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Jun 25, 2004
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Heres all the issues of Ultimate Central: The Fanfic

Note: You'll notice a character named XT. This is actually "TheManWithoutFear". His name used to be XTFlyons, thats why he's called that in the earlier issues of the fic


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi


One day a boy was on the Internet. He decided to go to his favorite sight, but alas, the server was down. Before the boy could do anything he was filled with a weird energy and passed out. When he woke up he saw that everything around him was frozen solid, yet he did not feel cold...............

One day, Nurhachi went onto the Internet. As he dialed up, his msn signed in. Ice and ProjectX2 were also online. Nurhachi typed in a greeting to them. Ice didn't reply, but after a while Project replied with a friendly "hello."
"What you up to?" Nurhachi asked,
"Just about to go to the UC site" Project said, "need to keep people informed on the squirrels, LOL"
"LOL, I’m going there soon as well, just checkin' my email."
"Cool," Project said, "actually don’t bother, the server is down"
"Bugger, I might go there anyways to see if it works on mine"
After a few minutes, project didn’t reply.
"You there dude?” Nurhachi asked.
Still no reply from either project or ice...

Nurhachi tried to go to Ultimate Central to do see if it would work on his computer, but as he got there, he saw that the server had indeed crashed.
"Weird", he thought to himself, "UltimateE must be updating the site again."
All of a sudden he felt a weird sensation, he looked at the screen of the computer to see it had changed into a series of blurs and colors. Nurhachi seemed drawn to the screen and touched it. As his hand got close to the screen he felt a wave of energy go through him as he passed out and hit the floor...

Nurhachi woke up, he got a fright, as he couldn’t see a thing, he was covered in something, some sort of liquid. He freaked out and let out a scream, "I CANT SEE! Help me someone, I CANT SEE!”
All of a sudden, he could see. The liquid around him parted around his eyes, giving him holes to see through. Nurhachi looked down and saw he was covered in red. "AAH," he shouted "Get this %$%@ the hell off me!”
And then the red substance immediately absorbed into him. "Oh.... oh no. What the hell," Nurhachi whimpered, "was that.... was that my blood?".
The world went black around Nurhachi as he fainted...

He woke up the next day, "Wow, what a %#@%#@ed up dream last night," he thought to himself, "although, I kinda wish it was real, I mean, it would be pretty cool to control my blood like that, just like the Carnage symbiote in the Spider-Man stories."
Instantly, his body once again was covered in red.
"WHOA", Nurhachi shouted in surprise, "%$#%ING AWESOME!"
"Vaughn", his mom called him (by his real name), "don’t you have to leave for work soon?"
"Yes mom," he replied, and then whispered to himself, "work...yeah right."

The rest of the day, Nurhachi spent swinging around the city, testing out his new powers. "WOOHOOOO", Nurhachi shouted, "This is the coolest thing ever!"
That was until a black hole generated above him in which he was sucked into...

Nurhachi looked in his surroundings; he was on a large square platform that seemed to be in a new universe. Around the platform, it was like orbit, and on the platform was a huge mansion that covered most of it. Nurhachi walked up to the mansion and as he got there, the door opened. Nurhachi walked into a huge room as the door closed behind him. Nurhachi then heard a mysterious voice.
"I see your enjoying your new powers Nurhachi..." the voice said.
"Who is this," Nurhachi nervously answered, "How do you know bout my new powers?"

"What", Nurhachi pleaded as his red costume instantly covered him for protection, "What did I do? Why is this happening? What are you gonna do to me?"
Nurhachi looked around, terrified, awaiting something bad to happen.
He gasped as a door opened, and out walked a man in a plain black costume that covered his whole body, including his face. Aside from the costume, he had a huge red cape.

"Just kidding," He said, "Hi, I'm UltimateE. Welcome to the REAL Ultimate Central."
Nurhachi looked at him as though he was nuts, "What the hell dude," he said, "what’s going on?"
Nurhachi heard laughing behind him, he turned around and saw another guy, about his age, walking towards him clapping and laughing like a maniac.
"Dude, that was hilarious, he did exactly the same thing to me," the guy said, "Hey man, it's me, Ice, and guess what, I got ice powers," he said with a huge smile.
Ice stuck out his hand, "I just got here a little before you did, pretty weird huh?"
Nurhachi shook Ice's hand.

NURHACHI: Hell Yeah man, what’s going on here E?

ULTIMATEE: Well, you see, Ultimate Central has been a safekeeping place for these powers you all received. They were never meant to be unlocked. Many moons ago, Earth first had contact with an alien race called "The Zynerakk" when there....

ICE: The Zynerakk?

UE: Yes the Zynerakk, now, when the....

ICE: How do you spell that?


ICE: Sorry, don’t be hatin, I'll be good.

NURHACHI: (trying hard not to laugh)

UE: Anyways, A Zynerakk ship that was transporting these powers to there allies, for a war that was going on against there enemies, the Chotakata.

ICE: The Choka.....


ICE: (whistles innocently)

UE: Right, The Zynerakk got shot down by the Chotakata and crashed on earth. My wife and I were camping near where it landed. We went to investigate and met with the dying alien captain. He told me that i must not let these powers fall into the wrong hands. He then sent the powers and myself into cyberspace and gave me the powers of immortality and ten times the strength, agility and endurance of a peak human being so i could protect this place and what it contains. The mansion computer has satellites all over the globe so I can see what’s going on.

ICE: Damn man, how old are you really? And what happened to your wife?

UE looked away and lowered his head

ICE: Dude...im sorry man

UE: ENOUGH, the point is that the powers are leaking out of this place and I cant stop them. You 2 are only the first and there will be more.

NURHACHI: How did the powers leak out

UE: Those fools, XT and Goodwill were having such a huge argument that the amount of posts crashed the site to such an extent that it unlocked all the powers kept here. Dont you see why i try to cut down the arguments.

ICE: Hey, E, Your whats that beeping.

E, Ice and Nurhachi go to the computer room, where the beeping noise is coming from.

ULTIMATE E: The computer has found another super powered individual. It’s ProjectX2.

On the screen we saw a being made entirely of rocks, he was in a forest, and seemed to be chasing after squirrels and jumping on them. Ultimate E then pushed a button and on the controls and a black hole appeared above project and sucked him in, just like it did Nurhachi.

ULTIMATE E: IT should take him about 5 minutes to get here.

NURHACHI: Can you do that same trick to him like you did to me?

Ultimate E smiled.

3 hours later, the group all introduced themselves to project and UltimateE told him the same things he told the others. He then proceeded to show them around the place.

PROJECT: Right, so im like the Thing, cept i can change back to human, Ice has the same powers as Iceman, and Nurhachi has a carnage symbiote

NURHACHI: Sorta, cept I don’t have a symbiote. My blood has mutated to the same texture as a symbiote i guess, and i can control it with my mind, but its not alive.

PROJECT: So basically you can control your mutated blood?


PROJECT: Dude, that is seriously freaky


Ultamate E turns into a corridor.

ULTIMATE E: and these are your rooms

PROJECT: Our rooms?

ULTIMATE E: Oh sorry, i forgot to mention, this will be your new home.


ICE: You mean your keeping us prisoner?

UE: No, your free to leave anytime you want, but this is where you will be officially living, its important that we see each other regularly.

NURHACHI: What if we don’t want to stay here?

UE: Come on guys, free rent, free food, free cable, when you leave to go out you can be transported anywhere in the world....


PROJECT: Sounds pretty good....

NURHACHI: Sounds feckin awesome, can my girlfriend stay with me?

ULTIMATE E: No, this place is secret.

NURHACHI: Hey, if I’m gonna live here, she’s living here.

ULTIMATE E: No Nurhachi, that is not allowed.

NURHACHI: Why not? I’m bringing her...


ICE: Waitaminit. Why are we staying here in the first place? What do you want with us?

ULTIMATE E: Not everyone who gets these powers will be responsible with them. Since I am not allowed to leave here, I need you 3 to bring in anyone who abuses there powers and they will be imprisoned here.

NURHACHI: Sounds like fun. Anyways is it alright if we go now? I’m supposed to be meeting some friends for drinks tonight, how do I get out of here.

UE: The computer. Just go to the map, say where you wanna go and stand on that pad there.

NURHACHI: Hey, Project, Ice, you guys wanna come?

ICE: Sure



WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi


Nurhachi, Ice and Project have been at work the whole day stopping hijackings, robberies and shoot outs after Nurhachi wanted to show his team-mates around his old town in South Africa. All they wanted to do was catch up with some of Nurhachi’s old buddies, but everywhere they turn there are taxi shootouts or hijackings.

PROJECT: Can we go home after we get this guy?

ICE: We've been trying to get home for the last 2 hours, but every time we're about to leave we see someone needing help.

The team was chasing a taxi driver who started a shootout with a rival company.

PROJECT: %$@% this!

Project hit his fists into the ground causing a large earthquake and the taxi was suddenly in the air. Ice caught the taxi in his ice while Nurhachi grabbed the criminal with his tendrils.

Moments later the police showed up.
"Sorry boys, thanks for the help, but the prisons are unfortunately too full to keep him in...", The Police officer said as he left.


ICE: Calm down dude

NURHACHI: Shut it Ice, I hate these scum, and they’re the reason I had to leave this country, my home. AARGH

Nurhachi grabbed the criminal in his tendrils and threw him hard against the wall of a nearby shop.


The criminal pleaded with Nurhachi as he approached.

NURHACHI: How do you feel now that YOU’RE a victim?

Nurhachi transformed his hand into an axe.


Project grabbed Nurhachi's arm.

PROJECT: Don’t man..... You don’t wanna do this...

Nurhachi looked surprised at what he was doing.

NURHACHI: I...I...I wasn’t gonna kill him....

PROJECT: Dude, you were going to....

"Beep Beep"

ICE: It’s our watches; Ultimate E wants us back in Ultimate Central, something’s up.

PROJECT: Sweet lets get out of here, we can talk about this later Nur.

NURHACHI: Just forget it Project, I wasn’t going to kill him.

Ice stayed silent while pushing the face of his watch. His watch recognised his fingerprints and a portal opened above them and sucked them in.

They appeared in Ultimate Central. It was basically all open space with a single platform floating with a mansion on top of it. The portal opened in front of the door and out the portal came Nur, Ice and Project.

They opened the door and Ultimate E was there to meet them. He looked at them for a moment, although they couldn’t really know because you cant see his eyes through his mask, which is plain black.

ULTIMATE E: I see your using your powers responsibly.

His head turned to Nurhachi

ULTIMATE E: Right Nurhachi?

NURHACHI: Hey, I said I wasn’t going to kill that guy.

ULTIMATE E: Nurhachi, this super hero this is gonna get tough and you've only just started. This is nothing compared to what is ahead. You have no right to judge anybody or think yourself above the law. You've been given these powers and you should...

ICE: With great power comes great responsibility

Project tried hard not to laugh as Ice seemed pretty amused.

ULTIMATE E: Ice, Don’t start with me.... but he's right Nurhachi.

NURHACHI: I..Im sorry, it’s just that I’m so sick of....

Nurhachi saw everyone looking at him in a concerned way.

NURHACH: It won’t happen again

ULTIMATE E: See that it doesn’t. Now this is not why I called you here. Come to the computer room with me.

As they were walking towards the computer room Ice whispered to Nurhachi.

ICE: Dude, Are you sure that your costume isn’t like a symbiote and making you more violent.

NURHACHI: Please Ice, just drop it, It was all me. I just can’t take how they ruined that country.

ICE: Sorry Nur. I don’t think we should go there again.

Nurhachi remained quiet until they got to the computer room.

ULTIMATE E: Ok team, (you really need to get a team name), the computer has picked up the signal of 2 new ultimate central members that have gotten super powers. One of these members, Goodwill, has been given control over ancient Dragons. In the little time he has gotten these powers he has resurrected dozens of these beasts and has been wrecking havoc in the USA while you 3 have been in South Africa. He plans on taking over the country. We need to stop him, but first, the other member who has gotten a power...

ICE: Who is it E?


ULTIMATE E: Now, this member is Eroz. I don’t know what his power is because I haven’t seen him using it yet. Because we don’t know what powers he has, I cant send a portal for him, as if his powers have something to do with magnetism or electricity, he could disrupt the portal and Ultimate Central if he uses them during the teleportation. I need you 3 to go and see what powers he has and then bring him here to join us.

ICE: Sir, Yes, Sir


And they were gone...

They appeared again in front of a house. They looked around and saw that the country around them lay in ruins from the dragons.

NURHAHCI: This must be Eroz's house. Ultimate E must have teleported us straight here. Let’s stay in our human form guys.

ICE: Can’t we do something about the dragons first?

NURHACHI: Ultimate E told us to do this first.

Nurhachi knocked on the door. A guy opened it.

GUY: Hello there, I be Eroz and me be waitin for ya.

ICE: Ummm... hi, we’ve been asked to come here and....

EROZ: And tell all youz bout me powerz? And if i be threat?

PROJECT: Yeah pretty much.

EROZ: I no threat. Me good boy. I have power of knowledge. Me know things. All things...

He looked at Project

EROZ: ALL Things.......

PROJECT: What the faaaaa....

EROZ: Me go with you yes? To the pretty place in cyberspace?

NURHACHI: Ummm...yeah, come with us.

Ice pushed the button on his watch to activate the portal back to Ultimate Central.

ULTIMATE E: So, Eroz has the power of knowledge. Seems he knows everything as long as there is someone else who knows it. Basically, his mind is connected to everyone else’s mind.

NURHACHI: Hmmm….. ok, tell me Eroz, what movie did I see last?

Eroz started convulsing like he was having a seizure. His eyes rolled back into his head and he started foaming around his mouth as his mind was processing the question.

PROJECT: Ewwwwww

ICE: You ok dude?


NURHACHI: Hey, that’s right!

ICE: Let me try asking him something

Ice turned to Eroz.

ICE: What does Project like to do in his spare time

The same thing happened again, after the convulsions, Eroz looked a bit confused.

EROZ: Well, it be very confusing to me…First Project likes to switch to Discovery Channel. He like Zebras. Then he take his sock and….

PROJECT: HEY, Ummm Why don’t you tell us something about Ultimate E.

EROZ: N…nothing be happening. Me can’t go in Ultimate E mind.

ICE: What? Why not?

ULTIMATE E: Simply, Ice, there are things about me that I do not want you to know. Now, stop messing around, you guys must go stop Goodwill and bring him back here for imprisonment.

EROZ: He who goes to bed with itchy butt wake up with smelly finger!

PROJECT: Riiiiiight. So E, where is Goodwill?

ULTIMATE E: I…don’t really know….

ICE: huh? Howcome?

ULTIMATE E: He hasn’t shown up on the satellites. It seems that he has gone into hiding and commanded his dragons to do all his work.

ICE: Why don’t we just ask Eroz?

NURHACHI: Great idea!

ULTIMATE E: Wow Ice that was….pretty clever.

EROZ: We are all just cinnamon on the great doughnut of life!

Ice turned to Eroz.

ICE: Where is Goodwill, the Dragon Master?

Eroz started his processing seizures. Afterwards, he told the team where he is.

ULTIMATE E: Ok guys, I’ll teleport you to his cave and you can go get him.

NURHACHI: Will Eroz be coming with?

ULTIMATE E: No, although he is part of the team, his powers are not offensive so he will be better staying here for this fight.

With that, Ultimate E pushed the button that teleported Nurhachi, Ice and ProjectX2 to the Dragon Masters cave.
The team arrived outside the cave. They were about to enter, when they saw a dragon guarding the entrance.


The dragon lowered its head and breathed fire at them, but Ice blocked the flame with an ice shield.

NURHACHI: Hey, Project, you know what I’m thinking?

PROJECT: I think so Nur, but doesn’t Santa need those Reindeer?

NURHACHI: What? No, no, I’m thinking FASTBALL SPECIAL!!!

PROJECT: oooooh I gotcha!

Nurhachi turned his arms into razor sharp spears and Project picked him up and threw him at the dragon. Nurhachi pointed his spear-hands above him and speared straight through the dragons neck.

ICE: Ewwww dude

NURHACHI: Ok guys, I am NOT doing that again!

They walked over the dead carcass of the dragon and entered the cave. The cave was deep and seemed to be lit up by flaming torches on the walls. They eventually got to a large cavern.


They heard a voice, but could not tell where it came from. Until they saw a cloaked figure appear from a ledge above them.

ICE: Goodwill?

GOODWILL: Who are you, and why do you seek me?

PROJECT: We’ve come to take you out BEE YOTCH

Goodwill laughed. Just one of my dragons can take out whole armies. You cannot defeat them.
2 Large dragons appeared on either side of Goodwill.

GOODWILL: Get them my babies!

The dragons swooped down to where the heroes were.

PROJECT: Sigh, let’s do this guys.
NURHACI: If we get knock out Goodwill, the dragons would have been released from his control.

ICE: How you know that?

NURHACHI: I would think it would be obvious. He’s controlling them with his mind; therefore we need to shut it down for a while.

Goodwill turned and ran through an entrance to another part of the cave.

NURHACHI: I’ll get him, you 2 get the dragons.

PROJECT: Dude, I don’t think you should be the one to….

NURHACHI: I got it man, don’t worry.

With that, Nurhachi jumped onto the ledge and followed Goodwill. His web (mutated blood) swinging let him catch up to Goodwill in no time.

GOODWILL: You think you can defeat me?

Goodwill’s skin started to turn green and scaly, a huge tail grew behind him, while he grew more hulkish and 2 horns grew from his head and wings from his back.


Suddenly there was a huge noise of flapping wings. Goodwill smiled.

GOODWILL: You hear that freak? That’s the wings of a hundred dragons. Do you really think you can defeat me by the time they get here?

