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Oct 24, 2004
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Would anyone like to see the Alpha Flight as the Canadian answer to the Ultimates and the EU Ultimates? If not the whole team, I wouldn't mind Vindicator as a sort of Captain Canada, except all his power is in the Suit.

I think i'd rather see Northstar join the X-men than Alpha Flight though, and I really hope Aurora is either in an asylum somewhere, or just non-existant in the Ultimate Universe. What we don't need is the twins travelling to Asgard and all of that really crazy stuff
Not in an ongoing title, but it would be interesting to see them pop up, for example, in Ultimates 2 as one of the super teams from other parts of the world.

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I'd like to see a situation where canadian characters who don't get on having to work together, such as Wolverine and Sabertooth, under the banner of Ultimate Alpha Flight. Why the name Alpha Flight btw?
I really don't care. I hate the 616 Alpha Flight, and having them in the ultimate universe is not going to make a difference.
Dr. Strangefate, are you from DCUA's forums? If so I'm from there too. I'd be interested to see a small Alpha Flight team pop in X-men or The Ultimates.
I really want to see them as just a cameo team in the Ultimates 2 like UltimateE said. If they do show up, anywhere, I hope that Snowbird and Shaman are on the team, I like them.
Heh, Yes, I am from the DCUA forums, but i only post there like once ever 6 months or so now....
Yes. Yes I would.

They don't need an entire arc around them, and god forbind a monthly, but should they show up as a canadian based mutant team? It would help bring a sense of scope to the existance of mutants, that they're not just an American phenomenon.

If they really wanted to have some fun they could make them the canadian based branch of weapon x that wasn't shut down as all the other ones. And they're pissed.
Yes but maybe only a single arc. Not a 6-parter. But I would like to see it. Northstar however, always, to my mind suited the X-men better than Alpha Flight. I hope if he ever appears then he is in X-men rather than elsewhere. Aurora however could be done very well but probably wouldn't. Maybe just ditch her or make them nemesees (I don't think thats the word but it should be. Plural of Nemesis) HOWEVER. No New Alpha Flight characters. I'm actually reading the series but they just wouldn't fit any of the series
If these guys do appear, which they will sometime in the future, I don't think that Northstar might in the team when they first show. I mean, when we saw last saw him, he was only in high-school...in U.S.A.! So unless Alpha Flight is taking applications from someone still in school and in another country, I doubt that we'll see Northstar in the team.
I'm not sure I would like to see the Alpha Flight that we're familiar with. I would prefer to see them as a non-super hero faction of the Canadian government with some connections to Wolverine. Vindicator should be there, though, without his powers (which, btw, I have no idea what they are...hint hint somebody) and should have some serious heat with Logan. I guess it could only end with Vindicator getting powers, though (possibly coming from his suit, as said somewhere above), and being beaten or killed by Wolverine.
Or...they could be poo like in 616.
Well Vindicator now (616 duh) is a girl. Guardian's wife. Guardian was known as Vindicator for like a day or something. (Found this out in Wolverine's Handbook). As for the powers, that I don't know...sorry.
I said No, but I would like to see the characters in Wolverine's past, only because that option could be altered just a little bit to satisfy what I want out of Alpha Flight. I really feel if we add Alpha Flight to the mix, it will turn the universe into something we don't want... Just another 616 that becomes to jumbled for its own good. How about we change it up a little bit and have these characters show up in different kinds of ways. We've already seen Northstar as a youngster who is hating himself, why can't we see Puck on the Ultimates black-ops or Snowbird just randomly pop up?
Random appearances, ya gotta love 'em.
I didn't think Mac (Guardian/Vindicator) HAD any powers, just the suit. Same with Heather
I see. I didn't know that 'cuz I, like I said before, hate Alpha Flight, so I don't check up on the characters or anything. Honestly, they piss me off sometimes. ESPECIALLY the way they acted in the "Rules of Engagement" arc in Uncanny X-Men (issues #421-422).

Yes, I know that's 616, but I'm just saying.
Northstar is Canadian in UXM. He's in the states because his father's the Canadian ambassador. Besides you don't see too many Americans named Jean-Paul Baubier. French-speaking people if they come to North America tend to head to Quebec or somewhere else in Canada.

Alpha-Flight could be decent if handled well. The main problem with them in 616 was that as a backburner comic it usually had awful writing. And as for their Uncanny appearance that was Chuck Austen writing so what do you expect. With few exceptions his writing has trouble topping a dirty piece of toilet paper. Given links to Logan's past it could be a decent arc in UXM, or as a one off mini.

As to the name there are a couple "Flights", the Alpha team is the frontline fully trained one. There's was a Beta Flight and I'm not sure if there was a Gamma team or not.

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