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He Sees You When You're Sleeping. He Knows When Yo
Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
Random, animator of the highly acclaimed UC Cartoon, is bringing us the next arc of this, the fan fic forum's Crown Jewel is our tiny corner of the Internet!

Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - Volume Eight!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I beg you to read through our archives (which will hopefully oneday be updated through both Bass and Houde's volumes).

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A new group has formed, The Project is now ready to take on the Emperor, but first they have to figure out how?

But when a mysterious message appears suggesting an alliance, The Project must take the risk in hopes of tomarrow.

But who or what or why or when is Random?

50/50 Cartoon Variant

Cherish these moments! One day you'll look back and go, "Where did all the Wednesdays go?" and a single tear will plummet down your cheek as you recall the Great Devouring, where upon the terrible Urgyark, Eater of Days, entered our dimensional realm and devoured Wednesday! Six day weeks, but people were happy, for it meant one less day of work! But lo, many football training sessions where permenantly cancelled! CURSE AND LOVE TO YOU URGYARK, EATER OF DAYS! (I hope he eats Monday next time.)
Urgyerk is actually from the latin spelling of his name, Yugyirrk, which, according to scholars, is somewhat inappropriate despite its popularisation. The Centauran-arcadian pronunciation of Urgyark is more phoenitcally and historically accurate.
Doc Comic Mansion

It has been two weeks since their first mission at Professor Houdenmeyer's lab and the members of Project find they have little too do. None of the members, save Bigby, have left the mansion, because the grip of the Emperor grows greater everyday. They leave as a team and they stay together as a team, to leave the mansion alone would be calling for capture.

For the most part they rely on the Watcher to gather information on their enemy, which has become a frustrating problem. Since the Emperor now knows of this resistance, he has limited most potential leaks, keeping all information close to him and his lieutenants.

The majority of their day has become routine. The Watcher spends most of his time searching aimlessly for scoops on Doc's computer. Ultimate Houde uses his time to sharpen his skills, staring at the wall in quiet meditation, Skotti looking on in admiration. Moonmaster, being the only member with a day job, has taken a few personal days until the incident at the police station dies down. Iceman helps Hawkeye101 train. Seeing how useless he is in a fight without arrows, Hawkeye101 is learning to utilize other types of projectiles, Iceman sets the target and Hawkeye takes them out – well, kind of.

But not all the teammates are getting along.

UltimateDJF: Patty-cake!
Widdle_Wade: No, no! For the love of god no patty-cake!
UltimateDJF: PATTY-CAKE!!!
Widdle_Wade: No, no, no, no, NO!!!

With massive force, UltimateDJF slams his giant hands down, crushing Wade's hands and forearms into the ground.

Widdle_Wade: Ahhh! Damn it, every freaking day with this crap! Damn you, Baxter!

Baxter resting on the couch.

Baxter: What did I do?
Widdle_Wade: Can't you keep your stupid green gorilla on a leash or something?
Baxter: Hey, he's not a gorilla.
UltimateDJF: Patty-cake!

UltimateDJF bounces up and down, clapping his hands like a child. Suddenly an alarm sounds.



Written By: Random
Cover By: Random

Emerging from the Ashes of the Emperor's victory over the Avatars, heroes came together, bonding through various hardships. Now, they are faced with the challenge of overthrowing an empire

The Hidden: Random

Volume 8, Issue 57, By Random

Everyone hurries to the main computer room, followed quickly by The Watcher who was taking a break.

Rene: Uh, Watcher, what is this?
The Watcher: It's an – an article on Kristin Kreuk…

Houde's eyes narrow, staring at The Watcher and precedes to smack him upside the head. Rene quickly exits the article and brings up the message. Suddenly a shadowy figure appears on screen.

Shadowy Figure: Greetings, rogue Ultimate Centralities; your group and your intentions to fight the Emperor have recently come to my organization's attention. In this we have a common goal. I propose a meeting; an agent of ours will meet you at the coordinates we are sending to your computer. Our agent will outline the objective; the next move will be yours. I look forward to hearing your response.

And just as suddenly as the message came, it was over. The teammates stood in silence, a little confused.