Nurhachi turned his hands into huge hammers.

NURHACHI: Goodwill, I would count on it!

Meanwhile Ice and Project were fighting the 2 dragons. Ice was using all his power to protect himself while Project was trying to reach the dragons in the air.

Back in the cavern in which Nurhachi was facing Goodwill, things were getting out of control.


GOODWILL: Shut your face mother$#^#er.

Goodwill flew down and punched Nurhachi straight across the room.

NURHACHI: %$#^%!

Nurhachi shot a spear-hand into the stomach of Goodwill. As Goodwill was clenching his stomach, Nurhachi sprung onto him and started beating him with his hammer-hands.


Nurhachi luckily stopped himself before going to far.

NURHACHI: Right, he’s knocked out now, the dragons should be down. I’ll just get the others and we’ll get out of this place.

Nurhachi dragged the unconscious Goodwill back to the cavern.


The dragons were still there, fighting Ice and Project. Worse then that was the noise of hundreds of dragons closing in. Nurhachi got an idea.

NURHACHI: ICE, Quick, make an Ice shield around us. Project, you know what to do.

Ice covered himself; Goodwill and Nurhachi with an ice shield while Project ran to the cave wall and pounded it with all his superhuman strength just as all the dragons entered the cavern. The walls started to shake as the cavern started to collapse. Project jumped into Ice’s ice shield and Ice pushed the button to teleport them to Ultimate Central. The dragons shrieked as the cave fell down on them and destroyed each and every one of them.

Back in Ultimate Central.

The team arrived with an unconscious, bloody Goodwill.

ULTIMATE E: Great job guys. Well done. Geez you nearly killed the guy.

EROZ: It’s not how hard you beat the goat, but whether or not the goat was on fire!

NURHACHI: He deserved it. Think of all the lives lost in his attack on America!

ULTIMATE E: Just put Goodwill on the teleport pad in the computer room. It will teleport him to a big dungeon in cyber-space.

They did as they were told.

ULTIMATE E: Good….goood…..now, why don’t you guys go and have a break while I attend to some………personal business.

EROZ: Cheese can be used as an instrument!

As the others left…..Ultimate E…..smiled…..

ULTIAMTE E: It begins…..
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CHAPTER 2 (Big Problems)



WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

It was a sunny day in New Zealand, America had been saved by the Ultimate Central team, and they were having a little time off. Nurhachi and ProjectX2 wanted to show Ice and Eroz a bit of NZ.

They were going for a nice cruise in Nurhachi’s car to town to get the latest comics that had just come out.

EROZ: Did you know that Coca Cola was originally green

PROJECT: That’s nice Eroz

Nurhachi looked in his review mirror at Eroz and Project in the back seat. Eroz had been torturing them the whole day with “Did you knows”.

EROZ: Did you know, In York, it is perfectly legal to shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow (except on Sundays)

PROJECT: Dude, please

Project had his head in his hands

EROZ: Did you know that the plastic thing at the end of your shoelace is called an aglet?

There was open road ahead of them and Nurhachi sped up a bit.

EROZ: Did you know that duelling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors?

Suddenly they saw flashing lights behind them.


NURHACHI: Ah, ^$&$^&ing cops…

Nurhachi pulled the car over.

ICE: Aaah dude.

The cop came out of his car and came up to the car window.

COP: Do you know you were going 70ks in a 50 zone?

NURHACHI: Well...Errr…you see…

COP: Licence please

Nurhachi gave the cop his licence.

COP: Ooooh… carrying passengers on your restricted, this is going to be expensive for you.

Eroz leaned forward and squinted his eyes at the cop.

EROZ: Do you know where your wife is right now?

COP: What?

PROJECT: Don’t mind him sir, he’s retarded.

COP: Uh huh….anyways, this is going to cost you $400 for passengers and….

NURHACHI: Come on officer, it was a simple mistake…

COP: Sorry son, I have a job to do……

Nurhachi: Are you sure you can’t make an exception.

COP: Listen you little…..

The cop gasped in surprise as he saw Nurhachi’s face. In its place there was a hideous, red face.

Nurhachi grabbed the cop with his tendrils and lifted him up.

The rest of the team gasped in surprise.

ICE: Dude! No!

COP: I….I suppose….I c…could let you off with a warning.

NURHACHI: Thank you officer, I appreciate your kindness…

Nurhachi dropped the cop down and drove off.


ICE: Ultimate E is NOT going to like this.

NUR: C’mon Ice, that cop was being an A-hole.

“Beep beep”

Ultimate E was summoning them to Ultimate Central.

ICE: Ah, the master beckons.

Nurhachi went and parked his car and Ice pressed the button on his watch to activate the portal to Ultimate Central.

They arrived, as usual at the mansion door in the piece of cyber space called Ultimate Central. They entered the mansion and Ultimate E greeted them.

ULTIMATE E: Hello team.

Ice whispered to Nurhachi

ICE: You’re lucky; Ultimate E must not have been watching you with that cop. He doesn’t look angry or anything.

NURHACHI: Let’s hope so.

ULTIMATE E: I called you here because we have a situation again.

ICE: We’re out of toilet paper in the bathrooms and you can’t leave UC to get some more?

ULTIMATE E: Ice, please, I’m not in the mood today.

ICE: No ones ever in the mood for toilet paper.

ULTIMATE E: Try to stay with me here, Ice

ICE: Yup

ULTIMATE E: Now, we have another member who has been given super powers. This time it’s Baxter. He was given his powers a few days ago.

ICE: So why you only telling us now?

ULTIMATE E: I was giving you 4 a break after Goodwill’s attack on America. And I wasn’t sure if Baxter was gonna be on our side or not. You see, he’s got growth powers. He decided to use these powers to fight crime and protect innocents.

PROJECT: Hey, Alright!!!! We’re going to get a new member?

ULTIMATE E: Well, when fighting crime, he kept on destroying buildings because of his size. He caused more damage then he was trying to prevent. The citizens started to hate him and the cops are trying to bring him down.

ICE: Oh, ok so are we going to help him control his powers then?

ULTIMATE E: Not quite Ice, you see, last night Baxter got drunk.

PROJECT: Oh dear…

ULTIMAE E: He got drunk and decided that if the public was gonna make him out to be a menace, then he was going to become one. And now he’s wrecking the city. Pushing over buildings and throwing cars around.

NURHACHI: Oooooooooh, so he’s a bad guy

ULTIMATE E: Correct! I need you guys to capture him and bring him here for imprisonment.

PROJECT: We’ll get ‘em E.

ULTIMATE E: Good, but first. Nurhachi I need to talk to you for a second.

ICE: Oh man, guess he didn’t miss it.

ULTIMATE E: I miss nothing Ice. Actually; I need to talk to you too. Project, you stay here with Eroz.

PROJECT: No….please...

ULTIMATE E: We won’t be long.

Eroz turned to Project.

EROZ: Did you know…

Ultimate E walked into the computer room with Nurhachi and Ice and shut the door.

ULTIMATE E: Right guys, Nurhachi. I saw what you did with the cop today.

NURHACHI: Look E, I’m sorry; I can’t even believe what I did. It just happened and…

ULTIMATE E: No Nurhachi. It wasn’t your fault.

NUR: What?

ULTIMATE E: I’ve been doing some research and it’s your mutated blood. It gets….heated up more quickly. It increases your temper to these levels. You basically need to cool down. Now, usually, for this kind of behaviour I would send you to the UC prison for not using your powers responsibly, but you’re under the influence of your own powers. So that’s why you’re here Ice.

ICE: What? It’s not my fault?

ULTIMATE E: Ice, focus here, I’m not saying it’s your fault. What I’m trying to say here is that you need to stay with Nurhachi and keep his blood cooled down so these things don’t happen.

ICE: Oh…..

ULTIMATE E: From now on Nurhachi, you stay with Ice at all times, because if anything like this happens again, your going to be keeping Goodwill company in the prison.

Ultimate E turned and walked back to Project and Eroz. Nurhachi and Ice followed.

EROZ: Did you know Barbie’s last name is Robertson?

PROJECT: Ultimate E, finally.

ULTIMATE E: Ok guys, you better get going. Obviously Eroz will be staying here while the rest of you go fight Baxter.

ICE: Let’s go guys.

Ultimate E then teleported Nurhachi, Ice and Project to New York City, where a 60 foot Baxter was causing chaos. He staggered around, and his voice was slurred.

BAXTER: This is what you get for not givin me my props.

Baxter kicked a car into a building.

NURHACHI: Project, lets finish this quickly with a Fastball Special.

PROJECT: Gotcha Nur.

Project picked up Nurhachi while Nurhachi turned his hands into giant hammers. He then threw him at Baxter. Baxter saw Nurhachi flying towards him and backhanded him across the city.

PROJECT: Dayyymmmm.

ICE: I got him.

Ice shot an beam of Ice at Baxters mouth and nose, attempting to make him pass out by not being able to breath, but Baxter just shook it off.

BAXTER: Whhyyrr you fightin me, I just want some r’spect.

Baxter went to step on them, but Project used his strength to stop Baxters foot coming down on them. Project then held on to Baxters foot and flipped him over. Baxter landed on an old church, crushing it beneath him.

ICE: Dudes! Watch out for civilians!!

PROJECT: The church was abandoned Ice.

Just as he said that, Baxter got back up, grabbed Project and threw him at Ice.


Project crashed into Ice, and Ice got knocked out in the process. Nurhachi made it back by this time and pounced on Baxters foot, and turned his hand into an axe and cut him.

BAXTER: Owww that stings.

Baxter kicked his foot, and once again, Nurhachi got kicked right across the city and hit a building. Nurhachi was down.

BAXTER: Damn beer, I need a piss…

PROJECT: Oh hell no. Screw this.

He pushed the button on Ice’s watch.


With that, Ultimate E teleported Nur, Ice and PX2 back to UC.

PROJECT: Thanks man.

He looked at the monitor screen and saw Baxter urinating all over the place.

PROJECT: Whew…thank you very much.

ULTIMATE E: Project, the three of you must defeat Baxter.

Nurhachi stood up, he and Ice had regained consciousness by the time they got to Ultimate Central.

NURHACHI: He’s too strong. If we gonna do this, we need to use our brains.

ICE: What you got in mind Nur?

NUR: OK. I’ll go back there and distract Baxter while you…

Eroz entered the room eating some peanuts.

NUR: Eroz, I need a formula for a drink that will put someone to sleep.

Eroz started spazzing out, choking on peanuts in the process.

ICE: Should we help him.

NUR: He’ll be fine. When he comes to and tells us the answer I need you and Project to go with him to make the drink. Ice, you need to make a giant cup out of Ice and fill it with peer and that sleeping formula. Then Project, you need to give it too him as an “apology offering”. Then, when he falls asleep, we’ll bring him here and imprison him.

ICE: Great idea Nur, lets go.

Nurhachi went to the teleportation pad back to New York.

Baxter had caused even more havoc. And he had some blonde girl in his hand.

BAXTER: mmmmmm ********!

Nurhachi grabbed the girl with his tendrils and took her to safety.

BAXTER: You STOLE MY ********

Baxter punched down onto Nurhachi, but Nurhachi jumped out the way. Nur started swinging around, leading Baxter away from the croud.

BAXTER: You wont get away you little freak.

Baxter then swatted Nurhachi down hard, then threw a truck on top of him. Nurhachi changed his hand into a shield to block most of the impact, but was still badly hurt.

BAXTER: Time to DIE!!!

Just then, Project showed up with a giant ice mug full of “special beer”.

PROJECT: Baxter, we’re sorry, we’re all sorry. Please take this as a token of our apology.

BAXTER: mmmmmmmm beeeeeer.

Baxter took the cup and skulled it down.

BAXTER: Ewwwww. That’s some nasty shi……..

Baxter fell asleep. As he passed out, he subconsciously changed back to normal size. Project scooped him up and took him back to UC.

ICE: Good news E, we got him.

Ultimate E looked grim.

PROJECT: Whats wrong E?

ULTIMATE E: There is a new member with powers….

ICE: Who?

Ultimate E looked at Ice

ULTIMATE E: The Man Without Fear, XT

PROJECT: Oh….dear God no……..
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CHAPTER 3 (The Man Without Fear)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

2 Hours ago:

His real name is unimportant. Nobody gives him any of their notice, nor does he give anyone his. He has one objective in mind, and that is to get the new Daredevil comic. Since the Ultimate Central Website closed down and he is still on probation, he hasn’t had much to do besides read. He's already re-read his entire collection of comics and is greatly looking forward to this DD comic. He arrived at his comic shop in the mall. Taking a deep breathe, he stepped inside. The comic shop assistant immediately recognised him and went to get his comic. Suddenly, dizziness overcame this individual and a huge laser blast shot from his eyes, right thru the comic shop owner, and alas, his comic. Horrified and confused, he turned to run, but blasted everything in his sight. Trying to take everything in, he closed his eyes. And the blast...stopped. Thinking it must be over, the individual opened his eyes again, and again he uncontrollably optic blasted everything in his sight, until he closed his eyes again. Although, this time, he noticed that all his other senses were going haywire. A new world opened up before him as his other 4 enhanced senses let him know everything he needed to know without him opening his eyes, and right now, his senses told him that the cops were coming. And they were coming after him. Keeping his eyes closed and relying on his other senses, he began to run...

1 hour ago:

A 16 year old boy was surfing the net. His mother came into his room.

CADS MUM: I thought I told you to clean this room up!

Cad looked at his mum in the eyes and whispered, "If you want it clean so bad, you do it."

With that, she entered the room, and started packing his clothes in his cupboard and put his comics in a neat pile.

CAD: Hmmmm...Interesting....

He looked at his mum again.

CAD: Get your ***** into the kitchen and make me some eggs BEE YOTCH.

A few minutes later, his mum presented him with a plate with 2 perfectly done eggs.

CAD: Awesome!

He smiled and looked at the TV. It showed someone running from the cops, and SHOOTING LASERS OUT HIS EYES!

CAD: Hmmmmmm.....he could come in handy if I can get him in my control...

Right Now:

NURHACHI: WHAT!!! What did you say?

ULTIMATE E: Yes, its true, XT has gotten super powers.

ICE: Oh no, oh no....

EROZ: Bad tidings are upon the minds of those whose armpits are not infected with the fleas of camels

ULTIMATE E: That’s not all guys, Cad has also gotten powers, but I haven’t seen him use them yet. Although XT has certainly used his. Look.

The Ultimate Central Team members looked at the screen on the computer and saw a guy running from the cops, stopping every now and then to shoot an optic beam at them.

ICE: Why is he running with his eyes closed? How does he know where he's going?

ULTIMATE E: Because he can’t control his optic blasts. Whenever his eyes are open, he shoots them. It seems his other 4 senses have become superhumanly accurate though. To the point where he can tell where he's going with his eyes closed.

NURHACHI: So he's a Cyclops mixed with Daredevil?

ULTIMATE E: Correct. But he's causing a lot of destruction and attacking the cops, so I need you to...

ICE: Capture him so you can chuck him into your little prison right.

Ultimate E looked at Ice. Not saying anything then turned and left the room.

ICE: What’s up his butt? Does he have squirrels in his pants or something?

EROZ: Time wounds all heels Nurhachi.

PROJECT: Hey look at this. On the screen.

They looked on the screen and that XT was cornered in an alleyway with the cops closing in on him.

COPS: You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say....

XT opened his eyes and blasted a beam at them. The cops managed to get out of the way and started shooting at him. XT was able to tell when they were about to shoot by listening to there heartbeats. He jumped out of the way, kicked one cop and threw him at the other one. He then ran, dropkicked him, gave another cop a head butt and ran away to hide in an abandoned warehouse.

NURHACHI: hehe...bloody cops.

Eroz, Project and Ice all looked at him.


ICE: What about Cad?

PROJECT: I think XT is the main priority now Ice. We can get Cad after.

NURHACHI: Enough gibber gabber. Eroz, obviously you'll stay here while we go capture XT.

EROZ: The fact that no one understands you doesn't make you an artist Nurhachi!

With that, they all went to the teleport pad and teleported to the warehouse that XT was hiding in.

XT: What the hell?

Project, Ice and Nurhachi all stood before him.

ICE: You’re coming with us XT.

XT: Who the hell are you, leave me alone!

XT shot out a laser beam at them; Project blocked the beam with his rocky hide. XT then jumped over Project and kicked Ice in the face. As he did that Nurhachi went to grab XTs foot with his tendrils, but XT heard Nurhachi’s tendrils creeping up and kicked them away just as Project went to punch him. XT ducked the punch but was not fast enough to dodge Ices blast and capture him from shoulder down in a giant ice block.

XT: What do YOU want?

PROJECT: We already told you, we want you to come with us.

XT: I’m not talking to you fool!

ICE: Then who?

XT: The 5th person in the room.

ICE: But there are only the four of us dude.

XT then shot a blast past Ice and through a stack of boxes on the other end of the warehouse, and a figure was revealed to have been hiding behind them. His skin was very pale, almost white. He had a red diamond on his forehead and his eyes were red.

PROJECT: Who the hell are you?

CAD: My name is Caduceus.

He looked at them, and his eyes seemed to glow...

CAD: But you four can call me MASTER!

Ice, Nur, Project: Master! What will you have us do?

Caduceus was pleased. Instead of just one servant, he had these guys too.

CAD: First off, break out XT. The four of you will now be my team and do my biddings.

Project smashed the ice cube holding XT.

CAD: Goooood. Now...

XT: What do you want Cad?

CAD: What? You dare question your master?

XT: Master? What have you been smoking?

