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Biographies for UC: The Fanfic

Think of it as Official Handbook to the Ultimate Central Universe

Caduceus - page 1
Ultimate E - page 3
Baxter - page 3
TheManWithoutFear - page 4
Icemastertron - page 5
Ultimate Gambit - page 6
SlimJim - page 7
Ultxon - page 7
Moonmaster - page 8
Ultimate DJF - page 8

more to come soon
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Powers: Mind powers including Hypnotism, Telepathy and Telekinesis

Group Affiliation: E-Men

Allies: Ultimate E, Ultimate Gambit, Patriot

Enemies: TheManWithoutFear, Nurhachi, ProjectX2, Eroz, Dr. Strangefate, Aeroth, Rene, Ultxon, Icemastertron, JTG3885

Appearances: UC #3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18

Caduceus first found out about his powers when he got his mother to tidy his room and make him some eggs with nothing but a look and a suggestion. While watching the news later on that day, he saw TheManWithoutFear running from the police. Caduceus thought he would make a great slave and set out to confront him. When Caduceus finally found him in an abandoned Warehouse, he was in a battle with The Avatars. Caduceus managed to get Nurhachi, Icemastertron and ProjectX2 under his control, but TheManWithoutFear escaped since his eyes were closed.

When Caduceus found out about the knowledge powers of Eroz, he made The Avatars take him into Ultimate Central so that he could get Eroz under his control. With this knowledge, Caduceus would know bank account numbers, passwords, anything he needed to become rich and powerful. In Ultimate Central, Caduceus with The Avatars, under his control, attacked Ultimate E and Caduceus found and hypnotized Eroz. Before long, however, Caduceus was attacked by TheManWithoutFear, who had followed him. TheManWithoutFear knocked him out, and he lost control of all his slaves. Caduceus was then put in the Ultimate Central Prison.

Weeks later, when Seldes Katne was attacking The Avatars, Ultimate E freed Caduceus to help him with his problems, starting with Seldes. Caduceus was able to defeat Seldes, by hypnotizing her into putting herself in prison, and then making The Avatars forget that they had seen him. He then went home to catch up with his life.

Caduceus later formed the E-Men with Ultimate Gambit and Patriot. These 3 worked for Ultimate E in his mysterious quest, but unlike the Avatars, they knew Ultimate E's true intentions. In their first mission, they had to capture Dr. Strangefate and Aeroth, who were threatening the city. Strangefate knew Ultimate E's secrets and was about to tell the Avatars, but the E-Men intervened, captured Strangefate and Aeroth, and wiped The Avatars memory of the event.

Their next mission was to stop TheManWithoutFear from reaching The Captain. The E-Men failed in this mission, however, when The Captain rescued MWOF and defeated all 3 E-Men.
When The Avatars finally discovered Ultimate E's master plan for world domination, E poured massive amounts of power into the E-Men. Caduceus's power evolved from hypnotism to pure mind power, including telepathy, telekinesis and powerful mind blasts.

Despite his highly increased power, Caduceus was defeated by the Avatars. Ultxon was immune to Caduceus's power due to his robotic nature, and while Cad was dodging Ultxon's attacks, Icemastertron hit him with a brain freeze attack. Screaming in pain, he was rescued by Ultimate E when he attacked the Avatars. While the battle took place, Caduceus fled with Ultimate Gambit and went into hiding.

After Ultimate E was thrown into another dimension by the godly Eroz, Caduceus and Ultimate Gambit excaped Ultimate Central. Icemastertron joined there group too as we was being mind controlled by Caduceus.

When the monstrous JTG3885 attacked the E-Men, Caduceus was hit hard by debris from the battle. The hit he got on his head weakened his control over Icemastertron and, as Ultimate Gambit was knocked out and JTG3885 vanished, the two of them battled and Caduceus was defeated. After Icemastertron left, Caduceus and Ultimate Gambit went back into hiding.

Soon, they were attacked by there dead comrade Patriot, who seemed to be immune to Caduceus's mind control. The E-Men managed to escape and it is unknown where they are now.
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icemastertron said:
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i'll probably make them in same order i got replies in.

E's next, then Bax, then it would be slimjim, but he's not ultimized yet, so MWOF and then Ice and then Ultimate Gambit

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Nurhachi said:
E's next, then Bax, then it would be slimjim, but he's not ultimized yet, so MWOF and then Ice and then Ultimate Gambit

You mean....Ultimate Centralized! :p

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He did it on Heromachine.

I only glanced through but it looks cool so far. Me after whoever!

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