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I'm kind of likeing my scenerio a little more.


Angel is tired of the **** he's gone through (Wings being torn apart, gettin suspended, Dazzler's hurt, etc...) He grows up a little a decides he doesn't want to be part of the X-Men. He takes his father's inheritance and uses it to build his own armor and technology to fight the good fight on his own and possibly rejoins in a later arc.

This way no apocolypse, no extreme sudden changes in Angel's personality due to some villain tinkering with him, a more realistic ultimization, and the same Angel with a progressive and productive subplot.


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Absolutely, postitively, without question, unequivicably, undeniably - NO.


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Technically, this thread belongs in the Baseless Speculation forum, doesn't it?

Especially when we're already pitching ideas and treatments for Archangel, and how it will fit in with existing continuity, despite the fact that we've had no obvious hints about Warren becoming Archangel, not even a solicitation teasing it.

But I'm with MwoF on this one -- Vaughn has very consciously subjected Warren to one spirit-dampening, angst-inducing situation after another. So even if he's not deliberately laying the foudnation for Warren's transformation into Archangel, at least the fundamentals are already in place. It's up to Kirkman to keep that going, if he wants to.

But a story like that would demand a lot of exposition, explaining the extent of the changes he undergoes.

Considering that Kirkman is planning to use the 3-part arc structure, I don't think we'll be seeing Archangel until mid-2006 at the very least.


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E.Vi.L. said:

Well I can live without it in UXM, you know.
If that sentence was altered a little, to say:
"Well, I can live without UXM, you know", then that would have made my day.


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UltimateE said:
I removed it after it was merged onto the existing thread.
EDIT: I tried to post OK, and it wouldn't let me, post too short, so I changed it to okay.:lol:
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Since I really never cared about him in 616 and dont really like the punk role he's currently playing......I care more about what Paris Hilton is doing right this second than I do about his change. :lol:

But as long as we don't get his crazy pink/blue Power Ranger costume with Ginzu wings....I might be interested.

Say maybe:

Part 1-"A Friend in Need" : Nightcrawler is recaptured somhow by Weapon X Program. A rescue mission is thrown together to save him but Angel is prohibited from going. Angel strongly protests by claiming that Nightcrawler is his best friend and he won't stand idly by while he's in danger. Fight as he might.....Warren is not allowed to go and in restricted to the mansion...................................again. But he sneaks out and follows the team to Weapon X.

Part 2-"Choices" : While there---Angel interupts throws the whole mission off. All hell breaks loose while rescuing Nightcrawler and during the escape Angel's wings are ripped off. Wolverine evacuates everyone and ends up intentionally leaving Angel behind. Angel is aware of this action and of course is hurt that they left him.

Part 3-"Dark Times" : Weapon X in another effort to get the program up-and-running again, has Angel in confinement and interrogates him in order to find out what Xavier has in his installation. Meanwhile there is constant bickering amongst the X-Men as to what went down back at Weapon X. Cyclops and Wolverine duke it out again. And then Cyclops begins crying again in his EMO boy style about how he's always letting his team down. Of course another rescue mission is planned....this time by Wolverine alone. While interrogating him Angel is feed bioengineered steriods. These along with his mutant gene cause his wings to grow back at an accelerated rate........but black/dark grey.

Part 4-"Boiling Point" : Standard filler issue. Wolverine kills a bunch of people. Angel cries..........................a lot. But then decides to get even with all the X-Men. Especially Wolverine. Angel tries to fight him but id of course no match. Because Wolverine feels a little guilty about what's happened to Angel he gives him a pass to live and tells him to come back home whenever he's ready. Angel says he'll destroy them all....Wolverine takes it as teenage angst and blows it off. Angel flys away.

Part 5-"Archangel" : The showdown issue. Angel returns in a darker costume and now calls himself Archangel. Whole lot of sense talking is done by Nightcrawler. The X-Men don't wanna fight....but it's not until Angel severly strike Bobby and Kitty that the X-Men finally throw down. Cliffhanger ending when Angel stabs Storm.

Part 6-"The Fallen" : The wrap up. Cyclops hits Double A with fierce optic blast. Angel is beaten and slumped against the wall. Wolverine goes in for the kill.......but is stopped by Cyclops, Jean and the Professor. They say they understand his fustration and pain.....they all went thru it too. Nightcrawler appears out of nowhere with a X-Men jacket. Professor says he's still welcome back and he will help him adjust to his new self. Angel tears up and screams. He pushes past Cyclops and takes off into the air quickly. Cut to the last few panels.....we see the jacket fall closer and closer to the ground. The last panel is a shot of the jacket's sleeve. The X symbol has been ripped out. Leaving the readers wondering if he'll ever return as friend or foe...

That's how I would do it..............or something like that. Now bow down and revel in my mediocre storytelling skills!!!!!!!!

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TheManWithoutFear said:
I don't know Doom, I feel like I'm reading a completely alternate X-Men when I read that.


I don't know....maybe I'm behind the curve here. I only follow the UU.....and even then I only read the TPB. So I don't follow the monthly issues. The last X-Men I read was the Longshot arc.

Plus I know I'm leaving out some details to help with the story but I'm at work and didn't have time to flesh it out.


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I remember posting something in fan fic about this a while back, it was kinda based on the 90s X-Men cartoon version of the creation of AA, having angel leave the team after Dazzler died, and finding a man claiming to have a cure to 'the mutant problem'. He convinces angel to use it. Meanwhile the XMen have been sent to investigate it, and arrive in time to see Warren walking into the lab. They manage to bust in and a creepy looking doctor steps out telling them how Warren has been purged of all weakness, he is strong, he is one of the fittest.
Then Archangel steps from the shadows, black feathered wings, deathly pale skin, and a black suit of body armour.
Archangel tells them how Warren is dead, his master has destroyed the frailty in his soul, and given him new life..as DEATH. Suddenly the building starts to shake itself apart, and the mysterious doctor starts to tranform into Apocalypse, then Big A and AA vanish, as the X-Men flee the chamber.
Cut to the mansion where Prof and the gang are discussing recent events, and then to Apoc's chambers, giving angel his first mission. He must collect something from the grounds of his former home, because if the X-men liked Death...just wait until they meet WAR.
Final frame of the arc is a shot of Beast's gravestone....