CAD: Oh of course, your eyes are closed. I should have realised that people had to be looking at me for me to control them. No matter. Ice, Project, Nurhachi, DESTROY HIM.

XT: Screw this.

XT dodged there attacks and jumped out the window. Nurhachi, Ice and Project went to chase them but Cad stopped them.

CAD: Leave him; he’s no threat to us. Ok, now onto business. I’m very curious, Ice, tell me how you three got these powers, and how do I have my abilities.

Ice told Caduceus about Ultimate Central and how the powers were leaking into the members. He told him of Ultimate E and Eroz, and that they were told to capture XT. He told him everything. Cad took a while to take it all in. Little did they know that XT was outside, listening to everything Ice had said. Caduceus smiled.

CAD: Take me to this place my slaves. Take me to ULTIMATE CENTRAL!

ICE: Yes master.

Ice pushed the button on his watch and a portal opened above them and sucked them into it. Just before it closed, XT ran and jumped in the portal as well.

The portal opened in the huge platform in cyberspace called Ultimate Central. XT came out of the portal a little while after the others and quickly ducked around the corner of the mansion, where they could not see him. Ultimate E came running out.

ULTIMATE E: What do you think you’re….

CAD: Take care of him my slaves.

NUR/ICE/PX2: Yes master.

The three of them charged at Ultimate E, but Ultimate E has 10 times of everything a peak human has. Including ten times the best possible reflexes and agility. He jumped and dodged there attacks with ease. While this distraction was going on, Caduceus went inside the mansion and started looking around. After a few minutes, he found Eroz inside the kitchen, snacking on some peanuts. Caduceus smiled.

CAD: Just who I was looking for.

EROZ: Men who scratch their *** should not bite their fingernails.

Cad looked Eroz in the eye.

CAD: You are my slave. I am your master!

EROZ: I…slave….you……master…..

CAD: Good, with you in my control, with your knowledge, you can tell me bank account numbers, passwords, anything I need to become rich and powerful. Now come with me out of this place while my other boys are keeping Ultimate E busy.

Cad and Eroz started walking to the door that led to the computer room, and the teleport pads. As he opened the door XT met him with a fist to the face.

XT: How do you feel now that your “boys” aren’t here to help you?

EROZ: Must…protect…Master

Eroz lunged at XT, but XT sidestepped him, grabbed the back of his head and slammed it into the floor.

XT: My guess is that it’s only while you’re conscious that you have control over the others. So let’s see what we can do to make you NOT conscious.

CAD: XT, come on man, come with me and we can share our riches.

XT smiled.

XT: Sorry Cad, but I’d rather beat you like a red headed foster child.

Soon, Caduceus was unconscious and Ice, Nurhachi, Project and Eroz were once again in control of their own minds.

ICE: What?


XT walked outside to where E, Ice, Nur and PX2 were. He dragged an unconscious Caduceus behind him.

XT: Gentleman, I believe this belongs to you?

He threw Cad at their feet.

PROJECT: XT? You did this?

XT: I did

ICE: But you’re the bad guy. You were attacking the cops.

XT: I was just protecting myself man.

ULTIMATE E: You caused a lot of destruction and mayhem.

XT: I was nervous. I didn’t know what was going on.

NURHACHI: And don’t forget. You killed Ultimate Central Survivor. (The old RPG on this site)

XT: What? That was, what, a year ago? I just saved your lives here. You know what? When I die, I want you guys to bury me face down. So you can all KISS MY ***!

NURHACHI: Whoa man, just kidding. Welcome to the team.

ICE, PX2, E: WHAT???

XT shook Nurhachi’s hand.

NURHACHI: What? Come on guys he’s one of us.

ICE: Yeah, Nurhachi’s right.

PROJECT: I….yeah he is. Welcome XT.

ULTIMATE E: Great to have you on board.

But although Ultimate E sounded cheerful, under his mask he was not smiling. No, Ultimate E was not pleased. Not pleased at all.
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Chapter 4 (double Trouble)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

XT: Hey guys, watch this. I think I found out a way to confuse Eroz.

XT was at his new home in Ultimate Central with Nurhachi, Icemastertron and ProjectX2. He walked into the lounge area where Eroz was calmly watching TV.

XT: Eroz, why is a mouse when it spins?

Eroz went into a fit on the floor while his mind processed the impossible question, and reached out to the minds of millions looking for the answer.

NURHACHI: Hey, what kind of question is that? It doesn’t make sense!

ICE: Come on man, Eroz is gonna be spazzing forever.

PROJECT: I swear XT, if you've %$%#$ed up his mind...

XT: His mind is already...

Eroz jumped up

EROZ: Cuz it rotates around the axis of the cheese!

Project smiled as XT had an amazed look on his face.

PROJECT: Ha-ha, sorry XT. Eroz wins this one.

Eroz smiled.

EROZ: You see XT; the very beast that you create is the one that will slay you in the end!

XT: Ummmm….ok Eroz.

Ultimate E walked into the room.

ULTIMATE E: Guys. We have an emergency situation.

ICE: Is it....

ULTIMATE E: No, no jokes Ice, this is serious and must be dealt with swiftly.

ICE: Ok but.....

ULTIMATE E: Shhht. Ok, now Rene has been the latest to receive powers. He has become like a living virus. Big, green, and able to hack into any computer and thus, able to invade Ultimate Central. I have been watching him and he has been researching this place and means to attack it. I need you to stop him before he is able to enter.

PROJECT: Pssh he doesnt look tough, I can take him easy.

ULTIMATE E: No doubt Project, but that is not all. Ultxon has also been embedded with power as well. He has turned mechanical and his skin has become adamantium. He is very dangerous and Rene has him under his control.

ICE: Sure thing boss, lets go!!!

XT: Hell yeah!

XT ran out the room and returned moments later in a daredevil costume.

NURHACHI: Dude, what the hell?

Ice laughed.

ICE: Haha….get it….what the HELL. Dare DEVIL. Hahaha

EROZ: Do not bite the hand that feeds Ice.

XT: What? I thought it would be cool. I mean, you guys might look like super heroes, but I need a costume.

PROJECT: Whatever guys we need to go.

ULTIMATE E: Hurry, oh, and XT, I made these for you.

ULTIMATE E handed something to XT.

XT: Contact lenses?

ULTIMATE E: Yes, but they are able to hold back your eye lasers, unless you mentally unleash them. After about 6 months they would have let your power evolve and adjust and you will no longer need them.

XT: Wow, thanks E. This is great.

PROJECT: K guys, enough gibber gabber, lets go!

Nurhachi, Project, Ice and XT all teleported to the cyber cafe that Rene was in. The customers screamed and ran out.

Rene didn’t look surprised.

RENE: Ah yes, the Ultimate E's b$#@$'s. Come to take me to the "prison"?

Rene smiled.

RENE: You guys have no idea what you’re doing. You have no idea who Ultimate E is, or what he's done. Yet you blindly follow him.

ICE: Hey, E has given us no reason to distrust him.

XT: What do you mean Rene? What are you talking about?

RENE: I would tell you, but its time for me to leave. But I will give you a parting gift.

The wall of the cafe was smashed in as a huge, adamantium robot with a face like some twisted Jack o Lantern walked in.

RENE: Guys, this is Ultxon. And he will be your executioner while I go deal with your boss.

With that, Rene disappeared into the computer.

PROJECT: He's going to Ultimate Central guys, we need to follow him. Ice, teleport us.

As Ice went to push the button on his watch to teleport them to Ultimate E's aid. Ultxon shot a laser beam out his eyes and destroyed the watch.

NURHACHI: Oh crap, how we gonna help E now?

XT: We can’t, it’s up to him to save himself.

PROJECT: Let’s show this hunk of metal that it’s not polite to destroy watches.


Project charged at Ultxon but Ultxon shot a laser beam at Project and Project flew back, through the wall of the café and into the next building. Nurhachi leapt at him, but he punched him in the gut. Nurhachi fell down, winded. Ice tried to stop him by encasing him in Ice, but he smashed it with his adamantium fist. With his enhanced senses. XT was easily able to dodge Ultxons attacks, but alas, he could not hurt a being made of adamantium.


At Ultimate Central, Rene had just arrived. He broke down the door to the mansion and approached Ultimate E and Eroz.

RENE: So, Ultimate E. I’m here to relieve you of your duties.

ULTIMATE E: Sorry Rene, not going to happen.

While they taunted each other, Eroz was suddenly overcome with fear and dread. He started stuttering and shaking.

EROZ: No….no…….not possible.

RENE: Aah, Eroz. You can read my mind can’t you? You know what I know? You know about Ultimate E’s REAL agenda? You know that it’s not a dungeon that he’s been sending people too?

Ultimate E turned towards Eroz.

EROZ: But….no…please no…….it can’t be true!

Eroz turned to run, but Ultimate E picked up an ornament and threw it at Eroz’s head. Eroz went down, unconscious.


RENE: So, we going to do battle for this place?

ULTIMATE E: Yes, and you will become my prisoner!


Nothing the team could do would stop Ultxon. He was invulnerable to their attacks. XT tried to shoot him with Optic blasts, but nothing. Projects strength and Nurhachi’s attacks did not harm him at all, nor did Ice’s blasts, which only seemed to slow him slightly. Ultxon threw Project at Ice and Nurhachi to take them down. He then shot a laser blast at XT, who dodged the blast, but was not fast enough to dodge the debris. Ultxon seemed impossible to beat.


Rene picked up the fridge and threw it at Ultimate E. It hit Ultimate E hard, but he wasn’t out.


E got up and charged at Rene.


Rene tried to catch Ultimate E with a punch, but Ultimate E leaped over him and drop kicked the back of his head.

RENE: Aargh….

ULTIMATE E: You don’t stand a CHANCE.

Ultimate E picked up the stove and threw it at Rene, it hit Rene on the Temple and Rene fell down hard.

RENE: I….I had to try stop you……

Ultimate E smiled. As Rene tried to get up, Ultimate E picked up a butcher knife and sliced at Rene’s Achilles tendon, paralyzing him.

ULTIMATE E: No one can stop me Rene.

Ultimate E placed his foot on Rene’s throat.

ULTIMATE E: Nice try though.

Rene began to lose consciousness as Ultimate E’s foot started to squash his throat. The world went black around him, he couldn’t breath. He had lost.

Ultimate E laughed.

ULTIMATE E: What a victorious day.

He dragged Rene’s unconscious body towards the prison-portal and pushed the button to imprison him.

Ultimate E turned to the unconscious Eroz, lying on the floor.

ULTIMATE E: I really liked you Eroz. I found you very amusing, but, alas, you know too much.

Ultimate E then placed Eroz’s body on the portal and pressed the button to teleport him to the “prison”.


XT: its no use, we can’t beat him.


Nurhachi got his tendrils around Ultxons legs and flipped him over. Ultxon got up and shot a blast from his eyes at Nurhachi. Nurhachi ducked, but the blast carried on through the metal safe on the wall where the café kept its money.

XT: Damn, that blast can go through anything.

NURHACHI: Except…it didn’t go through Project when he got shot.

Nurhachi looked at Project.

NURHACHI: I bet his insides aren’t adamantium.

Project smiled

PROJECT: Oh, I get ya.

NURHACHI: XT, ICE Leap around him, try agitating him into shooting his blast at you.

Nurhachi, Ice and XT went ballistic on Ultxon, staying a safe distance from his reach. Ultxons eyes then began to glow, he was about to blast them. As he was about to release his beam, Project came up behind him and placed a hand over Ultxon’s eyes. The beam could not escape and blew up inside him. With a huge explosion, Project’s hand was blasted off and Ultxon collapsed.


ICE: Dude!!!

NURHACHI: Oh damn man.

Just then a portal opened above them.

XT: Looks like E defeated Rene and opened a portal for us. Let’s go home.

Soon they arrived in Ultimate Central to meet Ultimate E.

ULTIMATE E: Good job team!

Ultimate E took the unconscious Ultxon and teleported him to the “prison”. As he came back to them he saw Projects hand has been destroyed.

ULTIMATE E: Damn, tough break man.

Project lowered his head.

ULTIMATE E: Hey, cheer up; I’ll make you a cybernetic one.

NURHACHI: Hey, E. Where’s Eroz?

Ultimate E looked grim and serious.

ULTIMATE E: I’m so sorry guys, but Eroz was killed by Rene, and his body thrown over the platform into endless cyberspace.

XT: Your hearts beating faster, you’re lying!

ULTIMATE E: No XT, I’m just a bit upset over this, that’s all.

Nurhachi looked down, he couldn’t believe it. Eroz….dead. XT turned away. The last time he was with Eroz, he made fun of him. How he regretted that. Project couldn’t say anything. He had been the most mean to Eroz. How can he face the rest of the team now? Ice couldn’t help but shed a tear as he lost a good friend who he had lots of fun with.

Ultimate E…was pleased. And why shouldn’t he be? He’s taken 3 members in one day. But there is still much more to be done. But no matter, they will fall soon enough…
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Chapter 5 (a Beast Among Us)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

XT: DAMMIT, We missed him again.

For the past 3 days, Nurhachi, Icemastertron, ProjectX2 and XT have been trying to capture Ultimate Quicksilver, who has gone on a bank robbing spree. By the time they get to the robberies, he’s already gone due to his incredible superhuman speed.

As they teleported back to there home in Ultimate Central, Project was disappointed. He desperately wanted some action to take his mind off things. Recently, Ultimate E informed him that Eroz had died at the hands of Rene. Project felt a chill go through his soul every time he thought about it. He had always criticized or mocked Eroz when he was around, but now he finds himself missing that voice. Eroz whose words that were so wise that no one understood them. Project tries holding back his tears; he doesn’t want the team to see him like this. He tries to be as strong on the inside as he is on the outside, but he doesn’t know how much longer he can take this.

The last few days have been tough on all of them. While Project has been reserved and keeping to himself, Nurhachi has been snapping at everybody, making sure everyone knows how unhappy he is. Ice has been trying to lighten the mood. Making corny jokes or trying to have a cheery conversation. And XT… XT has been acting as he usually does, but every now and then, his team mates see a far away look in his eye, and a saddened look upon his face.

Ultimate E is amused by this. Only he knows the truth. That Eroz did not die by Rene’s hand, but is currently in Ultimate E’s “prison”. Ultimate E put him there himself after Eroz found out information that he should not have. Ultimate E, however, is not amused by his teams constant failures to capture Quicksilver. And now, a new threat looms on the horizon. One that may take precedence.

ULTIMATE E: Team, your capture of Quicksilver will have to wait…

ICE: Yeah…our capture of Quicksilver…..right….

ULTIMATE E: You WILL capture Quicksilver Ice. Or there will be repercussions!

ICE: Are you serious?

ULTIMATE E: Just do it.

Ice was shocked. When they first started working for Ultimate E, he had been easy on them, letting them know that they do not have to do things they don’t want. But more and more, he seems to be trying to force his own agenda on them. And now threats? No, he must just be under stress. That must be it.

ULTIMATE E: Listen team, we have a new superhuman. It’s Long Shot Jim Lee.


ULTIMATE E: We’re capturing him XT.

XT: Wha….What? Why, what’s he done?

ULTIMATE E: Nothing too serious…yet. But I suspect he might become a problem soon.

ICE: Wait E, we’re not going after Longshot if he isn’t doing anything wrong. What has he done?

Ultimate E did not like this. They should not be questioning his orders. He did not bring them here too question him. He needs them to capture UC members for him.

ULTIMATE E: Well, when he got his powers he has grown blue hair and become like a beast. He also has the power to “disappear” at will…

XT: Typical.

ULTIMATE E: Has he been using his powers to fight crime and help mankind? No! He has been using his invisibility to sneak into movies, concerts and, heaven help us, girls locker rooms.

XT let out a muffled laughter.

XT: C’mon E, that’s just a little mischief. We can have him on the team right?

ULTIMATE E: No XT, how long do you think he sneaks money out of banks or into people’s homes? Sure its just mischief now, but…

NURHACHI: I can’t believe this E, why are you so keen on imprisoning everyone?

PROJECT: ENOUGH guys, let’s just go do our bloody job.

Ultimate E smiled under his mask. Project at least seemed loyal to him, and he can put that loyalty to good use.

XT: We can’t just go capture him for this, I mean…its Longshot!!!


XT: This is not over E. We will talk about this.

Ultimate E didn’t appreciate XT’s tone. He will have to do something about him. He needs some discipline. The four Ultimate Central members went to the teleport pad, where E pushed the button to teleport them to Longshots location. Project was relieved. Looks like he’s going to get his action after all.

To their surprise, they appeared in a college girls changing room. The half dressed girls screamed and ran out.

NURHACHI: I suppose E thinks he’s funny.

XT smiled and licked his lips.

XT: Yum!

PROJECT: Longshot!!!! We know you’re in here, show yourself!

They heard no voice.

XT: How do we know he’s even in here?

Ice then spread out his arms, and a light sleet filled the changing room, and uncovered the beast-like form of Longshot.

LONGSHOT: Who are you people?

XT: It’s us man! XT, Ice, Nurhachi and Project from Ultimate Central.

LONGSHOT: Wow, really. So this powers thing is an Ultimate Central bonus?

ICE: Uhhh, kind of. Long story.

LONGSHOT: Uh huh. Wow, that’s amazing. It’s cool that I now know people in the same situation like me.

XT glared at Project.

XT: You wanna tell him Proj?

LONGSHOT: Tell me what?

Project glared back at XT. Then turned to Longshot.

PROJECT: We’re here to take you to Ultimate Central jail dude!


PROJECT: You can either walk or be carried; either way is fine with me!

Project punched Longshot across the changing room.

XT: HEY, Project, what the hell man?

ICE: Dude!

NURHACHI: Take it easy man.

