Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - volume 6

So, I felt, with the issues all done, I could do a little "writer's commentary" to say how I feel about all this crap I've forced you to wade through.

I'll start with how I planned the run. Basically, I had an idea for an Earth X style version of Ultimate Central: The Fanfic. The idea was that the villain of the story, essentially Apocalypse in "Age of Apocalypse" was known only as X. As the series continued, it would be revealed that X is actually E, and that E 'upgrades' himself and when he does, he advances in the alphabet. Anyhow, at some point I felt that this wouldn't be Ultimate Central, but 616 Central. I forget now, but the idea came to me to have the 616 Central guys invade Ultimate Central and that E was in fact, from their universe. I can't remember the genesis of the idea that well. I remember what I originally had, what I ended up with, but can't remember the in-betweens.

However, I planned this story to be a big "movie" issue. If you recall, I always felt that Ultimates 2 should've been released straight as a trade. Not as issues. It would've suited the series. Ultimates was always the big blockbuster of the Ultimate line. In that vein, I wanted to do the big apocalyptic 616 Central thing as a 'movie' - all in one go. Not spread it out over multiple issues.

So, this meant, what the hell am I going to do for the regular issues?

Basically, I decided to set up what I needed for #50, both physically (places and characters) and thematically (the Avatars never winning their battles completely) and then I looked at my love: cartoons. When I was growing up, my favourite things where Transformers, Action Force (that's GIJoe to you yanks), Transformers, Visionaries, Transformers, He-Man, and Transformers.

If only Teen Titans had been around then.

What I loved about them was the plethora of characters and teams, and how this ensemble cast would duke it out week after week, spotlighting different characters each time. Taking that cue, I came up with a couple dozen ideas, picked the best ones, arranged them in the best order, and wrote away.

#40 "The Avatars: The Movie"

The first issue and probably the best issue, I think is pretty funny. I loved writing Tog and Curly (even if he was a Zim rip-off) far too much. I remember when I realised that DIrishB could be called Dib: I just ran with it. I think it's pretty cool, and if you re-read it, you can see I had the arc set-up in advance. Compare, for example, the fates of the Avatars in Hollywood with the fates the Avatars face in #50, or how they defeat the Interweb Vikings and how they 'defeat' 616 Central to see what I mean.

But yeah, I like this issue. I'm quite fond of it. For some reason, one of my favourite things in it is the idea that if you save the lives of the UN officials, you get a wish. And I love that these superheroes use it to get into Hollywood. That makes me giggle.

#41 "Epimethean Warnings"

I think this is the weakest issue. Originally, it began with several of the Brotherhood breaking Goodwill out of the Dr Strangefate's dungeon. I was going to orginally, have Goodwill be a part of the arc, but after talking to DSF, I came to the conclusion that Baxter was much better suited to that role because he added to it with the E-Men dimension.

But the problem was it was a 'set-up' issue. It sets up the Lurkers, the Red Star, Compound, and all that jazz - but doesn't do anything. It never did have an ending, which is why I could so easily change it and keep the core the same. There was never any real plot. So, I think this is the weakest issue.

#42 "The Revenge of Ultimate E"

But this one has the worst cover.

Regardless, I like the story. I love how E escapes from Bass Lak Tus (another character I enjoyed writing far too much). I also thought it was adept of me to take one of the top three most powerful villains in the series, give him his revenge, and turn it into a comedy. I did this because I knew #50 was the big "E ****s everyone up the ***" issue, and I felt that E, should he do anything in the series before hand, he shouldn't be totally hardcore and serious. Otherwise the reversal in #50 and his triumph wouldn't be as dramatic as I would've hoped it to be. Also, in this issue, E steals the powers he needs to create the E-Men that debut in #49, and also goes to the Savannah of Eden to get some tech from buried under the soil - i.e. from the citadel itself.

I also love the Kirby-Gadgetron. Again, I feel the stronger issues are the ones where I worked out the ending before I wrote the first scene (unlike #41).

