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Didn't **** any of those *****es
So there's only 9 days left for the funding so I'm going to see how many scenes I can add before say, End of Sunday EST. Anyone want in on this? Set you're own price, I feel the minimum should be 50 cents. The proof will be screen caps of each scene I've completed and anyone who participates will get an exclusive sneak peak at a scene of Houde's choosing (provided that it's finished). So right now there are 9 scenes considered complete, therefore only scenes after those 9 will be counted. So whose in?

Houde are you still in for 1 per two scenes or will you ante up?
Well for the two of you who may actually care, I got four scenes done:

Ahh, look at that, Baxter/Friday is trying to think

Kinda of ominous shot of some doors, almost as if a large group of people are about to crash through...

Hey look, it's Seymore!

You may notice the booths are a simple gray. I will be adding to them later, this just keeps the work load down for my laptop.


Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
I expect this to be The Dark Knight to the first cartoon's Batman Begins.


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I......I'm no one Random.....I'm no one *exits*


You break my heart Random. YOU BREAK MY HEART!

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Glad to see my brother is still wearing his horrible ass flame shorts
Dude, just be thankful that he's wearing any shorts...

I still have nightmares from when I got that Christmas card he ment to send Hibiki. You dodge a huge bullet there J. Agamemnon. (Shutter)
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:lol: :lol:

I dare say that's Lol-hachi! :p

Hey, dude. Nice to see you again. :)

I gotta say.......One of the main reasons I came back after all these years...was that I missed Bass. I had major Bass withdrawls. You dont even know!

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