Widdle_Wade: Okay, let's go.
Rene: Wait, this could be a trap.
Widdle_Wade: Frankly I don't give a crap; I have to get out of here.
Ultimate Bigby: Watcher, try and see if you can trace the message.
Baxter: I don't think this is a trap, I mean the Emperor doesn't know we're here.
Ultimate Bigby: You're right, even with the defenses here, the Emperor will just send everything he has to stomp any kind of threat.
Skotti: I think he's over compensating for something…
Rene: Watcher, did you find anything?
The Watcher: Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Rene: Let me see.

Rene steps to the computer and, typing at what seemed like superhuman speed, checks through lines and lines of coding.

Rene: He's right, there's not a trace of the incoming message, no point of origin, nothing.
Iceman: So what exactly does this mean?
Rene: It means whoever sent this has great technological knowledge and the resources to cover their tracks.
Hawkeye101: So what are we going to do?
Widdle_Wade: Let's just go already!
Rene: Wade-
Widdle_Wade: What? We've been sitting around for weeks with nothing to do! Do you think we can take out this Empire just by hanging out in a cool clubhouse? Damn it, I don't care if it's a trap, I'm sick of patty-cake!

UltimateDJF: Patty-cake!

Widdle_Wade: Oh god no!

Wade runs off, being chased by a laughing UltimateDJF.

Baxter: I have to admit it, Wade's right, we can't just stay in here waiting for some kind of miracle, we're going to have to take some chances.

Rene: Fine, but we have to be safe about this. Baxter, Wade, Moony, and Bigby will meet with their agent. Houde, Skotti, I want you two at distance ready to transport our team back in case things get out of hand. Hawkeye101, I want you at a distance too, with Iceman as your back up. Watcher, DJF, and I will observe from here, ready to send reinforcements. Everyone put on a communicator. I don't want to loose anyone.

Iceman: Goooo team!

Everyone stares.

Iceman: What?

Widdle_Wade: Argg! My hands again! AGAIN!

Just outside of Philadelphia

The weather is dark and pouring rain. A section of a street is blocked off by road construction signs, even though there is no other indication of road work. The Project members station themselves all around the area. Baxter, Wade, Moony, and Bigby stand in the middle of the street, Houde and Skotti hide behind an old building, while Hawkeye positions himself in a tree with Iceman standing behind it.

Moonmaster: Ah-choo!
Baxter: Oh dude, come on, cover your mouth.
Moonmaster: Sorry. So where is this agent guy?
Widdle_Wade: Oh, what if he's like Agent Smith? That would be totally badass in this rain.
Hawkeye101: Guys, I see someone approaching straight ahead of you.

Soon the other teammates see him. Waving back and forth as he walks, this person has long, dirty black hair. His skin is grey and his clothes are torn and worn out. Once he gets in range of the three heroes he lifts his head and gives them a spine-chilling smile.

Creature: My masters would like me to propose an alliance.
Moonmaster: Oh god, this guy smells, it's like rotting meat or something.
Widdle_Wade: Propose? I'm not waking up next to that each morning.

The Creature gives him a look of shock and anger.

Bigby: Guys, enough of the jokes. Now, you're not one of Nigma's corpses, are you?

The Creature's face grows intense with fury as his voice booms out.

Creature: You dare to insult me! I am my master's ultimate creation! And you mock me and compare me to a corpse! You. Must. SUFFER!

With that the ground starts to shake and tremble. Tiny cracks in the streets widen as tiny hand and arms start clawing their way out. Suddenly an army of small grey ugly creatures burst out of the ground, charging their way toward the four teammates.

Baxter: An undead army of midgets? That's new.
Moonmaster: Was it something we said?
Bigby: Houde, create a portal back to base. Skott,i get the three of us to Houde's position.
Skotti: Easier said than done.

Both Skotti and Houde are fighting off their own small army of monsters.

Hawkeye101: Iceman, I could use some help covering these guys… Iceman?

Hawkeye looks back to see Iceman creating an ice barrier, keeping these small monstrosities from attacking their backs. But they begin to tunnel underneath.

Iceman: Damn little pests.
Baxter: That's it, time to think big.

As Baxter begins to grow one small monster makes a great leap and head butts Baxter in the groin. The would-be giant collapses in pain as the demented hobbits jump all over him.

