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Oct 24, 2004
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Before I start, let me clarify that i do not want ANY time travel in ANY Ultimate book. In my mind Ult. Cable would have no connection to Jean or Scott.

Lets say back in the days of Operation Desert Storm a General in a moment of panic was forced to use his mutant abilities to save a young captain. Back then Weapon X would still be in full practice, it's pretty evident the General would be detained.

My idea is that this would happen to a General Nathan Dayspring and then captain Nick Fury. Dayspring would be locked up in some high security prison for being a threat to the nation (Telepath/Telekenetic), and he would be sitting there for around fifteen years.

All of a sudden one day, Nick Fury walks into a Cell where all the reader can see is the outline of this grizzled bearded gentlemen with his left eye glowing ominously as the former general recognizes who's standing in front of him. Nick offers Nathan his title, and a position leading a black ops group.

This group, X-Force, would take individuals from Camp X-Factor who wanted limited freedom in exchange for working for SHIELD. Think Forge, for instance, and there are others who would probably introduced but it would be indicated that they were in the brotherhood or were Mutant Terrorists or Assassins

I like the idea, but its mine, so of course i like it =P

What if Ultimate Cable believed he as from the future and every body else thought he was crazy, like what happens with Thor?

As for he being locked away by Weapon X it would be weird, since Weapon X seems to think that no mutant is too dangerous to use. They would put an explosive in his head and use him like they used Jean and the Professor.

But it would be cool if he had been locked away a long time ago. I can totally see he fist scene, chained like Xorn in a cell somewhere.
I think it would be a good way to introduce a government sponsored mutant team as well as Cable. My only complaint would be that Cable and Wolverine would both have connections to Nick Fury through desert storm. It might be better if they aren't connected (i.e. Cable saves someone not Nick) and Fury only finds out about him because they are still ploughing through Weapon X files and facilities.
mutantfreak said:
What if Ultimate Cable believed he as from the future and every body else thought he was crazy, like what happens with Thor?

I think that is more Ultimate Sinister than Thor (since we don't know for sure if he's crazy or not), but I do like that idea and think that could be a pretty good story. Nice!
See, but I think you can't have Cable from the future or whatever without him being born in the present time first. You can't have someone come from any time in the future if they weren't born in the past (of the same timeline).
But if the Ultimate books are supposed to be "as close to actual reality as possible" or whatever, that is not going to happen.
icemastertron said:
See, but I think you can't have Cable from the future or whatever without him being born in the present time first. You can't have someone come from any time in the future if they weren't born in the past (of the same timeline).

First of all, according to past Marvel stories that's not true; characters timeline jump all the time.

And second, giving you the benefit of the doubt on that, the point in his past when he was born could still be in the future of the present. Get it? :twisted:
Mr. Hawking has become more philosopher than pysicyst anymore. Earth exists "Elswere". Right.

As for Cable, sounds cool, but he would have to be from a diffrent branch of the goverment that Fury was unable to explore upon his ascension into SHIELD leadership.

If you want to keep the Desert Storm refrences you could have him as one of the European troups that were depolyed there (It was a UN sanctioned excursion), and has been held by STIKE so far. Depending on the turn of events in the current Ultimates storylines Fury might be able to get more information on thier powered individuals, leading him to lear of Dayspring.

The rest sounds kinda like my X-Factor idea, so of course I like it ^^
that would be my only real beef with it. Why didn't fury get into whatever he was doing earlier. anyway, good theory
Well, I really like Mutantfreak's idea. We could do the same for Bishop, only it would seem that it is more possible and better for Cable to fit that role. Bishop can continue without the future, but I don't think Cable can. It'd be cool to see him from the future, too.
Hi all.

I think Mutantfreak's idea is spot on. I think both he and Bishop could be easily imagined as "contemporary" mutant characters. The problem is, of course, that they are quite boring as characters go - both being mutant hard asses from The Future!!! They shoot people!

Cable as some sort of Weapon X creation is a very good one. It might be fun to take the iconic (but still tedious) "normal" cable character and subvert him into something entirely different. Start with Mutantfreak's idea, but make him look different (I am no fan of Liefield, can't you tell), more restrained and dangerous. Give him normal sized weapons.

Having Bishop as a minor character in "Ultimate X-Force" might be a nice wink and nod. The future continuity is one of the "normal" X-Books' big weakness. Not having it in the Ultimates is good.

More to the point, the Ultimate X-Men universe doesn't NEED a "Sentinels are coming dark future" - its got a Sentinels are already here present. There are camps for mutants, government agencies set up to control the problem...etc.

Gavin Bennett said:
Give him normal sized weapons.

Normal sized pecs, too. Liefield liked to go overboard with pecs and boobs.
And no glowing eye. Its just to hard for certain nameless current X-force min artists to keep straight which eye it is that glows.
Its almost always the Left, same with Nate Grey (X-man, younger version of Cable). And anyways, it's part of his image, if you get rid of that, he's just a psychic veteran.

I also just had a thought, What if he saved Wraith with his abilities, and rather than Wraith being greatful he panics and reports him to Gen. Ross, and gets authority to lock him up in some abandoned Weapon X base with other highly dangerous and uncontrolable mutants (See what they had to do to Xavier to get him under control? its like that, cept this guy has guns).

Wraith was working around Ross, and Ross for the most part didnt know what he was doing. So I think its reasonable that Fury is still trying to get that information out of Wraith (who... if i can remember correctly, is still in charge), and he finally finds out about a trained general, whom he had likely heard of back in the War, who is locked in this secret facility. Fury goes there, takes over, puts the dangerous terrorist mutants in custody for questioning later, and then gets the General.

I'd like to see Wraith again at any rate
Also, who do you all think would be in an Ultimate X-Force??

try to use people we -know- are in Camp X-Factor

X-force needs to have less issues with serious fighting, as in, to the death fighting. It should be a (and i really hate that i'm using this word) hardcore team concept and the characters need to be able to kill and deal with the killing wihtout pages and pages of post-death angst.

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