#43 "I Am The Ultimate Houde"

I should've called it Word. I remember thinking about calling it that. I think I decided that if I called it Word, then Houde should only say one word in the total issue, but realised it couldn't actually be "Word". So I went with this instead.

It's better than "Too Much of a Houde Thing".

As for the issue itself - it's short, it's to the point, and pure violence. I felt this was important for Houde. I liked how this was a departure from everything else in the series. The idea was to encapsulate Houde, the wandering samurai/ninja guy, and so I thought about things like Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars and what not. I also used it for practice for writing the 616 counterpart fight scenes that would be coming in #50. If you look, MWOF and Fear's fight are kinda in this issue.

I think the succinctness of this issue is what sets it apart. It's a tight issue, compared to the others at least.

#44 "Who Can Change The World?"

Another funny one. I just remember seeing how Bass Lak Tus, Dr Strangefate, and Ultimate E were all these incredible demi-gods and not one had conquered the world yet. Seeing them as these pathetic fools with delusions of Godhood, I thought to take the "powerless" story line (a staple in those shows I loved - the episode where they become 'normal') and give it, not to the heroes, but to the three biggest villains around. The one thing I don't like is Dr Strangfate - I think I could've/should've done him better. But E, I loved. I look at it and realise how much I stole from Cobra Commander.

And Mooney's secret identity stuff gets me laughing everytime.

#45 "Promethean Values"

I love the title to this issue. The Promethean take is also because the issue is a rip-off of Morrison's JLA villain Prometheus whom I adored. I like how it dovetails quickly from Mooney's throw away line in the previous issue and how it pays off Ice's interviews in #40. It also sets up its fair share, but I think the ending is weak. It's got a great beginning, but not too satisfactory a conclusion. Like #41, it's brother issue, I should've really thought of the ending of the issue by its self more than how it fit into the arc proper.

#46 "Doc Comic and the Great Monster Hunt"

Doc Comic was so much fun to write. The real Doc Comic was always kinda self-absorbed, always asking where his part in the fanfic was. I quite like Doc Comic, so I felt the issue should be ALL ABOUT HIM. So here's Doc Comic - a selfish, vain, psychotic pulp hero who turns terrorist when someone challenges his comic geekery. I really like that stupidity.

I also think that A.S.S. is one of the best things I've ever come up with ever.

Also, another set up for #50, DJF's agoraphobia is revealed.

#47 "What If You Never Had To Say Goodbye?"

This one was odd. I love the cover and think it's arguably the best cover I did. However, the story - I had a really cool premise. Slimjim offers the world immortality. The problem was it opened up too many options and I didn't have time to really nail the point of the issue. So actually, if you read it, very little happens. Slimjim makes his offer. I say what the world is/will be like. The Avatars put him in jail.

This issue is also one that shows how much I love coming up with titles.

Anyhow, issue's not too strong I think. It lacks direction, but it's okay.


Tog returns! Originally, the idea was to have the Sub-Nics get involved fighting a cult based on the Captain, and Tog would be revealed to be behind it - this became the opening pre-credits sequence because I preferred the idea of Tog creating these abominably bad and hysterical plans. The nitrogen/oxygen atmospheric generator is my favourite I think. Or the Christmas plan. Or the cereal. They're all gold.

#49 "What's A Smile Worth?"

The cover's crap. The story's pretty cool. It came about when I realised how inept the Avatars really were. Understand, no other super team, ever, could be halted by a big rock. Just wouldn't happen. But the Avatars - it would.

Again, it was another ethical dilemma issue (like #45, and #47) with a no-win situation. It's setting up the whole, "Even if you stop the supervillain, you'll still lose" thing, which was the ending to #50.

#50 "616 Central"

As for #50 - it's mired by it's delays sadly. It's too long and probably quite boring too.

But - it does have a rocking third act (despite the bizarrely-late debut of Fear), which has been effectively set up and pulled off I think. The pacing and structure needs a overhaul I think, the Red Star sequences are far too clunky for example, and the Ultimate Central sequence goes on a weird tangent for no real reason - but, it pays things off appropriately I think and it doesn't cheat it's way out.

