Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - volume 6

Missed these somehow.

I always miss these when they first come out...


and i got some serious character development! SWEET!

This was the ultimate issue; everyone got their moment in the spotlight. Nice work, Bass. Well worth the wait, I think.

I particularly enjoyed Marvelman's opportunistic, avaricious self in comparison to badass Houde of the stoic ninja discipline. What made it more delicious was that the group needs a teleporter, and of course, the only guy who can teleport them around is a guy who wants to be paid in rubies the size of his head. Supply and demand.

I'm glad you think everyone got their 'moment'. I channeled everything I hate about crossovers into this issue to try and make it work. One of the things was to make sure each character was in there and had a chance to show off what they could do. I felt this was doubly important if the character died (hence why Entropy, despite appearing only in #49, got quite a bit to do - I don't see the point in killing off a character if no one cares at all who he is).

I generally tried to make each sure each character was in the group that would allow them to be the most useful and thus, most likely to showboat. Glad it worked for you.

Just got done reading #50.

I bow before greatness.

Thanks a lot, Doc! Glad you enjoyed the big five-oh. I assume it was worth the wait and paid off the arc (and series) in a satisfying way.

Does anyone have anything to add 'fore I lock this baby up in anticipation for volume 7?
you should add me as an all powerful thing that does things that are bad to people health. like super smoking powers or turn water into urine and ahve costner turn back.
I finally finished 50.

It was one the most intense piece of internet fiction I have ever read.

Good run Bass.

I really enjoyed it.

40 being my favorite for obvious reasons.
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