Bigby: Rene, we need to get out of here, now!

Doc Comic Mansion

Rene: DJF and I are on our way… what? The transporters aren't working?

Just outside of Philadelphia

Bigby: What do you mean not working?

Doc Comic Mansion

Rene: It's like that location doesn't even exists. Someone must being blocking any type of teleportation somehow.

Just outside of Philadelphia

Bigby: Just great. Everyone, we're on our own!

Each member fights, wiping out wave after wave of these creatures, with Bigby defending an incapacitated Baxter. The Creature laughs on as The Project is becoming covered by these monstrous things. They climb up each other to claw and bite at their prey from all sides. One extremely sinister one makes his way towards Bigby's head with his mouth drooling. This one is ready for blood. The Creature grins at seeing these pretentious Centralites being swarmed by his minions, when suddenly something flies past his head. The object impales the one monster's head before he has the chance to bite Bigby's face off.

Bigby swiftly looks to see what this object is. It's a broad sword with a golden hilt; the sword is stuck in the ground, the tiny monster legs running in midair. The Creature grinds his teeth, knowing who that sword belongs to. He turns his head, but before he sees what is behind him, he is greeted with a punch to the face. The Creature flies into the small mountain of monsters on top of the four Project members. The man flies through the horde of monsters and uppercuts the Creature into the air, giving the Project a little more elbowroom for fighting. The man punches the Creature several more times, propelling it higher into the air, before kicking it back to the ground. The Creature creates a small crater in the street. The tide turns against the army of monsters. Some flee, seeing their mighty master pummeled into the ground; many still keep fighting, but it is much easier for Project to manage now. The man lands next to his sword, which he picks up and swings to remove the little monster, whose legs are still flapping about. The man has blond hair and is dressed in black with a red cape.

Random: How many times do I have to kill you, Catalyst?
Catalyst: No matter how many times you kill me, my Master will bring me back.

The Creature now known as Catalyst starts crawling out of the crater.

Catalyst: Maybe for a change in pace, I'll kill you!

Catalyst thrusts his arms forward, which stretching towards Random, who dodges but is shocked to see that Catalyst can do this. Random slashes at the arm with his sword, surprised to see it having to see it turning to stone. Catalyst's other arm rockets towards Random, who takes to the air. Catalyst flails his arms, switching from elastic to stone in hopes of hitting his target. Random maneuvers through the sky, avoiding every one of Catalyst's attacks, before diving straight down to his opponent, slicing Catalyst's right arm. Once Random's feet make contact with the ground, he swings his sword up, slicing off Catalyst's left arm. Random looks directly into Catalyst's eyes before cutting off his head. The deformed body falls to the ground, his black blood seeping into the soil, or being washed away by the rain.

The few small monsters remaining scream at the death of their leader and swiftly retreat back into the ground. An eerie silence falls; even the rain seems to have silence its sound. Project soon surrounds the flying swordsman, ready for anything. Each member recharges his or her power, prepared to fight at a moment's notice. Random sheaths his sword and lowers his guard.

Bigby: Are you the one who sent the message?
Houde: Are you with the Emperor?
Moonmaster: Who was that guy?
Skotti: And what were those things?
Hawkeye101: Who are you?
Iceman: What's going on?
Widdle_Wade: Cool sword.
Baxter: Does anybody have an ice pack?

Random lets out a sigh and takes a deep breathe.

Random: My name is Random, this dead creature here is called Catalyst, and he is an advanced version of the homunculus, the little monster you fought. They were created by an alchemist/sorcerer named Dr. Warren. He is a member of a secret society that practically runs the world. Politics, science, religion, they have influence over everything.

Moonmaster: So how do you know about this?
Random: I- a long time ago I got caught up in the middle in one of their schemes. I've been fighting them ever since.
Bigby: When exactly did you get your powers?
Random: Almost a year ago.
Hawkeye101: Wait a minute, can't the computers at Ultimate Central detect when a person gets their powers?
Houde: That's right and according to The Watcher, there hasn't been a new Centralite since E-day, why is it I've never heard of you.
Random: It-it was cloaked.
Skotti: What do you mean, 'cloaked'?