LONGSHOT: Owwww…..damn man, why are you doing this?

PROJECT: Cuz, you $@$#er, its people like you who kill people like Eroz!

Project charged at Longshot, but Longshot used his beast like agility to jump out of harms way.

LONGSHOT: No, man, I wouldn’t take a life. I was just fooling around man. Can you honestly tell me that if you had invisibility you wouldn’t be doing the same things I’m doing?

XT: See guys, I told you.

ICE: But….E said you were going to do evil with your powers.

PROJECT: And that is why he must be DESTROYED!

Project tore out a locker and swung at Longshot.

Nurhachi tried to hold Project back with his tendrils while XT went to guard Longshot.

NURHACHI: Dude, chill!

LONGSHOT: What’s your problem man? How can E know what I think?

ICE: He’s got a point.

XT: Hey, guys, hang on a second.

NURHACHI: What’s up XT?

XT: My heightened hearing is letting me in on a news report. You know that “Horizon Diamond” that got shipped to the states not too long ago?

ICE: The world’s most priceless diamond?

XT: Yes, it seems that after all Quicksilver’s heists, they sending it back to England tomorrow for safety.

NURHACHI: Aah, so if Quicksilver was gonna rob it, he would do it tonight.

ICE: Ok, Project, you take Longshot to Ultimate Central.

XT: I’m going with.

ICE: FINE. XT and Project, you take Longshot to UC. Nurhachi and I will teleport to the vault where the Horizon Diamond is kept and wait for Quicksilver. This time we’ll get there before him. And take him out when he arrives.

Ice pushed the teleporter on his watch and a portal opened above them, and Nurhachi and Ice went through it. Just before the portal closed, Longshot punched Project away, turned invisible, and disappeared. No one saw where he went.

In the Diamond Vault:

Ice and Nurhachi did not have to wait long. Nurhachi held onto the diamond while Ice covered his hand and the diamond in ice so that when QS arrived, he couldn’t snatch it.

Soon, they felt a strong wind gush past them, then the blur came to a stop, and there before them, stood Ultimate Quicksilver. He smirked at them.

ULTIMATE QUICKSILVER: Well well, what do we have here?

Ice shot an ice blast at UQS but he was too slow. Nurhachi then turned his hand into a hammer and went to crush him, but Quicksilver grabbed Nurhachi’s hammer-arm and, quick as a flash, hit it over his ice covered hand holding the diamond. Cracking the ice and freeing the diamond.


QUICKSILVER: Later guys, it’s been fun.

Faster then they could see, Quicksilver grabbed the diamond off the floor and raced to the door. When he reached the door, however, he bounced back and hit the floor unconscious.

ICE: What…

Longshot turned visible again, laughing.

LONGSHOT: What? He ran into my fist!

Ice and Nurhachi laughed.

LONGSHOT: So? Am I still so evil?

NURHACHI: Not in my book man.

ICE: Good job LS.

Ice activated the teleporter and the 3 of them, with the unconscious Quicksilver, returned to Ultimate Central.

Soon they walked into the UC mansion to greet E, XT and Project.

ULTIMATE E: Excellent! You have brought me both Quicksilver and Longshot.

Longshot turned to Nurhachi and Ice.

LONGSHOT: What? But I thought…

ICE: Chill Longshot.

NURHACHI: Hey, E, Longshots on our side. He’s the one who took down Quicksilver. Without him we would have lost the diamond.

ULTIMATE E: I’ve seen his type before Nurhachi. He needs to be locked up before he becomes too big a problem.

XT: ENOUGH!!! Judging before he’s done anything wrong. Sentencing them to imprisonment when all he’s done is help us in our mission? Something is not right here. What’s going on E?

ULTIMATE E: I have had more experience with this type of thing then you will ever know XT.

XT: I don’t care E. This is wrong!

ULTIMATE E: FINE XT! But I’ll be watching him very closely, and if he steps out of line once... just once. I will not give him any mercy.

Ultimate E stormed out the room. “At least I’ve got Quicksilver captured”, he thought to himself, “and the others…they wont fall too far behind!”

XT: Don’t mind E, Longshot. I think it’s that time of the month for him.

ICE: Welcome to Ultimate Central.

NURHACHI: Yeah dude, glad to have you on the team.

They looked at Project.

PROJECT: Yeah. Sure…Welcome man.

NURHACHI: Now, how about we celebrate with vast amounts of alcohol and female diversion?

XT: Oh hell yeah!
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Chapter 6 (the Truth About Squirrels)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

It was a dark and stormy night. A young couple parked next to a forest. Since no one came down that road, they would be alone. The man leant over to his girlfriend and kissed her slowly. He moved his hand to the lever to lower the back of the seat. She pressed herself close to him and returned his kiss. He kissed her on the forehead. “Babe,” he said, “I just need to go take a shwaz quickly, I’ll be right back, k.” He opened the door and went into the forest to relieve himself.
10 minutes passed as the women thought about how long it took guys just to take a leak. After 20 minutes she started to get worried, and after 45 minutes she decided to go see what’s up. She went into the woods, worried that maybe he’s been hurt or injured.
“JEREMY!” she yelled, “Jeremy where are you? This isn’t funny!”
Her heart skipped when she heard a rustling noise behind her. Quickly she turned around, but saw nothing. When turned back towards her, she saw a squirrel in front of her.
“Awwww, how cute,” she said as she bent down to pet it.

They say her screams could be heard all through the town…

Meanwhile at a party in Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand.

XT: Wow man, what an awesome party. Wow, look at her…

NURHACHI: Hell yeah man, this place is the shiznit for parties… ooh, check HER out.

ICE: It’s ok. Not really my thing though, I think I might go, what do you think Proj.

PROJECT: Meh, I don’t mind what we do. Holy….she is HOT!

NURHACHI: Come on Ice, I’m not aloud out unless you’re around me to keep my blood from getting heated up.

ICE: *sigh*

Because of his appearance, Longshot could not join them unless he was invisible. He preferred to sneak into some strip shows.

NURHACHI: So XT, let me introduce you to…

Nurhachi saw that XT had gone off, and was shamelessly hitting on a girl on the other end of the room.

XT: Hey babe.

XT licked his finger and wiped it on her shirt.

XT: How bout we get you out of these wet clothes?


NURHACHI: Dammit, HEY XT, we have to go.

ICE: Oh what a pity.

XT: Ah man, I was just gonna get some.

PROJECT: Yeah some heavy slappage.

XT: Mmmm, I can work with that.

ICE: Dude, we do NOT wanna know.

The four of them walked out to the party, when the girl XT was hitting on ran outside.

GIRL: Hey, wait I didn’t get your number!

XT: Ah HA! I told you guys.

GIRL: Not you, you pervert. Him!


GIRL: Yeah.

ICE: Well…

XT: Come on Ice, we have to go.

XT pulled Ice away.

They went into an alleyway behind the house so no one could see them.

ICE: That was low man, she liked me.

XT: Whatever man, our duties come first.

Ice mumbled to himself as he pushed the button to teleport them to Ultimate Central, their headquarters and home in cyberspace, where Ultimate E and Longshot awaited them.

LONGSHOT: Hey guys.

ULTIMATE E: Hello boys. Listen, something horrible has happened. Shihad has gotten powers. Terrifying powers. Powers that could haunt you forever.

ICE: You always say that E!

ULTIMATE E: Ice, listen, this time… well…this time…

ICE: Yes? This time?

ULTIMATE E: Just….it’s bad ok!

PROJECT: What powers does Shihad have exactly?

ULTIMATE E: Power over…power over….Squirrels.

ICE: Squirrels?

ULTIMATE E: Squirrels!

PROJECT: Oh, dear God NO!

Nurhachi, Ice, XT, Longshot and Project burst out laughing.

ULTIMATE E: SHUT UP! You don’t know the truth about Squirrels!

XT: The truth about squirrels?

NURHACHI: What is the truth about squirrels E? Tell us.

LONGSHOT: Yes, please do enlighten us.


XT: Seriously dude, tell us.

ICE: He will XT. Give him time, can’t you see this is important, Geez!

XT: Chill out Ice, you seriously need a girlfriend man.

ICE: %$#@%#$^@#^%$^$#@%^%$#&^^&#

ULTIMATE E: Stop it guys, this IS important. You see. Squirrels are really from an experiment in the 1860’s. When scientists mated Hamsters and Piranhas.

ICE: Wait, how do Hamsters and Piranhas mate?

ULTIMATE E: Believe me guys, you DON’T wanna know.

ICE: Oh I DO! I mean, how does the Piranha get his…

ULTIMATE E: We don’t have time for this. Ok, so Squirrels are the products of Hamsters and Piranhas.

ICE: Hey, whatever you say man. I aint judging.

ULTIMATE E: Will you shut up Ice. Anyways; Squirrels are the most evil, the most vicious creatures in the universe! This was made even worse when an alien race called the Ranstornians…

ICE: Ranstor…..

ULTIMATE E: Ice, please, just let me finish. So this alien race found a way to get rid of all the evil and sin in there souls. Guess where they put all this evil.

ICE: George Bush?

ULTIMATE E: No, they put it into squirrels, making them more evil, more blood thirsty then ever.

PROJECT: Wait a minute. This is crazy talk. Squirrels are just harmless creatures that (like XT) only care about there nuts.

ULTIMATE E: Have you ever been alone with a squirrel Project? Of course not! Here is what happens when you’re alone with a squirrel.

Ultimate E showed them some photos.

ULTIMATE E: These were taken 3 nights ago. A girl and her boyfriend were torn apart.

ICE: Oh….oh man…..

XT: %$@%#@


Nurhachi and Project went to throw up.

ICE: So….Shihad has control over these….animals?

ULTIMATE E: Correct. Not only that, but Shihad can BECOME a human sized squirrel.

ICE: And we have to STOP HIM?

ULTIMATE E: Yes, now hurry. Time is of the essence.

The five of them went to the teleporting pad and teleported to the woods.

PROJECT: Ok, we have to stick together here. Remember, Ultimate E said you do NOT wanna be alone with a squirrel.

LONGSHOT: We hear ya.

ICE: According to the computers at Ultimate Central. Shihad is hiding out in a cabin around here.

After a little while of walking, they saw a cabin.

XT: He must be in there.

ICE: Wow XT, your good at pointing out the obvious, you know that?

They went to the cabin, and opened the door, but no one was there. No one…but a squirrel on the table.

SQUIRREL: Skreeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

The squirrel jumped at Projects face.


Project swatted the squirrel across the room, into the wall, where it fell to the ground, dead.

LONGSHOT: Well, these squirrels may be deadly, but they are still small, weak and fragile.

PROJECT: Never underestimate squirrels Longshot.

XT: Hey guys, look what I found.

There was a trapdoor on the floor of the cabin under the table.

LONGSHOT: Hey XT, how did you find that?

XT smiled.

XT: Enhanced senses man, gotta love em.

They went down the trapdoor, which led to a corridor. The corridor was narrow and they had to walk in a single file with Project in the front. Suddenly, the floor gave way under Project. He, Ice and XT fell down through a tunnel.

Nurhachi and Longshot heard the thud as the others hit the bottom.

LONGHOT: A TRAP, We have to go get them.

Nurhachi called down the hole.

NURHACHI: You guys alright?

XT: Fine, you guys carry on without us.

Nurhachi used his tendrils to get Longshot and himself over the hole. They carried on walking down the corridor till they got to a huge room. There was a bed, TV and all sorts of furniture lying around. Another door was on the far side of the room with the words “Bathroom” scratched on it.

LONGSHOT: This must be where Shihad lives.

They heard the toilet flush as Shihad walked out of his bathroom.

SHIHAD: What are you guys doing here?

His eyes glowed. He started turning into his squirrel form.

SHIHAD: No matter, I don’t care, you’re gonna die anyway.

At the bottom of the pit, Ice, Project and XT looked around. They were in a large cavern with no way out. Just walls all around them with little holes. Suddenly, squirrels started swarming out of the holes by the dozens.


XT started shooting beams at the squirrels, taking out a lot at a time, but still more came.

XT: Ice! Block the holes with you’re ice powers.

Ice did that, but there were already hundreds of squirrels in the room with them. Still, at least no more could come in.


Project started scooping them up and putting them in his mouth, eating them alive.
PROJECT: Hahahah! How do you like being eaten?

Project suddenly started coughing. He went down on his knees, and coughed up a hairball.

ICE: That’s so disgusting man.

Project started squashing and crushing the squirrels while Ice froze them and XT blasted them with his optic blasts. Soon, they had killed all the squirrels. But now they needed a way out.

Meanwhile, Longshot and Nurhachi were fighting Shihad. He was fast, and agile. Longshot was just as fast and agile, but Shihad caught him mid leap, and bit his leg.



Nurhachi jumped at Shihad, turned his hands into blades and stabbed Shihad in the back. Shihad screamed and turned around, swatting Nurhachi away. As Shihad turned to Nurhachi, Longshot grabbed the TV and smashed it over Shihad’s head. Shihad went down, but tried to get back up. As he did, a bolt of ice froze him in place, and then a red beam hit him in the chest. Ice, Project and XT had gotten out of the trap, and Project ran and knocked Shihad out.

NURACHI: Wow, good job guys, but how did you get out?

ICE: I used my ice to lift us up through the hole.

PROJECT: Let’s go introduce this loser to Ultimate Central Imprisonment.

XT: Sounds like a plan.

The five of them teleported back to Ultimate Central where Ultimate E imprisoned the squirrel master.

ULTIMATE E: Well done guys, you have saved the world from great evil.

ICE: Anytime E, now, LET’S GO PARTY! That party will still be on right?

NURHACHI: Haha, I thought you didn’t like parties.

Ice smiled.

ICE: It got better near the end of it.

XT: Woohooo lets go.

ICE: Not you man, sorry.

XT: What?

ICE: Nah sorry man, you’ll ruin my mojo.

NURHACHI: Your mojo?

ICE: My mojo!

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Chapter 7 (gods And Monsters)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

Millions of years ago…

When the Gods were heavily worshipped by all, The God of Thunder, Thor, was sent to be the protector of Earth. Thor decided that the only way to protect Earth would be to rule it himself. While attempting to wrest control of Earth from its leaders, the Gods confronted him. Angry at him because of his attempt to take over the Earth, the Elder Gods destroyed his body and imprisoned his soul inside his hammer Mjolnir, so that whoever, if they are worthy, picked up the hammer, they would be imbued with Thor’s power…and his soul. They cast the Hammer into the cosmos.

As the centuries passed, the Gods were forgotten, and with no followers, they left the Universe to itself.

Meanwhile the hammer was in orbit, waiting for someone to find it…

2 days ago…

Seldes Katne logged on to Ultimate Central.com. She saw that the site was still down. As she closed down the web page, she felt a tingling feeling. She went into a trance, and, at the speed of light, shot into the air, into the earths orbit. Right to… Mjolnir. She grabbed the hammer…and was transformed.



The fight had been going on for hours. The man they call Ultimate DJF had been hit by the mysterious Ultimate Central Cosmic Rays this afternoon, and in turn, turned big, green, strong and angry. He had started tearing up the Burger King where the Ultimate Central Team was eating their meal in. Needless to say, they were NOT impressed. As the Burger King customers rushed outside, Nurhachi, ProjectX2, Icemastertron, XT and Longshot got ready to fight.
Ice had first attempted to slow DJF down by freezing him, but, alas, DJF was too strong. As XT leaped forward, he was hit which such force that he crashed through BK, into another building and was knocked out instantly. Longshot used his invisibility and agility to stay out of DJF’s way. Nurhachi and Project joined in the attack as Ice kept on pouring on the cold. The cold revealed the form of Longshot, which DJF knocked out with a well timed punch to the jaw. This guy was strong. Stronger then anything they had experienced before. Nothing seemed to hurt him. Ice kept on pouring on the ice.


DJF, ignoring the other attacks from Nurhachi and Project, ran at Ice and uppercutted him through the roof. Ice fell down unconscious.


DJF then jumped up through the roof, attempting to escape. Nurhachi used a tendril to grab DJF’s foot, but DJF just pulled on the tendril to bring Nurhachi to him and then punched him far across the city.


Project jumped after DJF. Project knew that DJF was a lot stronger then him, but that didn’t stop him. With the others out cold, it was up to him. He followed DJF to the heart of the city. People scattered from the streets. Project landed a punch at the back of DJF’s head.

DJF: Aaaarghhhhhh

DJF then turned around and pounded Project in the chest and Project got knocked back. Project then tore out a street sign and slammed it down on his head. DJF seemed enraged as he charged at Project and shoulder-barged him. Project fell down and DJF picked up a parked truck and dropped it down hard on top of Project. He then picked up Project by the throat.

DJF: Kiiilllllll Rock Man…

Just then, the sky seemed to open as a huge rift appeared. A woman stepped out of it just as the other Ultimate Central members caught up. She was dressed all in amour with a Viking helmet on her head and a huge red cape. She carried in her hand a large war hammer.

NURHACHI: What’s going on here?

LONGSHOT: Whoa! Who’s the chick?


ICE: You have to shout?


Seldes Katne glided to the ground where the UC members and a surprised DJF were standing. She opened up a swirling portal.


Seldes then turned, readied her hammer, and hit DJF into the portal, where it immediately closed.


XT: Wait a second…

Seldes, however, did not wait. Instead she returned through the rift that she came from.

XT: Man, that’s some %$#@%ed up %#%^

ICE: How the hell are we supposed to defeat a Goddess?

They teleported back to UC, their home in cyberspace, to ask Ultimate E what they should do.

ULTIMATE E: Hello team.

LONGSHOT: Dude, we just confronted a Goddess…

ULTIMATE E: Yes Longshot, I know.