My thinking was - if E is this super-powered demi-god from another world - he doesn't get beaten. I felt E just wouldn't allow himself to lose. He'd either win, or his enemies would lose. Those were the only options - and that was the option facing Nurhachi in the end.

But yeah, too long to write and too long to read. But its got integrity. It doesn't skimp and doesn't cheat. Good or bad, it does that at least.

All in all, I quite like it, but I'm sorry it took so long to do. I sadly came up with ideas for stories that realistically, required more time from me than I was able to give the fanfic since it was essentially, a little thing I was doing in whatever free time I could put aside. The problem was that before I did #40 I was very much working on #50 and my idea was to get #50 written before #40 was done. Back then, it wouldn't've taken nine months to do. And then, there would've been very few delays because I'd be "ahead". But it didn't work out that way and we got what I gave. Ah well.

It seems you all enjoyed it for the most part and since it's only meant for those of us here at UC, that's what matters. ^_______^
I liked me just fine in #44, but out of curiosity, what would you have done different with the character?
I just wanted to thank Bass. It was a good read. My character was so badass. All the hardwork and wait paid off.

Cheers, man.

I liked me just fine in #44, but out of curiosity, what would you have done different with the character?

I think I relied too much on 'gay' jokes that weren't too funny. If I recall, I think I was trying to make a point about how Will & Grace is a horrible show that only works because people treat homosexuality as an aberration of the human 'norm', as though it's funny to point and laugh at because it's not 'us' in the same way white people laughed at black people in the 40s. I hate the show. I think, I was going to make that point, forgot to, and left in all the crappy 'gay' jokes.

If I did it again, I'd spend more time on the aspect that I enjoyed more - that of DSF going, "I'm going to take over Heaven" and the other two treat him as a demi-god n00b. I think that's funnier and more in keeping with the character than "Fiddler on the Roof done by a gay" which is what I did, sadly. It wasn't all bad, but I think of the three, he's weakest.

I'm glad you liked it fine though. :)
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Hey bass, I was wondering if you could possibly repost the cover to 50 with labels as to which characters are represented by which drawings? I couldnt tell on some. Loved the covers.
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Sure thing, Lithium, glad you liked them.


  1. Dr Strangefate
  2. Thee Great One
  3. Ultimate Houde
  4. Icemastertron
  5. ProjectX2
  6. DIrishB
  7. Ourchair
  8. Marvelman
  9. Baxter
  10. Bass Lak Tus
  11. UltimateDJF
  12. Ultimate Quicksilver
  13. Ultimate Gambit
  14. Ultimate Bigby
  15. Slimjim
  16. Ultimate E
  17. Nurhachi
  18. Rene
  19. Entropy
  20. Widdle Wade
  21. Moonmaster
  22. Dr Draco
  23. The Man Without Fear
thank you very much. Ive been thinking of doinf some fanart so I wanted to see how others pictured the characters as well.
Sounds cool, E-MEN ENGAGE!

Also, is anyone planning on bringing back Doc Comic and A.S.S.?

A.S.S. was killed off, except for the balck man, he just shived his master and ran off with his wallet.

Doc Comic though, that's in talks at the moment.

I'm still waiting for the Good Doctor to get back to me....
I'm still waiting for the Good Doctor to get back to me....

You have no idea how much **** my professors have been piling on me this week... (hint: its 7:20 AM, i have been up all night working on a 27 page assignment that i finished 15 minutes ago for a class in another hour) I head home this weekend and then I'll get back to you.
A.S.S. was killed off, except for the balck man, he just shived his master and ran off with his wallet.

Doc Comic though, that's in talks at the moment.

I'm still waiting for the Good Doctor to get back to me....

I don't see why Doc Comic couldn't create an all new A.S.S.... :D
HOLY **** it actually happened!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: Looking at how long it is I'm going to need to read it when i have 2 free hours
It's been something like a month and I still haven't read #50. :( Just haven't had the time.
I always miss these when they first come out...


and i got some serious character development! SWEET!

This was the ultimate issue; everyone got their moment in the spotlight. Nice work, Bass. Well worth the wait, I think.

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