Random: Listen, I hesitate to tell you because I'm part of a group that is dedicated to taking out this-this Illuminati. We have kept ourselves hidden because we need to stay out of the spotlight to fight the organization with secrecy. And most of the group don't want to get caught in the middle of this whole super hero, super villain thing.

Skotti: Okay this isn't flying with me. Come on, a group of super powered individuals that no one has heard of, secretly fighting a big organization that runs the entire world? I mean, where were you on E-Day?

Random: Why do you think Philadelphia is one of the least damaged cities when the world was bombarded with mooninites? Not everyone in the world got powers or the experience that can stop a piece of rock hurtling towards them.

Baxter: Okay, let's just say you're telling the truth, why would this Illuminati ask us to meet here then send this guy to attack us?

Random takes a moment to think.

Random: I don't know why they would contact you, they've always taken a back seat in Ultimate Central affairs. We've always assumed they were just waiting for the right time to take Ultimate Central for themselves, but you gave them a better option.

Moonmaster: What do you mean?

Random: You let them in. When the Avatars let the United Nations [in] to study Ultimate Central, who do you think got all that research? They are everywhere, every government, every big lab in the world. They have at least one resource everywhere. Who knows what they've developed?

Random kicks the corpse of Catalyst.

Random: I know this guy is a product of that research. I'm guessing they sent him because he is disposable; every time he dies, Dr. Warren just makes another. But he's always had a short temper. Let me guess – one of you made fun of the way he smells?

Moonmaster: Sorry.

Bigby: So who else is in your group?

Random: I can't just tell you about them, if the Illuminati found out, our mission would become dead in the water. Listen, this organization… they kill anyone who threatens their power, they sell arms to terrorists of all kinds, they control drug trafficking, they are what's keeping most of the world as ignorant as possible, that's right, they control Hollywood. Telling you everything about my team could jeopardize any chance of freeing the world from their grasp. I've always wanted to help the Avatars, but this mission is important… I should go now.

Random begins to levitate.

Bigby: Wait, we want to take out the Emperor, but we will need all the help we can get. Will you fight with us?

Random pause for a moment thinking it over. He gives a slight smile.

Random: You'll have my sword, when the time comes.

With that Random flies away, leaving Project standing in the rain trying to make sense of the evening.

Widdle_Wade: What makes you think we can trust that guy?
Bigby: Nothing, I was trying to gauge his reaction.
Houde: But you are right, we need anything we can get.
Bigby: I know… I know

Moonmaster: AHH CHOOO!!!

Skotti: Aw, gross!

Moonmaster: Sorry.

Doc Comic Mansion

Bigby: And that's what happened.

Houde: So what do you think, Rene?

Rene: Hm, I believe him. We can rule out the Emperor on this message and if this Random was an Agent of the Emperor, he would have attacked us or at least sent for for reinforcement before you returned here. Also I've been going over the message and I still found nothing revealing, and I've checked out the teleporter and only UC level technology could purposely disrupt the signal of this area. Whoever set this meeting up has extremely high levels of technology and the resources to match. But here's the one thing that doesn't add up, he said that his empowerment was cloaked?

Moonmaster: Yeah.

Rene: See, there may be instances where the UC computers doesn't pick up on an ultimatization, that may be due to range of dimension, but nothing I know of can cloak it, I don't think its possible. So to not only be able to cloak an ultimatization but predict a person who gets empowered requires a lot more than government resources. Either Random is working with the Illuminati or he has a very powerful ally.

Somewhere Near Philadelphia

Random flies into a home through the windows. He hangs up his sword and takes off his cape.

Unknown: So you talked to them.

Random acts unsurprised by his presence.

Random: You know I hate it when you spy on me.
Unknown: I told you to never get involved with them.
Random: Well it's about time we stop this 'from the shadows' crap.
Unknown: Listen, showing our hands will only jeopardize our mission.
Random: Well, now they're involved with the mission. They have made the first move here. And I didn't tell them anything about you or the others.
Unknown: You better be careful where you step here. Because our mission is more important than this superhero drama.
Random: Who knew saving the world was considered drama.
Unknown: But we will need to know why now, and keep a close eye on your new friends.
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