ICE: Well, how the hell we supposed to defeat her?

ULTIMATE E: She is very powerful Ice, she has more power then any of you together could go up against.

ICE: Well that’s just dandy…

ULTIMATE E: …unless you can get her hammer away from her. That hammer is called Mjolnir, it is the source to her power. It belonged to the Norse God, Thor, and when Seldes picked it up, she gained his powers and his essence.

ICE: Thor? Seriously?

ULTIMATE E: I do not joke Ice. I am completely serious.

1 day later…

The Ultimate Central team had been staying up all hours of the night, trying to form strategies for getting Seldes hammer off her so that she can be defeated.

ICE: I could freeze her hand and you guys could just snap it off along with the hammer.

XT: Nah Ice, she would break the ice before we got the chance.

LONGSHOT: I could turn invisible and snatch it off her.

Ultimate E came into the room.

ULTIMATE E: However you decide to defeat Seldes, I need you to do it here, in Ultimate Central. You need all the help you can get, and by bringing her here, I can help you to defeat her.

In truth, Ultimate E just wanted them to defeat Seldes in UC so that after the battle, he could pick up the hammer and gain its power for himself. But no way could the others know this.

ULTIMATE E: You have a big fight tomorrow, rest up.

And they did rest up. And as they were resting, countries from all around the world were gathering armies for the coming invasion. Earth would not go down without a fight.

10 minutes before the arrival of Seldes…

The Ultimate Central members stood ready at the place Seldes appeared last time. They were in there human form, waiting for Seldes.

Meanwhile, in Ultimate Central, Ultimate E walked to him computer room. He went to the “imprisonment” controls. He pushed a button…a button that had never before been pushed. And out of the teleport pad, a form appeared…a tired, hurt form.

ULTIMATE E: Welcome back Caduceus, I have a deal for you. Help me, and I will grant you freedom.

Caduceus stood up straight.

CADUCEUS: What do you want with me?

Back on Earth…

As the sky opened Seldes walked through, the heroes turned into there super hero forms.


One of the army generals spoke.


As tanks and soldiers shot as Seldes, she easily deflected their blasts and, in return, she flew up high, raised her hammer into the air, and called down lightning to strike the armies. She had defeated them in only seconds. As she came back down to the ground she again asked…



Project charged at Seldes, but Seldes easily teleported out of the way and Project went straight into a wall. Longshot jumped at Seldes but Seldes hit him with her hammer to send him crashing into another building. She then called down lightning to strike the building and it collapsed on top of Longshot. Ice and XT then went to attack Seldes as Nurhachi went to check on Longshot.

Ice started to shoot hard icicles at Seldes, but they did not bother her. XT shot his optic beams at Seldes, but they too, did not bother her. Seldes merely swatted them away like flies.

NURHACHI: Guys stop!!!

Project had gotten his head out of the wall and again went to attack Seldes. He punched her and she got knocked back into a parked car. She then got up, flew towards Project and drove the hammer straight into his gut.



NURHACHI: Longshot isn’t breathing. He has numerous broken bones; we need to get him back to UC so he can be treated.

ICE: We can’t surrender…

XT: We have to Ice.

SELDES: I see you are not as stupid as I thought. Very well, I accept your surrender. Take me to your leader.

ICE: I’ll take you; I have the teleporter to UC.

SELDES: Then you will take me, I also choose you, the one they call Nurhachi, to come as a witness.

Ice teleported himself, Nurhachi and Seldes to Ultimate Central, where Ultimate E would need to surrender to Seldes.

As they got to Ultimate Central, and entered the cyber space mansion, their faces twisted in shock. They could not believe what they saw. Ultimate E, standing side by side with Caduceus.

Caduceus looked all three of them straight in the eye, and they were all immediately put into a trance.


She did as she was told, hypnotized, she went to the computer room, dropped the hammer, and walked to the teleport pad, where Ultimate E pushed the button to send her to UC “prison.”

CADUCEUS: Nurhachi, Ice. You will not remember anything you just saw. You will think that you defeated Seldes by yourselves and sent her to prison.

ICE, NURHACHI: Yes…Master.

Ice and Nurhachi then turned, and teleported back to Earth to meet the others.

ULTIMATE E: Great work Caduceus.

Ultimate E walked up to the dropped hammer.

ULTIMATE E: I might have further need of your skills in the future, but until then, you’re a free man.

Ultimate E bent over to pick up Mjolnir. Only, he couldn’t lift it.

CADUCEUS: Looks like you’re not worthy enough, boss.


Caduceus then walked to the teleport pad and left for home.

As he left, the Ultimate Central members returned, with a fallen Longshot.

ULTIMATE E: Well done in defeating Seldes guys.

ICE: Sure E. No problem. I can’t even remember how we won, ha-ha.

XT: E! We need to get Longshot some medical help.

ULTIMATE E: Oh he’s beaten badly. Looks like he’s in some sort of coma.

E looked at XT

ULTIMATE E: I don’t know if he will make it, XT.

XT: Nooo. We can’t lose Longshot.

ULTIMATE E: I will do all I can, I’ll try healing him.

Ultimate E took Longshots body and took it to the medical room, and when he was too far away for them to hear…he laughed.

XT heard Ultimate E laughing, but he could not believe it.

XT put his head in his hands.

ICE: Hey man, its ok.

PROJECT: I’m sure he’ll be fine man.

XT: I…don’t know guys, did you see him? He’s in a bad way.

XT: Either way, I’m watching over him tonight.

NURHACHI: Howcome?

XT: I don’t trust Ultimate E. Not at all…
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Chapter 8 (child Of The Moon)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

He was home alone, bored out of his mind. He tried again to log onto his favorite site, UltimateCentral.com. For the last month, this site had been down and it’s given him nothing to do. He sighed at he went to his window. He pulled open the curtains and looked into the starry night sky. His mind wondered to what he’s been seeing on the television lately. A real life team of super-heroes have appeared about the same time that America was being overrun by Dragons. Since then they’ve also bested a giant, a robot, a god, even squirrels. He was their biggest fan. He looked at the moon as it shone bright. He wished he could be one of them. A blast of color caught the corner of his eye. He turned towards his computer screen to see what it was. The screen was blurry and full of reds and blues. He felt dizzy and nauseous as he turned around and again, looked at the moon. He seemed drawn to it. As he stared, fur started to grow from his skin. His eyes became big and yellow. His nose and mouse grew into a muzzle and his teeth grew long and sharp. He let out a howl at the moon as claws grew from his fingers.
“What’s happening to me?” he thought.
His confusion did not last long at all as his brain shrunk until all intelligence was gone and he was left only with his instincts, only the need to feed.
“Son, is that you”
His father opened the door as his face twisted in horror. The beast pounced on him and bit deep into his throat. It tore out big chunks of meat and gulped it down. After his meal he heard more noise…laughter…and loud music. The beast followed the sound…



XT cracked up laughing as his “first Tuesday of the month” party was going better then expected. He had invited Nurhachi and ProjectX2 so they could see an AMERICAN party. Ice came along as well. At first Ice didn’t want too, but after a few shots of 50% alcohol named Firewater, Ice was having a great time. In fact, he was in a sculling competition with XT’s friend, Bobbo. Of course, XT’s laughter and excessive drinking only covered up his sorrow over his good friend Longshot being in a coma after a battle against the Goddess of Thunder, Seldes Katne.

XT took out the portable TV screen from his pocket. Before the party he had hooked it up to a camera in the Ultimate Central medical room so he could keep an eye on Longshot. He saw Longshot lying unconscious in the bed. XT then pocketed his TV screen and looked towards the crowd and once again, cracked up laughing. Bobbo was throwing up on the floor while Ice was doing a victory dance on a table with the crowd cheering him on. Nurhachi and Project were also in the crowd, laughing and clapping.



RANDOM GIRL #1: What’s Woot? Some kind of New Zealand saying?

RANDOM GIRL #2: I hear it means Squirrel Death or something.

RANDOM GIRL #1: Ewwwww…

PROJECT: If only you ladies knew…

XT smiled and turned around to go talk to some people outside. As he turned, a girl with a low top and high skirt came up to him.

GIRL: Great party you got here.

XT: Yeah well, some people just have what it takes to throw a good party y’know.

The girl leant close to his ear.

GIRL: How about we have our own little party somewhere a little more private…

XT: Yeah, let me just…


The wall of XT’s house caved in as a huge, grayish brown, Werewolf barged in. People were screaming and running for the doors, including the girl.

XT: Awwwww NO! WHYYYYY!!!!

The beast pounced on one of XT’s guests, just as XT was about to blast him with his eye beams. The eye beams missed, but Project had turned into his rock form and hit the beast on the jaw as the guest ran outside. Everyone was out of the house now except for Nurhachi, Ice, Project and XT. The beast turned towards the fleeing crowd to leap after them, but Ice froze its legs to the ground.

BEAST: Hurrrooof?

XT shot an optic blast at the beast.


Project ran towards the beast and tried to grapple it, but the beast picked Project up and threw him at XT.

ICE: Let’s get him Nur!

The beast slammed its fist against the ice holding his foot in place.

Ice created a big war hammer made out of ice as Nurhachi turned his hand into his hammer form.

The beast got free of his icy bonds and pounced at Icemastertron, but Ice caught it on the jaw with his hammer and the monster was knocked back into Nurhachi’s hammer-hand.


The beast was foaming at the mouth as his eyes turned red. As Project and XT rejoined the battle, the beast went into a bloodlust frenzy. But the four heroes just kept on beating him. The beast decided that this meal was not worth the trouble and turned to retreat.

ICE: We can’t let him get away.

They chased after the beast but it was too fast and agile as it leapt over fences and through bushes. Soon it had lost its pursuers and headed to find an easier meal.

PROJECT: Let’s get back to Ultimate Central and ask E about this wolf thing.

NURHACHI: Good idea. Ice?

Ice pushed the button on his watch to open the portal to Ultimate Central and they all walked through it.

They arrived at the mansion in cyber-space soon after. They went into the computer room where Ultimate E was watching what was going on through his monitor. They stepped over Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, which was still unmoved on the ground since E could not lift it and had forbidden anyone else from trying.

PROJECT: So, E, is this wolf thing one of the Ultimate Central members?

ULTIMATE E: Hey guys, yes, as a matter of fact it is. It’s Moonmaster. He’s become a werewolf.

XT: The %#@%% interrupted something important man. He’s gonna pay!

ICE: Whereabouts is he now?

ULTIMATE E: Central Park. You need to get there immediately. He’s already killed too many people.

They gasped as they saw the monitor screen. Moonmaster was shown in Central Park, chewing on some intestines. Body parts littered the park grounds.

NURHACHI: Oh man, we have to go THERE?
ULTIMATE E: Yes, he must be stopped. Immediately.

ICE: We’re on it Chief.

They walked over to the teleport pad and teleported to Central Park.

Once in central park, they were greeted by dozens of limbs and torsos scattered around the park.

NURHACHI: Oooh man…I don’t know if I can do this.

ICE: This is so sick…

XT: For $#@$ sake guys, your supposed to be Super Heroes. Start acting like it.

They walked down the path, following the screams and growls, until they saw the beast, Moonmaster, crunching on some bones. They approached him slowly, but Moonmaster’s heightened senses picked up their presence.


It then turned and jumped amongst the trees.

PROJECT: Great, now we gotta go find Mr. Wolf.

XT: I can hear his heartbeat. He is not too far.

While walking towards the beast, XT took out his portable TV screen to check on Longshot. He saw Longshot still lying there, tubes coming out of him.
“You better not die on me man,” XT thought to himself, “I don’t think I could take that right now.”


The beast pounced and slashed XT across the chest.


XT’s portable TV flew out of his hands and smashed upon hitting the ground. XT fell down on his knees, clutching his chest.


XT: I’ll…be fine…he just grazed me.

The beast got ready to attack.

PROJECT: Back off son, you don’t want none!

The beast growled.

XT: Let’s beat him like a red headed foster child.

Moonmaster pounced…

Meanwhile at Ultimate Central:

After getting a quick bottle of energy drink from the kitchen, Ultimate E entered the computer room. He walked up to the computer…and tripped on Mjolnir, his drink spilling all over his costume.


He grabbed the hammers handle and tried, once again, to lift it, but to no avail. Just then, he saw the monitor. He saw the beast attack XT, he saw XT’s device fall out of his hands and smash on the ground.

ULTIMATE E: Well, well, well…Maybe I should give Longshot a visit.

Ultimate E walked back out of the computer room, giggling like a school girl. He entered the medical room, where Longshot lay, still in a coma.

ULTIMATE E: Guess you’re not going to recover from these injuries after all…

Ultimate E walked up to Longshots bed.

ULTIMATE E: You should never have been on this team in the first place.

Suddenly, Longshots eyes opened.

LONGSHOT: E….what….happened.

ULTIMATE E: Ah, welcome back to consciousness Longshot.

Ultimate E then smashed his drink bottle over Longshots head.


He grabbed Longshots body and dragged him to the computer room’s teleporting pad.

ULTIMATE E: Good Riddance you blue piece of ****.

Ultimate E pushed the button to send Longshot to his “prison.” Then he sat down on his chair and watched the battle between his warriors and Moonmaster.

Back in Central Park…

Ice had made himself an ice-mace and drove it into the gut of Moonmaster. Moonmaster howled in pain as he grabbed the ice-mace out of Ice’s hands, broke it in half and threw it over his shoulder. Nurhachi shot blood-arrows at Moonmaster while XT shot an optic blast. Moonmaster got hit hard and flew back into a tree where Project picked him up and drove him head first into the ground. Ice then poured on the ice to freeze Moonmaster in place.

Moonmasters rage grew as he flexed his muscles and shattered the ice covering him. He picked up chunks of ice and threw them at Ice. XT blew up the ice chunks with his optic blasts.

PROJECT: Ice, Freeze my fists.

Ice did as Project asked, encasing Projects fists with steel-hard ice.Moonmaster then turned to run again, but as he leapt, Nurhachi caught him by the feet with his tendrils, and flung him into Projects awaiting ice-covered fists. The beast staggered, and then fell. He tried to get back up, but was hit with ice-shards, a blood hammer, a rocky fist and an optic beam. After that, Moonmaster didn’t get up again.

Just then, the sky started to light up.

NURHACHI: Wow, Morning already. We’ve been up all night.

ICE: Look.

Ice pointed at Moonmaster, as his form was changing, shrinking. He was turning back into human.

MOONMASTER: Wha…what happened…

He looked around and saw all the dead bodies, and the blood on what remained of his clothes. He could taste blood in his mouth.


He looked up and saw his heroes. The people he idolized.

XT: Yes you did. I’m sorry.

MOONMASTER: Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. I’m so sorry. I don’t…

Tears swelled up in Moonmasters eyes.

MOONMASTER: What are you guys going to do to me?

ICE: I’m really sorry man, but you’re too dangerous.

NURHACHI: We…ummm…we have to…ummm…

PROJECT: We have to take you away.

MOONMASTER: I…I knew it was something like that…but I’ll go quietly. Oh man, I can’t believe this. Can I be cured?

Ice, Nurhachi, Project and XT looked at each other.

XT: C’mon man, it’s time to go.

Ice teleported the 5 of them to Ultimate Central.

Moonmaster walked up to the teleport pad in the computer room and stepped on it.

MOONMASTER: I can’t say how sorry I am.

He was shaking, and the tears kept on coming.

PROJECT: Neither can we dude, neither can we.

Ultimate E pushed the button as Moonmaster was sent to imprisonment.

NURHACHI: Poor guy.

XT: I’m going to go check on Longshot.

ULTIMATE E: Ummm...guys, there is something I should tell you.

XT straightened up, and looked at Ultimate E straight in the eye.

XT: What is it?

ULTIMATE E: While you guys were out fighting…Longshot…passed on.

The Ultimate Central Team were stunned.

XT: WHAT!!! LIAR!!!!

ULTIMATE E: XT, Calm down. This isn’t going to…

XT grabbed Ultimate E by the throat.


ULTIMATE E: Now why on earth would I…


ICE: XT, Cool it man.

PROJECT: Put E down.


NURHACHI: XT, please.

PROJECT: Snap out of it man.

XT put E down.

XT: I’m leaving this team. Leaving this bull****…tomorrow. I’m packing tonight and leaving tomorrow.

ICE: What…but…

NURHACHI: Dude, c’mon…

XT: No, sorry guys, I’m leaving all this behind.

ULTIMATE E: If that is what you want XT…

XT: Yes, it is.

XT left the room.

“Over my dead body,” Ultimate E thought to himself.


XT was fast asleep in his bed. His bags were packed, ready to go in the morning. Ultimate E walked up to XT’s room, frying pan in hand. He slowly and quietly opened the door, and crept up to XT’s bedside.

ULTIMATE E: Sorry XT. I can’t have you leaving.

Ultimate E then raised the pan above his head, as XT’s eyes quickly opened. Ultimate E then brought the pan down, attempting to hit XT’s head, but only hit the pillow as XT moved out of the way.

XT: I knew it!

ULTIMATE E: You know nothing!

Ultimate E swung at XT. XT dodged the attack and leapt over Ultimate E, and out of his room.


XT raced down the stairs with E in hot pursuit. He ran into the computer room with E nearly catching him…but E once again tripped on Mjolnir, allowing XT to reach the teleport pad and escape.

Ultimate E scowled.

ULTIMATE E: This isn’t over XT.
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Chapter 9 (the Doctor Of Might And Magic)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi


Aeroth was in his room, sitting at his computer bored out of his skull. He started feeling tired, and drifted off into sleep…..
“Aeeeeroooth”, a mysterious echoing voice called, “Aeerothhhh”


He was floating, floating in clouds and sky.


