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Apr 14, 2005
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After Bass posts UC: The Fanfic #45, we are having a special event, A UC: Fanfic counseling session with Bass and Nur. Ask about upcoming comcs in Bass arc! Ask about the future of the series and upcoming arcs by other writers! Ask Nur did he think this would ever become what it has today!

Everyone is allowed two questions max. Bass and Nur will pick the questions they wish to answer out of the ones posted in this actual thread. They will send their answers to me, and I'll type out the answer Q&A style.

Remember, no questions until #45 has been released. Any question before this issue is released will be void.

Other UC: Fanfic news may also be released in this thread.
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TheManWithoutFear said:
Let me make this rule:

You're only allowed to ask one question about your character. I expect most people will ask 2 questions regarding solely their own Ultimate Central Doubles. So let's try to make some interesting.

I concur

Think of thought provoking questions
This should be fun.

Provided the questions aren't
Ultimate Central member said:
1. When will I be Centralized/Since I am already Centralized, when will I do something more?
2. What is the exact plot details of [fill in upcoming issue number]?

We can have some real fun here, though. I LOOK FORWARD TO IT! :D

Also, #45 will be out Saturday or Sunday.
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#45 was up, so start posting your questions so Houde can collect 'em and me and Nur can answer 'em.

Get going!

Ok, first question: It's the fourth member of the conspiracy that involves Compound, Ourchair and myself a mayor character from the first issues?

And second question: how much does the UC:TFF universe change after #50?
So, when will I be Ultimate Centrali------ *Is bound, gagged, beaten to a bloody pulp, then thrown out of a moving vehicle*

Well, that was rude, I was only joking, I swear :scared:. *coughs up blood*

Ok, some real questions (at least the first one is :p ):

1) Will the Lurkers play a role post-issue 50 (or is that even known)? I really digged the concept of them.

2) If the Avatars ever became a straight-laced team of heroes, would the universe implode?
So is Bigby a hero or a villain or what? Or is he kind of an in-between who plays by his own rules?

Exactly what are the invisible cyberspace ghouls, and who controls them?

Will the team find out that DIB is keeping USW's location from them simply so he can get laid? And if so, will it incite an Identity Crisis/Civil War kinda' thing?
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Sorry Doc strange, I loved your arc and writing style but how is Cad an angel?
Maybe I missed something?
Come on guys, this is it for questions?

No one has questions about the focus on upcoming arcs?

What they deal with various plotlines are?

No one else has questions?
I'm curious to hear about whether there is a general theme to the last issues in the Bass arc, or if we should expect more of the same one-shots? (not that i'm complaining, I love the one shots)

How many more new characters are you planning to introduce?

Other Writers, can you give little hints at what we might expect in the Arcs that follow??

SlimJim, could you clarify your question? Are you asking why I chose Caduceus to fill the role of the Fallen Angel in my arc rather than a new member? Or why I think Caduceus has Angelic Qualities?

Also, when are we supposed to answer these questions??

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