Ultimate Central: The Fanfic Volume 3

Great run ending, but there's still one thing missing:

DSF beating up the Cabinet. This must happen. Its fate and destiny waiting to happen.
The character I put the most work into has been forgotten...
WEll, I just read The Book of Cad (Yeah, I'm behind, been working ALOT lately.) and I can't tell you how happy I am.

You let the Crab live!

If you'd killed him it would have FUBARed my ideas for my next run.
THE BEST ISSUE I EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back again for the 3rd time. Slimjim's great commander is here for all death.
DIrishB said:
As long as I get to keep partying and hitting the bong in the background, I'm content. Though it would be nice to disembowel someone...

*makes mental note*
DIrishB said:
I've got plenty for you...hehehe
I was making a mental note to include you disembowling someone somewhere in my run...
DIrishB said:
Cool, long as I get to do it with my bare hands...can I disembowel E? Nothing personal against him, just when I do over-the-top homicide, I go straight to the top.

Please. All I have to do is blink and you get instantly vaporized. I don't even have to blink. I can just think about blinking.

Make note of that too, Moonie. :twisted:

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