He floated towards the sound. He floated until he saw a tiny purple dragon. Its wings flapping in the air.


The purple dragon reached out his paw, and Aeroth his hand. As they touched, a light emitted between them. Aeroth looked into the dragon’s eyes. The dragon met his gaze… It opened its mouth, as if to say something, and then fire suddenly spewed from it.


He then realized that the flames did not burn.


He turned around to see a man standing there. He wore purple robes and was tall and dark.
“Hello Aeroth, my name is Dr. Strangefate,” the man said, “I’m sorry to have forced this mutation on you but it was taking rather long to wait it out.”
“What mutation?” Aeroth began to say.

“AAAAARGHHHHHH,” Aeroth screamed. He looked down and gasped. The purple dragon from his dream…that was him…He was the purple dragon.

“Son, are you ok?” his mother asked as she opened the door.

Aeroth turned around.

“BEGON WENCH,” he bellowed as his mother ran out the house screaming.

Suddenly the man from his dream, Dr. Strangefate, appeared there in his astral form.


Aeroth lunged at him.

Dr. Strangefate sighed, “I guess this is what I get for forcing a mutation.”

He put out his hand and Aeroth flew back and smacked into his bed.


“Silence,” Dr. Strangefate shouted, “I have no time for this tomfoolery. I have come for you so that you can join me as my lackey. I have given you power, will you dare defy me?”


“Gooood,” Dr. Strangefate mused, “very good.”


ICE: What is this $#@$?

Icemastertron was in the passenger seat in Nurhachi’s car with Project X2 in the back seat chewing on licorice and playing on his new PSP.

NURHACHI: This, my dear Ice, is a band called Ill Nino.

ICE: I Can’t stand this, you with me Proj?

PROJECT: Uh, I don’t really care Ice.

ICE: Well, I’m changing the station.

NURHACHI: Don’t you dare….

Ice changed the station till he heard the girl-like whines of Justin Timberlake.

ICE: Oooohh now THAT’S what I’m talking about!


NURHACHI: Oh, in my car? Oh HELL NO!

Nurhachi changed the station back.

ICE: Excuse me? You don’t diss MISTER Timberlake.

Nurhachi and Project could only stare in horror as Ice turned the station back to Justin Timberlake and started swaying his head and snapping his fingers.


The three of them turned to look towards the road, and knew that the impact was inevitable. By instinct, they changed into there superhuman forms as the car crashed into a…pyramid?

They got up out of the wreckage.


ICE: You didn’t have to crash the car dude. You could have just said…

NURHACHI: %%#$@^^%^%&^&*%

Nurhachi put his hands around Ice’s throat.

PROJECT: Calm down dudes, take a look at this…

They looked around, and gasped. The sky was red and all buildings had turned into dark pyramids, the ground was covered in flora that none of them had seen before and demons…demons were all over the place, clawing at people, laughing and shrieking. And giving them there orders…was a little, purple dragon.


Project grabbed the dragon and pressed him against a pyramid wall.

PROJECT: You need to have a nice tall glass of shut up juice!

Ice froze the dragon in place.


Ice froze his mouth shut,

NURHACHI: Thanks Ice.

ICE: Don’t thank me yet…

Nurhachi looked behind him, to see that the demons had surrounded them.

NURHACHI: Oh man….oh man oh man oh man….demons….DEMONS…..

Just then a ghost flew past.


Nurhachi blacked out.


ICE: Yup.

Ice used the teleporter on his watch to transport them to Ultimate Central, just as the demons got ready to attack.

Soon, they were in Ultimate Central, entering the computer room where Ultimate E sat viewing the destruction on the UC monitor.

ULTIMATE E: You know, you guys could have at least brought me Aeroth.

ICE: We didn’t see Aeroth.

Nurhachi groaned.

NURHACHI: What happened?

ULTIMATE E: That purple dragon…

ICE: That was Aeroth? That little piece of…

ULTIMATE E: Yes Ice, that’s Aeroth.

ICE: Bugger.

PROJECT: E, What’s causing all the changes in the city?

ULTIMATE E: Not just the city Aeroth, the entire world.

ICE: HOLY @#$#@$

PROJECT: Who could be doing this?

ICE: And don’t tell me it’s that purple thing we left back there.

ULTIMATE E: No Ice, it’s the man who calls himself…Dr. Strangefate. Master of the Mystic arts. He can also turn into organic steel, but in that form, his Magic powers won’t be effective.

NURHACHI: He did all this?

ULTIMATE E: It’s not really real, Nurhachi, this is all just an illusion. Strangefate grew bored with the way the world was and wanted to make it more exciting. He plans to use his demon illusions to scare the world into submitting to him.

PROJECT: And where can we find the fob?

ULTIMATE E: Over here.

He showed them a castle on the monitor.

ICE: A freakin’ CASTLE?

PROJECT: Do ya think he’s compensating for something?

NURHACHI: Let’s go get ‘im.

They went to the teleporting pad and teleported to the castle.

Once they were gone…

ULTIMATE E: E-Men! Come to me.

Caduceus came out of the shadows, along with his teammates.

ULTIMATE E: I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting our new recruits.

Caduceus pointed out the tall man with a long brown trench coat and glowing red eyes.

CADUCEUS: This is Ultimate Gambit. He has the power to charge any object with kinetic energy.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: How’s it goin boss.

ULTIMATE E: Good, thank you Gambit. What’s that you have in your hand there?

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: Playing cards boss, easy to throw. Very effective.

CADUCEUS: And this is Patriot. Expert with guns. Never misses a shot.


ULTIMATE E: Welcome, both of you.

CADUCEUS: So what’s the situation?

ULTIMATE E: My main team has gone off to face Dr. Strangefate. Only problem is, I suspect Strangefate might know a bit more then he should. I need you to follow them and if Strangefate starts talking…you need to take care of him quick.


Caduceus, Gambit and Patriot approached the teleport pad…

At Dr. Strangefates castle:


ICE: Sorry man, it just doesn’t work with you.

Just then, the astral form of Dr. Strangefate appeared.

DR. STRANGEFATE: This is your last chance, Avatars of E, turn back.

PROJECT: Not a chance Clown-Shoes!

ICE: Clown shoes?

DR. STRANGEFATE: Then I have no choice. Goodbye.

DSF waved his hands and demons swarmed out of the buildings. His astral form then disappeared.

ICE: Remember guys, this is just an illusion.

NURHACHI: Doesn’t make it any less freaky man.

PROJECT: Then close your eyes.

Project closed his eyes and charged. He ran straight through the demons and smashed through the castle walls.

ICE: Let’s go Nur.

They followed close behind Project as he bashed through room after room. Passing illusions of nightmarish realities and frightening creatures. Eventually they reached the room where Dr. Strangefate stood, waiting for them with his little purple dragon, Aeroth.

DR. STRANGEFATE: How clever. However you will not stop me.


DR. STRANGEFATE: Leave them to me Aeroth, you can’t defeat them.






Aeroth flew towards the Ultimate Central Team and started spewing out tongues of flame.

Ice froze the flames and Project grabbed Aeroth and slapped him unconscious.

PROJECT: Annoying little $@%^$#^

DR. STRANGEFATE: I warned you not to come.

He shot some mystic bolts at them, but Ice protected them with an ice shield.

DR. STRANGEFATE: Hmm…Your powers may be able to stop my magic bolts. But they will not be able to stop…ME!

Dr. Strangefate grew larger, his skin turned into steel and his muscles expanded. He moved forward and smashed the ice shield. He ran at Project and threw a punch. Project blocked it and hit him with a punch of his own. DSF was unaffected however, and grabbed Projects arm and swung him across the room. Nurhachi pounced and sliced at DSF with his axe-hand. DSF laughed.

DR. STRANGEFATE: Trying to cut steel? How cute…

DSF then kicked Nurhachi through the roof.

Project charged and DSF flipped him up through the roof as well. He then stepped aside as Nurhachi hit the floor and Project hit Nurhachi.

DR. STRANGEFATE: Your turn little man of Ice.

But as DSF went to pound Ice, Ice froze the floor and DSF slid across the room and landed flat on his backside. Angry, DSF smashed his fist into the floor, making it shake and Ice fell down as well.

Ice slowly started to rise, as did Project and Nurhachi.

ICE: We…won’t…let…you steal the world’s freedom.

DR. STRANGEFATE: HYPOCRITE! You say this when you’re doing the exact same thing.

NURHACHI: What do you mean man? We save the world…from control freaks like you.

DR. STRANGEFATE: Oh…this is too precious…you don’t even know who you’re working for…

PROJECT: What are you talking about?

Dr. Strangefate turned back into his human form.

DR. STRANGEFATE: You’re “master” Ultimate E is actually using you too…

Dr. Strangefate let out a gasp, as he collapsed to the ground.

NURHACHI: What the?

ICE: Look, at the back of his neck.

They saw a dart, someone had shot him. Someone who didn’t want them to know the truth. They looked around, and out of the corner, a man wearing all black, except for the skull on his shirt, stepped forward.

PATRIOT: Move away from him, now!

PROJECT: Who the $#@% are you.

A man came up next to him.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: He said move away!

Ultimate Gambit charged up a card and threw it at there feet. It blew up and temporary blinded them.

When their vision returned, Dr. Strangefate’s and Aeroth’s bodies had been taken, and the first thing they saw was Caduceus’s hypnotic stare.

CADUCEUS: You will go back to Ultimate Central and go straight to bed. You will remember nothing about Dr. Strangefate, nor what he said. In fact, you will not remember anything about today. Go.

Ice pushed his teleport button and teleported them all to Ultimate Central, where they went to sleep.


In the Ultimate Central Computer Room.

CADUCEUS: Here ya go boss.

Ultimate Gambit placed the unconscious body of Dr. Strangefate on the teleport pad and Patriot did the same with Aeroth.

ULTIMATE E: Good job boys.

He pushed the button to send the 2 captured beings to the UC prison.

ULTIMATE E: Take some time off. Until I call for you again…

The next morning at breakfast…

PROJECT: Hey, I just looked at the clock and its Friday today. Haha, I thought it was only Thursday.

ICE: Hey, that’s weird. So did I.

NURHACHI: What did we do yesterday?

PROJECT: I dunno man, but hey, I thought up a team name for us.

ICE: What’s that?

PROJECT: The Avatars of E!

NURHACHI: How about just, The Avatars!

ICE: I like that.

PROJECT: The Avatars it is…
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Chapter 10 (the Race For Power)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi


The Captain flew through the air with speed, faster and faster. The wind blowing through his hair and a huge smile on his face. Just half an hour ago he was a normal guy, sitting at his computer trying to connect to his favorite site, and now….flight, super strength, speed. It was a dream come true. Suddenly he felt a weird feeling in his head. Not like a danger sense, but…sort of awareness that there was something wrong. He looked down and saw a shootout with the police and a bunch of gangsters. He smiled… because now, he can be the hero he dreamt of being when he was a kid. He swooped down to approach the gangsters….


ICE: Honestly Nur, I don’t see how you can watch this….wrestling junk.

NURHACHI: Come on Ice, its WRESTLEMANIA and John Cena just won the WWE Championship!!!!!!

ICE: *sigh* whatever man.

PROJECT: Yo Nur, I got us some snacks.

Project brought in the snacks from the kitchen. The 3 of them were watching Wrestlemania in their living room at Ultimate Central. Ice and Project didn’t really want to watch it, but Nurhachi assured them it was a “can’t miss” event.

ICE: OMG. It’s so….arrgh….and yet…..I can’t turn away….my eyes…my eyes….

PROJECT: Nothing a little sulphuric acid won’t fix Ice….


ICE: Well THAT’S four hours of my life I will never get back.

Ice mumbled as he switched the channels. Stopping on the news, where it showed a man all in black, with white hair. He seemed to be sparkling.

NEWS REPORTER: And what is your purpose here Mr.…..

CAPTAIN: The names Captain…and as you just saw from that shootout…I’m here to save this city.

The Captain then turned and flew into the sky.

Ultimate E spoke out from behind them…

ULTIMATE E: Well boys…It looks like we have a new recruit.

PROJECT: Wicked!


XT was amazed by what he just saw on the news. The Captain seemed really powerful, and his heart seemed in the right place. He would make a worthy ally, but he knew that Ultimate E would be thinking the same thing. He had to get to him before Ultimate E and his cronies did. He put on his costume and left to go to the area that The Captain was last seen.

Back in Ultimate Central….

Ultimate E and the Avatars walked to the computer room.

ULTIMATE E: Let’s bring in our newest recruit in shall we?

Ultimate E used his technology to open up a portal near The Captain. They observed on the monitor. They saw Captain standing on a rooftop, looking over the city, and the portal appearing beside him, sucking him into it.

CAPTAIN: What the?

Captain turned and flew against the pull of the portal.

ULTIMATE E: No! He’s too strong!

Captain used his strength and flew far away from the portal.

CAPTAIN: Ok now this is weird. I’m going home….

Captain turned and flew towards his house.

ULTIMATE E: Ok, guys, you’re gonna have to go get him.

PROJECT: Aaaah man.

NURHACHI: Shouldn’t be too hard Proj. We’ll just teleport to his house and wait for him.

ICE: Let’s go guys.

They went to the teleporter and teleported to The Captains house, where they waited…

NURHACHI: He should be here soon….

In Ultimate Central……….

Ultimate E kept on watching the monitors, when he noticed a figure on another, smaller screen.

ULTIMATE E: So, XT, you’ve come out of hiding…

Ultimate E saw XT on top of a train carriage, traveling towards the area where The Captain had just been.

ULTIMATE E: And…could it be that you hope to get The Captain on your side?

Ultimate E pushed one of the buttons in the Computer Room.

ULTIMATE E: E-Men! Come to me!

And Caduceus, Ultimate Gambit and Patriot entered the room.

CADUCEUS: What’s up boss?

ULTIMATE E: XT is looking to interfere in our plans. I need you to stop him from reaching the Captain.

CADUCEUS: Sure thing.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: Ha! And we thought you called us here for something difficult.

ULTIMATE E: Don’t underestimate XT Gambit. He’s a resourceful one. And he knows no fear.

CADUCEUS: We’ll stop him boss. In fact, we’ll bring him here for you to imprison.

Ultimate E smiled.

ULTIMATE E: That’s what I like to hear.

The E-Men then teleported to the train where XT was hitching a ride.

XT: What the hell…..CADUCEUS

XT turned away instantly; he knew that looking into Caduceus’s eyes meant that he would be under his power.

CADUCEUS: That’s right XT. But you won’t be able to beat me so easily this time! LET’S GET HIM E-MEN!

XT: E-Men? Oh…..great…..More Ultimate E lackeys.

Patriot took out a gun, but XT could here him pushing the trigger, and before Patriot even fired, XT had already dodged the bullet. He closed his eyes, he knew he couldn’t look at the E-Men, they were too close to Caduceus and he could not take the risk of meeting Caduceus’s gaze. He heard something being thrown at him. He used his amazing agility and hearing senses to dodge the incoming objects. Each of Ultimate Gambit’s kinetically charged cards missed him.

PATRIOT: Let’s see you dodge this “Man Without Hope!”

Patriot threw grenade at XT.

XT: Aaah *****

XT caught the grenade and threw it into the air. The grenade exploded in the air, but XT still caught some of the blast and fell backwards.

PATRIOT: Got you now!

Patriot leaped at XT and pierced a long, metal stake through XT’s shoulder.


XT writhed in pain, but Patriot pierced another stake right through XT’s other shoulder, pinning him to the roof of the train.


The 3 E-Men surrounded the fallen super-hero.

CADUCEUS: You know XT, Ultimate E wants you brought back alive.

Caduceus leant close.

CADUCEUS: But after that beating you gave me last time, I think I’m gonna kill you right here.

XT: Kill THIS!

XT opened his eyes and let off an optic blast, catching Caduceus in the stomach. The force of the blast knocked Caduceus back.

CADUCEUS: Aaah….$#@%$#@%#$

Caduceus was bleeding from the mouth.


Ultimate Gambit smiled.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: On it Cad. I’m gonna kinetically charge this whole train so it blows up….and XT with it.

Ultimate Gambit knelt down and placed his hand on the train roof.


XT struggled, but the stakes had him pinned to the roof so firmly, he could hardly move.

XT: Not like this! NOT LIKE THIS!

Suddenly, Ultimate Gambit was gone.

XT: What?

XT opened his eyes again and looked up into the sky, where he saw The Captain holding Ultimate Gambit by his collar.

CAPTAIN: You’ve been a very naughty boy.

Captain punched Ultimate Gambit down into the ground. Ultimate Gambit hit the ground hard…and didn’t get up.

PATRIOT: Ah crap!

Caduceus looked at The Captain.

CADUCEUS: Look into my….

Before Caduceus could finish the sentence, The Captain had already flown up to him and knocked him out.


Patriot jumped off the train and began to run.

CAPTAIN: Want a lift?

Captain picked up Patriot, and threw him into the distance.

After disposing of the E-Men, The Captain approached XT and pulled out the stakes in his shoulders.

XT: Ooooowww…. What happened?

CAPTAIN: You were just in the middle of a beating chum.

XT: Captain? Oh thank Bendis I found you!


XT: I’ve been looking for you.

CAPTAIN: You mind telling me what this is about son?

XT: Look, do you have someplace where we can talk in private? The Avatars could be approaching any second.

CAPTAIN: The Avatars?

XT: Just trust me. I’ll tell you everything, just take us someplace safe.

Captain looked at him strangely, and then grabbed his arm, and flew off to a secluded rooftop, where XT explained to The Captain about The Avatars, the disappearances of Eroz and Longshot, and how Ultimate E tried to capture, and now kill, him.

XT: We have to stop him. I don’t know what his plan is, but I know it’s not good.

