioned for is for the CROSSOVER arc, which will be the first arc, which we know what it is about already. Well, the main plot anyways.
Yes, I know, but he could squeak something in there about WWII since it's, techniquelly, sort of, time hopping.
In Crossover they're perhaps going into the future to see a different version of themselves. Perhaps in WW2 they're going back in time?
I hope its something original... I like seeing the UFF jsut a group of scientists instead of villains...
Me too, I find the social interactions more fun to read than a "who will win in a fight between..." fights. This is not to say action is a bad thing, at all. But I'm enjoying the personalities of the characters too much to prefer simple bad guy fight arcs.
I'd like to see this guy show up, just not having a fight between the FF. If it is set in WW2 I hope Cap appears...
Gui, you may have come on to something here, although this guy's a perfect example of how the FF's rogues are lacking! ;)
I'd like to see the Original Human Torch.....

Also, maybe other stuff... I just hope they handle time travel decently.... if at all.
The original Human Torch in this universe is Johnny... That's if you're discounting the Team Up issues... Which is still Johnny, just not Johnny...
And how exactly do you know that? The original Human Torch was a machine...

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