Ultimate Central: The Fanfic Volume 3

not bad, not bad at all....BUT will i ever make an apperence, KO everyone only to get killed off by a 10 year old girl?
nigma said:
not bad, not bad at all....BUT will i ever make an apperence, KO everyone only to get killed off by a 10 year old girl?

* files away as an idea for his next arc...
Nurhachi said:



This twenty fifth issue marks the last issue written by Nurhachi. In this landmark issue, Ultimate Gambit reads from the journal of his team mate Caduceus. What he learns here will launch a series of events that will affect all 3 teams forever!
I'm looking forward to this even though I'm starting to think that I'll die.
All I can think of is that seen in the movie, where the aliens came and helped humans, and went to take some home with them, and the one guy figures out a book the aliens had, and he's running, shouting "IT'S A COOK BOOK!"
Gotta say I absolutly love this fan fic. Almost makes me want to post a story of mine that im trying to convert into comic book form. Later tonight ill have to search out the other 2 Volumes.
zone86 said:
Gotta say I absolutly love this fan fic. Almost makes me want to post a story of mine that im trying to convert into comic book form. Later tonight ill have to search out the other 2 Volumes.
You could always check out:

ESSENTIAL X-MEN (Volume 1 and 2)



icemastertron said:
You could always check out:

ESSENTIAL X-MEN (Volume 1 and 2)



Its a bird, its a plane. NO its self-advertising man. :p :)
icemastertron said:
You could always check out:

ESSENTIAL X-MEN (Volume 1 and 2)



so i take it thats an ever so subtle way saying what exactly? :)
zone86 said:
Gotta say I absolutly love this fan fic. Almost makes me want to post a story of mine that im trying to convert into comic book form. Later tonight ill have to search out the other 2 Volumes.

Hey thanks man :D To read the other 2 volumes just click on the "Ultimate Central TPB" link in my sig. That has issues 0-17 and then 18 - current is in this thread :D"

and stop advertising in my thread ice :evil:
A mod should delete Ice's advertising post.
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People have advertised in others, so there shouldn't be any cryin'. :roll:

*goes to advertise in every thread* :D
Anger seethed through Ultimate Gambit as he stormed out the room. Seconds ago he had found Caduceus's journal which he stupidly forgot to put in its hiding place. Curiosity demanded that Ultimate Gambit read this journal, and what he found there would change everything.

Months ago when Ultimate E ordered Caduceus to form a team, Caduceus did so by kidnapping and brainwashing himself and Patriot. Ultimate Gambit had no desire to join the E-Men until Caduceus had mind wiped him and implanted him with false memories. If that weren't bad enough when E would take over the planet, Cad planned to make Ultimate Gambit and Patriot kill themselves so he could rule second only to E himself.

Furious that he had been played like this, Ultimate Gambit strode towards Eroz's cell.




PROJECTX2: Dun dun dun dun duuuuun dun can't touch this!

The Avatars were taking some downtime from the recent stresses of saving the world. They recently defeated Slimjim and sent him to jail, as well as obtaining a new team mate, DIrishB, who has power over plants.

Currently, the Avatars were indulging in the art of alcohol drinkage and skanky visuals at a party that DIrishB had invited them too. Most of them were having a good time. Ice approached Nurhachi, MWOF and Project.

ICEMASTERTRON: Hey where's David?

David is DIrishB's real name. Icemastertron was against him joining since when he first got his powers, he used it to create and distribute cannabis. To DIrishB's annoyance, Icemastertron has kept a very close eye on him since.

PROJECTX2: Dammm man I dunno.

THEMANWITHOUTFEAR: Seriously Ice, you need to (wait for it) Cool! Down! Ahahaha


ICEMASTERTRON: Lame. I'm going to go look for him. Honestly you guys should be more responsible.

As Ice walked away, MWOF whispered to Project
THEMANWITHOUTFEAR: That boy needs to get laid.

PROJECTX2: Sorry MWOF, I don't think he'd be interested in you.

THEMANWITHOUTFEAR: What? No…I…..arrrgh you win this round Craig.

Icemastertron walked up a hallway and saw a whole bunch of people standing around a door talking. Ice went to the door and opened it. He saw a circle of people giggling away, and in the middle of them was a bong.

RANDOM PARTY GUEST: Heeey David man this stuff is maaad…

ICEMASTERTRON: What are you guys doing in here!

DIRISHB: Heyyyy Luis, you come to join us man.

Icemastertron stormed out and went outside, where MWOF, Project and Nurhachi were standing around talking to some randoms.

ICEMASTERTRON: Vaughn! Craig! Tombo, come here! I need to talk to you!


ICEMASTERTRON: It's DIrishB! He's…he's smoking and supplying pot with a whole lot of people in there!

NURHACHI: and….?

ICEMASTERTRON: AND we're supposed to be super heroes here! We shouldn't allow this!

THEMANWITHOUTFEAR: Unlax popsicle. You see, David there is actually supplying a special brand of weed that is actually good for you, not harmful. He's actually produced a harmless herbal supplement. I mean, officially it's not even weed.

ICEMASTERTRON: Oh…I didn't know that. I…I guess it's alright then. Sorry guys.

As Ice walked off Project whispered to MWOF.

PROJECTX2: Wow, did DIrishB really do that? I mean, is it even possible?

THEMANWITHOUTFEAR: ****ed if I know, I just wanted him to relax.