CAPTAIN: I’m with you buddy. Let’s do this.

Meanwhile….still waiting at The Captains house….

PROJECT: Damn, when’s this guy coming home?

ICE: I thought he had super speed?

NURHACHI: He does…something’s not right here.

Just then, a portal opened up over them and sucked them into it and they appeared back in Ultimate Central, where Ultimate E was waiting for them.


ICE: Wassup dawg



NURHACHI: We were waiting for him…….



ICE: How’s he doing?


NURHACHI: What’s wrong with XT E? I thought he was on our side?


NURHACHI: E! Stop shouting dude?


NURHACHI: $#@$#@ this! I’m going to see my girlfriend!

ULTIMATE E: No! You’re staying here!

NURHACHI: What? You’re grounding me now? ***** Off!

ICE: He’s right E! You can’t ground us. We just made a mistake. Hang on Nur, I’ll just get my jacket and we’ll go.

NURHACHI: No Ice! I’m going to go see my girlfriend ALONE!

ICE: But you can’t, I have to be there to cool down your blood or you’ll go crazy!

NURHACHI: I’ll be fine.


NURHACHI: Don’t you start too Project.

ICE: I’m coming with…


ULTIMATE E: We can’t let you do that Nurhachi!

NURHACHI: You can’t stop me.

PROJECT: Oh yes we can!

Project grabbed Nurhachi’s wrist. Nurhachi’s blood covered him and became his costume.


Nurhachi picked up Project and threw him into Ice and Ultimate E. He then ran to the teleporter.

NURHACHI: Don’t expect me back anytime soon! I quit!

Nurhachi then teleported away.

ULTIMATE E: Ice…Project….

PROJECT: Yeah we know…

ULTIMATE E: I’m truly sorry but he’s lost control and….

PROJECT: Yeah E, we know…

ICE: Nurhachi has to be imprisoned before he puts civilian life in danger…

Icemastertron and ProjectX2 approached the teleporter and went after Nurhachi….
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Chapter 11 (Battle Royale)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

A man walked into a bar…..

His name was Nurhachi, he walked inside up to the bar and bought a bourbon and coke. He went to sit down for some rest, since he’d been on the run for days, he was exhausted. He scratched his neck, where some stubble had begun to grow and his eyes started to close, he hadn’t had much sleep since Ice and Project had been assigned to capture him. He desperately wanted to go to his girlfriend and fall asleep in her arms, but he knew that they would search there, and he couldn’t put her in danger. Her face was the last thing on his mind as he dozed off….


PROJECT: You sure this is the place Ice?

ICE: Yes. This is where Ultimate E told us he was, lets go get him.

PROJECT: Y’know…this just doesn’t feel right…

ICE: I know Project, but Ultimate E knows whats best.

PROJECT: I guess. Lets go in.

Icemastertron and Project, the last 2 members left of The Avatars, walked up to the door, where the bouncer asked for there ID. Ice showed his ID, but Project had forgotten his.

BOUNCER: No ID, No Entry…

PROJECT: Do I look older now?

Project transformed into his “rock” form and the bouncer fainted.

PROJECT: Guess we’re allowed in after all.

ICE: Yeah, great Proj, real subtle. Get back to your human form and let’s get this over with.

PROJECT: You got sand in your *** Ice?

ICE: I just want this over with.

PROJECT: I hear ya, let’s go.

They walked inside the bar, with the music blaring and the people drinking.

ICE: Yeah now this is what I’m TALKING about!


ICE: They should put some JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE on up in hurrrrrrr!!!

The bar went silent, as the people all stared and Ice.

Project spoke in a mocking voice.

PROJECT: Yeah, great Ice, real subtle.

Ice whispered

ICE: Oh shut up.

The crowd scowled as they surrounded Ice and Project.

ICE: What’s wrong, why is everyone so mad?

RANDOM CROUD PERSON: He said the J word….GET HIM!!!!

Ice and Project managed to shift into their ice and rock forms just before the crowd jumped them.


The crowd all ran outside and Nurhachi snapped awake.


Nurhachi turned to run outside and follow the crowd, but Ice froze the door shut.

ICE: You’re coming with us Nur!

NURHACHI: The hell I am!

Nurhachi’s mutated blood began to cover him, but Ice froze the blood in place.

NURHACHI: What the?

Project then came up and punched Nurhachi through the wall. Without his suit up, Nurhachi was instantly knocked out by the super strength of Project.

Back in Ultimate Central….

ULTIMATE E: So…what do you have to say for yourselves my E-Men?

CADUCEUS: We’re sorry boss…

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: The Captain interfered and….

ULTIMATE E: Yes. The Captain interfered. You have any idea what you did? I ordered you to keep XT AWAY from The Captain. And what do you do? YOU CAUSE THE CAPTAIN TO COME STRAIGHT TO XT!!!

CADUCEUS: It…it was a mistake…

ULTIMATE E: It better be your last Cad, or you’ll be going back to imprisonment. That goes for you 2 as well.


ULTIMATE E: What….the computer….


ULTIMATE E: But how….who….

Ultimate E’s eyes widened with fright as he saw who had escaped the Ultimate Central Prison.

ULTIMATE E: NO! He’ll ruin everything!!!

CADUCEUS: What do you want us to do?

Ultimate E thought for a moment.

ULTIMATE E: Actually….nothing, let him reach them…it’s about time we put my grand plan in motion…but to do that, I need you 3 to….evolve….

Ultimate E glowed as 3 beams came off him and hit the 3 E-Men.

First, Caduceus turned all white, his figure grew bigger and stronger, his eyes remained red, and his diamond on his forehead glowed bright.

Next, Ultimate Gambits skin turned red, as his figure grew as well, and Patriot turned black, with his fingers turning into little machine-gun barrels.

ULTIMATE E: Now, Caduceus, I’ve expanded your hypnosis to full power telepathy, Ultimate Gambit – everything you touch will explode and Patriot, you can fire bullets from your fingers. Now, let’s get ready….

Back on Earth…

Icemastertron and ProjectX2 approached the fallen Nurhachi. Project scooped him up as they prepared to take him to the Ultimate Central Prison. All of a sudden, a figure swooped past and punched Project in the stomach, tipping him off balance and Nurhachi dropped to the ground. Then they saw who hit him… it was The Captain, and next to him stood XT.

XT: Back off pumpkin!

ICE: XT!!!! What are you doing?

XT: Helping to get the poor guy away from Ultimate E’s clutches.

Ice shot a beam of ice at XT.

ICE: We have to capture Nurhachi XT, he’s crazy.

With his heightened senses, XT easily dodged Ices attack.

XT: So Ultimate E’s got you fighting amongst yourselves now?

PROJECT: Ultimate E is protecting the Earth man.

Project grimaced as Captain landed another punch on him. Project then gave The Captain a punch of his own and knocked him back. Nearby, Ice shot some ice shards at XT, but XT once again dodged them and kicked Ice in the head.

ICE: Aaargh…

XT leaped behind Ice and shot him with an optic blast, right in the same spot as Ice fell down.

ICE: You are so about to get owned!!!

Ice shot beams left and right, freezing everything around him. XT dodged out of the way, but slipped on the ice covering the ground, and landed on his backside. XT groaned as he got up, only to be clobbered by Ice’s ice covered fist.

ICE: Who’s your daddy XT!

Ice was about to deliver the finishing blow on XT, when The Captain flew right past Project, and spear tacked Ice into the next building over. Project, however, walked up to the dazed XT, picked him up by his leg, and slammed him over and over again into the ground. Captain saw this, picked up the weakened Ice, and threw him at Project.

PROJECT: Ugh…what?....Ice…..

Project looked up just in time to see Captain’s fist before it collided with his head. At this point, Nurhachi began to stir. He got up and saw the carnage before him. XT was lying in a bloody heap on the floor, trying to stand up, while Captain was fighting both Project and Ice.

Nurhachi then covered his body with his mutated blood and jumped into the battle. He jumped at Ice while Captain fought Project. As XT was about to join in, the battle was interrupted by a huge blast.

All five of them turned around and saw the robotic form of….Ultxon!!!

ICE: What? How did you get out from the prison?


Out from behind Ultxon emerged the hulking form of Rene… and behind him, stood Eroz.


Project ran up and gave Eroz a mighty hug.

EROZ: Hugs be like pillows Project, not concrete…

NURHACHI: What’s going on here Rene? How is Eroz alive?

RENE: He never died. Ultimate E had him imprisoned…

ICE: Wait…WHAT!!!!!!

RENE: Ultimate E imprisoned him.


XT: What about Longshot?

RENE: He was imprisoned too, but his injuries were too severe. He didn’t make it. I’m sorry XT.

XT:*********** I’m gonna KILL Ultimate E for this!

ICE: Wait…what’s going on? Why did Ultimate E imprison Eroz? How’d you get out of prison?

RENE: Please Ice; one of my superhuman powers is the ability to hack any system. You think a CYBER-prison can hold me?

XT: What do you want with us?

RENE: Well, after I hacked the prison system to escape, and took my lackey, Ultxon, and your former member Eroz with me, I came to seek you out…to warn you…to get you to follow me against….ULTIMATE E!!!!

PROJECT: No way man! You’re trying to trick us! Ultimate E’s a good guy!

XT: No he’s speaking the truth Project. Ultimate E tried to imprison me before I was able to leave the team…and anyways Eroz is right there. What more proof do you need?

ICE: I can’t believe this. We’ve been following the enemy all along!

RENE: Yes Ice. Ultimate E is actually an alien being from a far away galaxy. When his ship crashed onto earth, he was weakened. He used the last of his power to transport himself into cyber-space. Where he would be safe…where no one would be able to find him or attack him. He was slowly building power to leave cyberspace and claim Earth as his own, when the crashing of the UC website caused his powers to leak out into its members. Since then E has been trying to capture each member who received powers. His “prison” that he sends people too is actually a battery which is powered up by these members and transferred into Ultimate E. Giving him more and more power. He must be stopped!

XT: You mean?

RENE: Yes, today, the 8 of us invade Ultimate Central! AND BRING DOWN ULTIMATE E!

In Ultimate Central…..

ULTIMATE E: Be ready my E-Men…they are coming…

Caduceus, Ultimate Gambit and Patriot, glowing with power, approached there posts and got ready for the final battle!
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Chapter 12 (The End Of All Things To Come)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi

Rene looked at his team, Icemastertron, Project X2, Captain, MWOF, Eroz, Ultxon and Nurhachi. They were all getting ready to take on Ultimate E, who was planning on taking over the world.

ICE: I still can’t believe E was lying to us all this time….

RENE: Its true Ice, he plans on taking over the world. He’s convinced that the world would be a better place under his rule.

ICE: Well…it couldn’t get much worse….

RENE: What’s that?

ICE: Nothing….

RENE: You want to talk about it?

ICE: no……

CAPTAIN: Carry on Rene.

RENE: Well, E is actually had his hand in more things then you can imagine.

Project looked at him weird.

RENE: Oh for Gods sake Project, get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean.

MWOF: So what kind of stuff has E done? Besides killing Longshot, imprisoning Eroz and trying to imprison me and Nur?

RENE: Well, for example, there was never anything wrong with Nurhachi’s “blood”. E used to put a special formula in Nurhachi’s coffee some mornings to make him act angrier then usual. He would then make it look like Nur was unstable so you’d capture him and imprison him, adding more power to E so he can break out of cyberspace.

PROJECT: THAT ********

ICE: All this is too much to take in man.

RENE: We have to attack E and his E-Men tonight!

ICE: E-Men? Who are they?

RENE: Caduceus, Ultimate Gambit and Project.

ICE: They were working for E all this time?

RENE: Yes, E promised them all a place in his new world if they worked for him.

ICE: Why would E’s world be so terrible? I mean, what if he improves it?

RENE: That’s not up to him Ice. E has no right to force the world to follow him.

ICE: Yeah……yeah you’re right.

RENE: Get ready people. We attack soon.

In Ultimate Central:

ULTIMATE E: They will come soon. Patriot, Ultimate Gambit, I want you outside as our first offense. Cad, you are the second defense if they can somehow get past the others.

CAD: Got it! Don’t worry boss, we’ll take care of them long before they get to you.

ULTIMATE E: I don’t doubt it for a second Cad.


PROJECT: Y’know Eroz. You’ve been unusually quiet since you’ve been back.

EROZ: Life is not about doughnuts Project. No, it is about the sugar!

PROJECT: It’s good to have you back you little nut.

Rene approached them.

RENE: He’s expecting us….we have no choice but to leave immediately before he can get too organized.

PROJECT: It’s clobbering time.

Ice looked at them, sighed heavily and used his watch device to open the portal…but it didn’t work

RENE: He’s disabled your teleportation device Ice. I’ve made our own though.

Rene used his device to open a portal to Ultimate Central.

Rene turned into his Goblin form, Nurhachi covered his body with his “blood suit”, Icemastertron iced up, Project turned into his rock form, MWOF pulled down his mask, Captain glowed, Ultxon powered up and Eroz put on his mean face. Then they walked through the portal.

Soon they arrived at the platform in cyberspace called “Ultimate Central”. Outside the mansion on the platform, they were met by 2 huge figures. Patriot stood tall. He was totally black and had machine guns for hands. Ultimate Gambit was next to him, glowing red and clenching his fists. Patriot raised his machine gun hands.

PATRIOT: Rest in pieces!

Patriot fired at them, but Ice managed to erect an ice shield to protect them, at least for a little while. The others scattered away from the bullets.

MWOF leapt at Patriot as Patriot turned to face him. MWOF kicked Patriot in the face, but it did little effect. Patriot began to fire at MWOF, whose heightened senses helped him dodge the bullets, but he didn’t know how long he could dodge them for. Ultxon then shot a beam at Patriot which knocked him back. Patriot turned to Ultxon and shot at him, but the bullets bounced off Ultxon’s adamantium body as The Captain flew past and punched Patriot. Patriot shot at Captain and just skimmed his shoulder. Captain screamed as MWOF kicked Patriot from behind.

Meanwhile Nurhachi, Icemastertron, ProjectX2 and Rene were trying to avoid Ultimate Gambits touch. Ice covered him with ice to try keep him down, but Ultimate Gambit just touched the ice and it exploded into a million pieces.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: You don’t get it do you? You can’t harm me! When I’m in this form, anything that touches me explodes!

Nurhachi then looked at Ultimate Gambit’s feet. He had some form of adamantium boots on. It must be what’s keeping Gambit from “exploding” the floor and falling through.

Nurhachi told his team-mates this information.

NURHACHI: If we knock him off balance he’ll explode through the floor and fall forever into cyberspace.

Nurhachi and Ice tried to trip him up with tendrils and ice formations while Project and Rene pounded on the floor to try cause enough quakes to make him fall, but Ultimate Gambit just laughed at them. He then started walking towards them.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: I’m going to enjoy exploding your guys all over this place!

Just then, Rene shoulder barged Patriot, who stumbled back into Project. Project threw Patriot back and he landed right next to Ultimate Gambit. MWOF then ran and hit Patriot with a flying kick, which made him stumble back, and he bumped into his teammate, Ultimate Gambit.


As Patriots skin touched Gambits, he exploded. MWOF caught Patriots head as it fell.

MWOF: Tsk tsk…looked like he got a bit “a-head” of himself. Hahahah

CAPTAIN: I should slap you man.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: Noooooooo…..what have you done!

Ultimate Gambit backed up, but didn’t see Nurhachi’s tendril, which he snuck behind him. Ultimate Gambit tripped on the tendril and fell down.


The platform floor exploded and Gambit fell through into cyberspace. Ice shot a beam of ice which caught Gambits shoe and froze it underneath the floor. Ultimate Gambit hung there helpless. If he tried to climb back up, the ice would explode and he would fall forever. If he changed back into human form, his foot would slip out the shoe and he would fall.

There foes defeated, Rene and his team entered the mansion.

Once inside, they heard laughing all around them. Caduceus then approached them.

CADUCEUS: Fools! There is no way your leaving here alive. Ultimate E will make a glorious leader and he will make this planet better then ever. Too bad you’ll never get too see it.

Then, they screamed as an intense pain filled their brains. All except Ultxon, whose cybernetic brain was immune to such attacks. Caduceus looked at his enemies, holding there heads in pain on the floor. He then saw Ultxon standing there, unaffected.

CADUCEUS: Ah ********! I forgot about the bloody robot! How am I supposed to attack something immune to my powers?

Ultxon’s eyes glowed, before unleashing a powerful beam, but Caduceus was able to duck. As his hold on the others weakened, Icemastertron shouted…


Caduceus screamed as Ice gave him the worst case of brain freeze ever felt. Caduceus went down on his knees as the team then got up and approached him.

RENE: Where’s Ultimate E!

CADUCEUS: Rub a lamp pal. I aint saying nothing!

ICE: Sounds like someone wants another Brain Freeze!

CADUCEUS: n….no…Ice…please….


The roof of the mansion blew open as a huge, bald figure with a huge head floated down into the room.

CADUCEUS: M…master…..

ULTIMATE E: Do not concern yourself with these insects Caduceus. This is a challenge I’d like to perform personally.

RENE: You’r going down E!

ULTIMATE E: Do you really consider yourself heroes here Rene? I mean, this world is insane. You built the biggest towers in the world, and somebody knocked them down! You elected an actor governor! Priests are under suspicion! Half nude pop singers called Madonna! Bongs being made out of corpse’s heads! Micheal Jackson! Justin Timberlake’s music is actually liked by some people! INSANE!

ICE: HEY! Don’t diss MISTER JT!

Ultimate E smiled.

