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Presenting the Captain of America's hat

So there's only 9 days left for the funding so I'm going to see how many scenes I can add before say, End of Sunday EST. Anyone want in on this? Set you're own price, I feel the minimum should be 50 cents. The proof will be screen caps of each scene I've completed and anyone who participates will get an exclusive sneak peak at a scene of Houde's choosing (provided that it's finished). So right now there are 9 scenes considered complete, therefore only scenes after those 9 will be counted. So whose in?

Houde are you still in for 1 per two scenes or will you ante up?
Well for the two of you who may actually care, I got four scenes done:

Ahh, look at that, Baxter/Friday is trying to think

Kinda of ominous shot of some doors, almost as if a large group of people are about to crash through...

Hey look, it's Seymore!

You may notice the booths are a simple gray. I will be adding to them later, this just keeps the work load down for my laptop.
I expect this to be The Dark Knight to the first cartoon's Batman Begins.

I......I'm no one Random.....I'm no one *exits*


You break my heart Random. YOU BREAK MY HEART!
Glad to see my brother is still wearing his horrible ass flame shorts

Dude, just be thankful that he's wearing any shorts...

I still have nightmares from when I got that Christmas card he ment to send Hibiki. You dodge a huge bullet there J. Agamemnon. (Shutter)
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:lol: :lol:

I dare say that's Lol-hachi! :p

Hey, dude. Nice to see you again. :)

I gotta say.......One of the main reasons I came back after all these years...was that I missed Bass. I had major Bass withdrawls. You dont even know!

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