PROJECTX2: Thought so.

Meanwhile, at the E-Men's hideout…

Ultimate Gambit approached Eroz's cell.

EROZ: What do YOU want?!?

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: Relax, I'm here to free you.

EROZ: What do you mean? What's going on here?

Ultimate Gambit told Eroz how he found out that he had been mind controlled by Caduceus all this time. Ultimate Gambit then exploded the lock and let Eroz out. The 2 of them then went into the room where Eroz's enchanted hammer was. It was still on the floor since Caduceus was not worthy enough to be able to pick it up.

As Eroz was about to pick up the hammer, Caduceus, Ultimate E, Moonmaster and UltimateDJF came into the room.

CADUCEUS: What the….

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: You shouldn't have messed with me Cad.

Ultimate Gambit touched the wall and exploded the hideout as Eroz teleported the 2 of them away and the hideout came crashing down on the rest of the E-Men.

As Ultimate E saw Eroz and Ultimate Gambit teleport away, he was furious. He went over to Caduceus and picked him up by the neck.


Sensing their master's fear, Moonmaster and UltimateDJF approached Ultimate E ready to attack. Ultimate E also felt Caduceus trying to use his mind to try take control over him.

ULTIMATE E: You dare attack me! My mind is much too powerful to succumb so your powers. Treacherous dog!

Ultimate E then threw Caduceus down and flew into the air, dodging the attacks of Moonmaster and DJF.

ULTIMATE E: You're pathetic Caduceus, as punishment for your actions I will remove your powers!

As Ultimate E flew away, Caduceus let out a sigh of relief. He expected Ultimate E to kill him. He silently laughed to himself, but stopped when he heard a growl. He looked behind him to see Moonmaster and DJF glaring at him menacingly.

CADUCEUS: No…..he took away the mind blocks….I have no power over them….

Caduceus screamed as the monsters tore into his flesh.

Meanwhile in Ultimate Central:

ICEMASTERTRON: Wow you're back! You're really back!

DIRISHB: Umm...Fantastic, but who the hell is he?

NURHACHI: He used to be one of us, but he was thrown into a interdimentional portal!

PROJECTX2: Wow, this is great guys. Eroz is back!

EROZ: Yes I am. And I must say it feels great to be back.

THEMANWITHOUTFEAR: Wait! What's HE doing here?

Ultimate Gambit told them the story about how he'd been mind controlled and how he freed Eroz and escaped.

NURHACHI: Noooo! Don't tell me Ultimate E is back?



DIRISHB: Whos Ultimate E?

ICEMASTERTRON: The most powerful and evil being in existance!

DIRISHB: Great....

PROJECTX2: We're all gonna die.

ICEMASTERTRON: Umm….Well welcome to the team Ultimate Gambit.

NURHACHI: Hey yeah, we've been needing a leader…

EROZ: Woah wait a minute. Aren't we getting a bit carried away here?

PROJECTX2: No think about it. You've got the powers of a god. You're nearly omniscient. You'd be perfect.

EROZ: Hmmmmmmmmm…..Very well then, if everyone agrees, I accept!

Miles away at the Cabinets Castle….

GOODWILL: Okay Strangefate, I have come up with a suitable punishment for your disloyalty. You will be….


Ultimate E burst through the roof of the Castle as the Cabinet looked up in surprise.

ULTIMATE E: Hear me Cabinet! Surrender to me now and become my new soldiers, and I will reward you with your own lands too rule when I take over the Earth.

GOODWILL: Begone! I'm the leader of this group and ONLY I will be supreme ruler of Earth.

Ultimate E glared at Goodwill, and shot a powerful optic blast that went straight through his chest. Goodwill fell to the ground, lifeless.

ULTIMATE E: Anyone else foolish enough to turn my offer down?


Aeroth, distraught over his masters death, flew up to attack Ultimate E but was instantly vaporized by Ultimate E's energy blasts.

ULTIMATE E: Animals? You have ANIMALS on this team?

Ultimate E looked at Compound, the crab, and his eyes glowed, ready for another attack.


ULTIMATE E: Who dares?

Baxter knelt down.

BAXTER: Please my lord, I apologize for my outburst, but please, let the crab live.

ULTIMATE E: Very well. I see fear and respect in your eyes. Your pet will be spared. Furthermore you will be in command of this group, second only to myself.


ULTIMATE E: Something wrong Strangefate?

DR. STRANGEFATE: I….no…nothing.

Ultimate E smiled

ULTIMATE E: This is a glorious day for the Cabinet.


Slimjim sat down in prison, bored out of his mind when suddenly he started feeling a familiar sensation. It seemed Caduceus's mind blocks had been taken away. He smiled. He had his power back…

Soon he heard screams as the prison door burst open and there stood Irish_4204, Thee Great One, Rene, and the latest corpse, Goodwill, who could control skeletal dragons.

They were his Death Knights.

SLIMJIM: Come my Death Knights, we must go into hiding and plan for our next move against mankind.


Eroz stood at the top of the Empire State building and looked into the distance. This world was now under the protection of him and his Avatars, and they will protect it with their life. Even now with the threats of Ultimate E and his Cabinet, as well as Slimjim and his Death Knights, the Avatars will be prepared.

And here I thought the quality of the storyline was decreasing... You've redeemed yourself. Great issue. Is it Moonmaster's time now?

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