ULTIMATE E: Ah Ice, it pleases me that after today I will never have to hear your idiotic interruptions again. You are all fools! I will bring order into the world. I will bring peace and end of hunger and suffering. I will create the perfect world!


MWOF: You killed Longshot!

ULTIMATE E: Yes, unfortunately Longshot didn’t fit into my perfect world.

RENE: And how many more wont fit in E? Who else will you kill to make this insane dream happen?

ULTIMATE E: It’s called The Bigger Picture Rene!

PROJECT: I’ll show you a bigger picture scum-bucket!

Captain then flew into the air.

CAPTAIN: STOP! He’s right guys! This world IS mad. We should join Ultimate E and make a better world. I’m with E! And we will….AAARGH

Ultimate E shot Captain in the back with a powerful hyper beam. Captain fell down to the floor, dead.

ULTIMATE E: You know Captain, I never did like you! You definitely wouldn’t have fit in.

RENE: Let’s get him guys!

Rene and Project immediately started laying into Ultimate E. Nurhachi turned his hands into hammers and joined them. Ultxon and MWOF shot at him with their eye beams. Eroz ran for cover. There wasn’t much he could do. He hid behind a table. As he watched the battle, he wondered why Ice wasn’t doing anything….


Ultimate E shot a blast of pure power at the heroes. The blast hit between them and all of them got caught in it and went down hard.

ULTIMATE E: HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA! Did you really think you could defeat ME!

As E was laughing, Eroz ran to hide in the computer room. He was terrified. As he ran in, he tripped on something…..a hammer. Eroz picked up the hammer and immediately was surrounded by winds and lightning as he was imbued with the powers of the legendary Norse god THOR!

ULTIMATE E: You will all die, your powers will be transferred into me and I will overtake the Earth!!! You could NEVER defeat ME!

Just then, Eroz burst into the room…



Eroz spun his hammer in a circular motion. As he was doing this, he noticed Ice running outside. Eroz kept on spinning his hammer until a portal started to open.



With that, Eroz hurled himself and Ultimate E into the portal, closing it behind him.

Minutes later…

PROJECT: Is….is it over…..

RENE: Yes…Earth is saved….thanks to Eroz!

NURHACHI: Oh man, MWOF is really hurt from that blast.

RENE: He’ll be ok Nur. Come; let us fix this place up.

PROJECT: Hey, where’s Ice….and Caduceus?

They went outside to see that Ultimate Gambit had disappeared too.

RENE: That’s not the only problem guys.

He pointed at the computer.

RENE: It looks like there’s only 1 person in the UC prison. The rest have escaped!

NURHACHI: What? How?


In an abandoned warehouse…

GOODWILL: Ha-ha….the fool Rene thought no-one would follow his escape. It was child’s play to see what he did and copy him.

Goodwill looked at the others that he busted out. Baxter, Ultimate Quicksilver, Shihad, Dr. Strangefate and Aeroth. While Seldes had returned home and Moonmaster wanted to stay in prison so he wouldn’t hurt anyone, the rest had decided to form a team with him as their leader.

GOODWILL: So…my Cabinet….are we ready to put our plan into action…..

DR. STRANGEFATE: No Goodwill, not yet. We need to await the right time….

GOODWILL: Yes. Yes you’re right. And then! Rene and his boys are HISTORY!!!


Caduceus and Ultimate Gambit had been in hiding for hours. Waiting for the one who freed them to return…

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: So what’s our next move?

CADUCEUS: I guess we’ll see when HE comes back!

A mysterious figure then approached.

“I’m here,” he said, “and after we find out how to free Ultimate E….”

He leaned forward, his face lightened up.


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Chapter 13 (Bloody Irish)


COVER BY: Nurhachi


A bar in Ireland somewhere…

Karaoke night was famous around these parts. Every drunk guy would get up and sing a song. The more drunk you were the more foolish you were. Unfortunately karaoke night was nearly over. There was only one guy left to sing. His friends called him Irish. On Ultimate Central he was known as Irish4204. The drunk guy. He stood up on the stage and grabbed the microphone. He had just eaten 6 packets of pretzels and drank 8 beers. He was feeling great.

IRISH_4204: Tonight I’m going to sing a heavy metal song!

The crowd cheered. He opened his mouth and sang. But instead of his normal voice some high-pitched scream came out. His voice broke all the glasses and bottles. People were covering their ears. He couldn’t stop. He kept screaming. Sound waves began tearing apart the building. A loud pop indicated someone’s head had just blown. More pops. The screaming finally stopped once everyone was dead. Blood and brains littered the floor. Irish was hardly ever sick but he could hardly keep it in. So he ran. And he didn’t stop running.


In Ultimate Central:

Nurhachi looked at what he now called his home. UltimateE, an alien that had used him for his own purposes, had run Ultimate Central. Now it belonged to six superheroes. Nurhachi was one of the first UC members to get powers. He was also one of the most powerful. He called his own part “House of N” and had set up a rather large television which he watched wrestling on. Rene, the master of cyber-space walked in.

RENE: You know you should be training. Never know when another threat will come along.

Ultxon, a massive super-computer shaped like a human walked in. Rene had upgraded him so he now had a lot more technology. ProjectX2 had also been working on him. He now had a “tongue”.

ULTXON: Greetings Master Rene. Another superhuman has popped up somewhere in Ireland. He is drunk and seems to be yelling rather loudly. Master Nurhachi – Master ProjectX2 has finished the upgrading the “Eroz Program”. Would you like to run it?

NURHACHI: Um, okay…

ULTXON: Uploading Eroz Program. Finding file. Random fat of the day – 95% of cows like to use hot chilli sauce instead of toothpaste.

An orange rocky face suddenly appeared behind Ultxon.

PROJECTX2: How’d ya like it?

NURHACHI: Dude. That was lame. Perhaps you need to inject some of my blood with Ice’s to hear some hilarious Justin Timberlake jokes.

Everyone suddenly went quiet. Ice had been missing for two weeks now. It looked like he wasn’t coming back.

RENE: Well, Ice or not, you have a superhuman to stop.

A few seconds later…

A light emerged in Ireland as Nur, PX2 and Ultxon suddenly appeared.

VOICE: Dude! Wait for me!

MWF suddenly appeared.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: Why ain’t no one tell me we’re going to Ireland? I’ve got history with this place.

ULTXON: Master ManWithoutFear. I have successfully arranged a date with one of the “hotties” you met the other night. It’s at 7:00 tonight at the Hot and Spicy Resturant.

MWOF: Booyah!

PROJECTX2: Uh guys… Someone cometh.


PROJECTX2: Looks like another Baxter wannabe. Let’s get him.

MWOF: Wait!

NURHACHI: What now?

MWOF: I’ve made a law about fighting drunks. I’m only allowed to fight them if I’m drunk. So… Ultxon?

Ultxon opens up his chestplate.

ULTXON: Open Universe. Bring beer.

MWOF: And don’t stop!

Ultxon had a whole universe built into him. He could ask for anything and it would come through. Anything except Harry Potter. Unfortunately, he only had enough energy to keep it open for one thing to come through at one time. So now he charged down.

ULTXON: Batteries… weakening…

NURHACHI: Damn! I guess it’s up to you and me Proj!

PROJECTX2: Right on! Fastball special coming right up!

Nurhachi morphed his blood into a ball of spikes and jumped into Proj’s arms. PX2 threw him as hard as he could in Irish4204’s direction. Collision was inevitable. The force was powerful that it knocked Irish into a frozen lake.


Irish opened his mouth and screamed like he had never screamed before. The ground began to shake and everyone covered their ears. Nurhachi’s blood began to go crazy. It suddenly morphed into two different colours – purplish blue and bright red. The blue colour separated from Nurhachi’s body and disappeared through a crack in the ground.

NURHACHI: Holy crap! What the @#$%@%@#$ was that?

But no one heard him. Irish kept screaming. Only Ultxon could stop this. He had enough power to do one more thing. He recorded the screaming as a file in PX2’s mp3 player. He then teleported himself so he was right next to Irish. He shoved his hand right up to Irish’s ear.

ULTXON: Open mp3 player. Open file “Bloody Irish.” Play.

Ultxon’s arm turned into a speaker and began playing Irish’s scream magnified into Irish’s ear. His eardrums exploded and he fainted. Ultxon stopped playing.

MWOF: Damn, that was cool.

Undisclosed Location…

The members of the Cabinet all eyed each other. They sat around a round table. Who knew what were in their minds. They were all probably plotting revenge.

DR. STRANGEFATE: We should probably start plotting revenge.

GOODWILL: Yes, I’ve been thinking of taking over the White House and electing me President.

BAXTER: Shut up and stop dreaming! Deal the @#%#$% cards already!

Back at Ultimate Central…

Irish4204 had been put into the prison with Moonmaster until they could find a better place for them. The other criminals had broken out, but had not done anything dangerous yet.

NURHACHI: But what the @#%$^$%@# was up with my blood? It separated from me!

RENE: From what I know, I’d say that was your bad side. Everyone has a good and a bad side. Yin and Yang. Light and Dark. Irish’s sound separated the dark from you, at least the blood.

NURHACHI: But I’m still the same old Nurhachi. I still swear and think bad and crap.

RENE: That’s something that I do not know yet. Further research will have to be done.

Ultxon hovered over to Rene and the others.

ULTXON: Master Rene – You might want to see this.

Rene looked at the computer screen Ultxon was carrying. He didn’t look very happy.

RENE: Um guys… there is something you might want to know.

PX2, NUR and MWF: What is it?!?

RENE: This is bad. Very bad. Nurhachi’s dark blood has attached itself to an Ultimate Central member.

NURHACHI: Holy crap! Who?

RENE: jtg3885.

To Be Continued…
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Chapter 14 (Venomous)


COVER BY: Nurhachi


An alleyway in New York somewhere…

A man and a woman walk down a dark alleyway. They are not talking and seem to be angry at one another. The shadows begin to move. The couple continue walking. The shadows begin to move again. This time the woman sees this.
“Aaaaaagghhhh!” She screams as the man turns around.
“Holy #$@#$@” He says as he pulls on the woman getting her to run. Unfortunately they’re not fast enough. The shadows move again but this time the figure emerges. It is a man, covered in metal. It seems to be his skin.
“Don’t go…” He whispers. “I need help. I can’t feel anything. My skin has shredded off.”
“Get away from us you freak!” The man yells as the woman and him run away.

The metal thing is left alone.

He is no longer known as thee great one.


The blood was perfect. It had bonded to him, as in need of a host. He had accepted it. They were now the perfect human. They were jtg3885.

He had been writing on his computer when it happened. He had just finished a chapter of his fan fiction. Unfortunately, he had no one to show it off to on the site, because it was down. As he did a final save and turned off the computer, the window across from him suddenly smashed. A weird slimy kind of thing oozed in through the broken glass. Jtg3885 had backed away from it but had tripped over a packet of cheetos. The slime had launched at him and attached to his face. The blood began to grow bigger and bigger as if it was sucking the energy out of his body. But it was expanding. Soon jtg3885’s whole entire body was a bluish-purple colour. He had said only one word.

JTG3885: Hungry…

And now here he was. He had attacked a Burger shop and eaten all that was in his way. But still he was hungry. His hunger consumed him. He needed energy. He needed power. He turned around and noticed two lesbians kissing against a wall.

JTG3885: Hungry… Lesbians…

He launched off the building and went towards the couple.

Meanwhile, across town…

It had all been different for thee great one. He had logged onto his computer and gone to Ultimate Central. It was still down. He was so lonely. He had just come back from the costume shop with a costume of Dr. Doom. He had originally bought it for collective purposes. The shopkeeper had told him it would be worth quite a lot in the future. He was bored and he knew if he put it on, it wouldn’t be worth as much. But he put it on anyway. The costume had bonded to his skin, and the silver leather of the costume turned to metal and covered his skin. What remained of his skin shredded off onto the floor. He couldn’t feel anything. He was just metal.

On the other side of town…

Jtg3885 sat and watched the two kiss each other. If only he had his camera right now. They would prove good inspiration for his story and he could send the photo off to Skotti, who would be able to use them as models for some of the characters.

JTG3885: Excuse me…

The two women turned around and screamed. They ran off across the street.

JTG3885: Wait! I need…

Suddenly jtg3885 felt the blood move. It was going into his brain. It was beginning to take over the last humanity he had left.

JTG3885: We had a deal! Aaghh!

The blood was now in full control of jtg3885’s body.

JTG3885: Hunger…

He tore off after the couple. It didn’t take long for him to corner them against a wall. The two screamed as two tendrils emerged from his bloody body. The tendrils grabbed the two women and pulled. The two women were absorbed into the gooey body. Yet JTG3885 was still hungry.


Thee great one had ran away from home and was now wandering the streets. He didn’t know what he had began, but he didn’t like it. He looked across the street. There was a warehouse that looked abandoned. But sound was coming out. Laughter and weird noises. Thee Great One wandered over and knocked. He was immediately greeted by a little dragon-looking thing. And then a strange man with the skin of a lizard came around.

GOODWILL: And who might you be?

THEE GREAT ONE: I am Thee Great One from Ultimate Central. I’ve been given these powers yet I think they are a curse. By the looks of it you have been given powers too.

GOODWILL: Well hello TGO. I am Goodwill.

THEE GREAT ONE: Thee Goodwill? I’m inspired.

GOODWILL: I hope you’re not working with those Avatar wannabes.

THEE GREAT ONE: Who? I don’t know what happened but I was wearing a Doom costume and it seemed to have taken over my skin.

The sudden voice of Baxter interrupts the conversation.

BAXTER: Hurry up and close the door!

ULTIMATE QUICKSILVER: Yeah, I’ve had to run around the world five times and I’m still cold.

GOODWILL: Why don’t you join us then TGO?


Back on the other side of town…

Jtg3885’s powers seemed to be growing. He could sense energy somehow, he didn’t know but he liked it. There seemed to be about 7 energy sources all in one room across town. He was still hungry so he began to run that way.

Back at the Cabinet’s Base…

Goodwill was the leader. Dr. Strangefate didn’t like this. He was much smarter, he should be the leader. Even his beloved servant, Aeroth seemed to have left him and began to be best friends with Goodwill. He would get rid of Goodwill, no matter who got in his way.

Goodwill also hated Dr. Strangefate. Since he had the power to control dragons, and Aeroth was a dragon, he had befriended Aeroth in an attempt to spy on DSF. So far it had been unsuccessful, since Aeroth seemed to be getting too friendly with him.

BAXTER: So you want to join our club? Don’t know about that. We’ve all fought the Avatars. You’re just some newbie who looks like a supervillain.

THEE GREAT ONE: Please let me join. I’ll help you fight this evil team of villains! Just because I look bad doesn’t mean I am! I want to be a hero like you guys!

BAXTER: I think you’ve got the wrong idea kid…

Suddenly the wall exploded. The table full of cards was pushed over as a massive ball of black slime crashed in. Tendrils flicked everywhere and knocked many of the villains backwards. Jtg3885’s eyes strayed onto Thee Great One.

JTG3885: Mmm… yummy.

To Be Continued
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Chapter 15 (Blood Brothers)


COVER BY: Nurhachi


Nurhachi, ProjectX2, ManWithoutFear and Ultxon sit around watching wrestling on Ultxon’s big screen TV. Nurhachi had insisted on watching wrestling while the others had complained. Rene suddenly ran into the room.

RENE: Guy’s, we have another problem!

MANWITHOUTFEAR: What is it now?

NURHACHI: Yeah, I’m watching wrestling! You here that? WRESTLING!

RENE: Well, this thing is much more important than wrestling.

NURHACHI: More important than wrestling? My ears must be blocked!

RENE: I’ve found where jtg3885 is. He seems to have attacked a warehouse, but that’s not all.

PROJECTX2: What else could there be?

RENE: This warehouse is wear the Cabinet are hiding out. But there also seems to be another super powered member there not known to us.

PROJECTX2: So? Why don’t we just let them kill each other?

RENE: You don’t understand. If 8 super powered members were to fight each other in a crowded city, you know there’s going to be trouble. The commotion might even reach the nearby wrestling arena.

NURHACHI: Wrestling… They will not take away my wrestling! Let’s get ‘em!

MANWITHOUTFEAR: Look’s like you’re going to New York.


Thee Great One stood and shivered. In front of him was a great big person covered in purple coloured slime. The slime was moving and seemed to be changing into weapons and various items. He was scared. He didn’t know what would happen next.

JTG3885: I shall eat you all…

Suddenly a massive hand squashed the person into the ground. Thee Great One looked up to see the person known as Baxter no longer crouching down. He had now stood up and seemed to be around 60 feet tall. He grabbed the slimy pancake with both hands and looked at it.

BAXTER: That was easier than expected. Teach that @$%#$% to come around here again.

He went to throw the slime like a Frisbee until the slime started to wriggle. It spread out and covered Baxter’s hands. It eventually expanded until it covered Baxter entire head. Baxter couldn’t breathe and jtg3885 knew this. The slime then formed into a head and began to talk.

JTG3885: The bigger they are, the harder they fall…

And Baxter fell backwards, landing on the rest of the Cabinet members. The only one left standing was Thee Great One.

JTG3885: Hello newbie. It’s time for my snack…

Jtg3885 morphed his arms into a knife and fork and began to advance on Thee Great One. Thee Great One concentrated. He needed to do something to get this thing away from him. He raised his arm and pointed it at jtg3885. He began to think of shooting spikes at it or something similar. Nothing happened. Obviously, his power was simply to band to a Dr. Doom suit and stay like that. He had the worst power ever.

JTG3885: Good night…

The slime wrapped around Thee Great One’s metal skin and it felt like cold water. The slime slowly sucked life out of Thee Great One’s body. He wasn’t going to die like this. He had to take a fighting chance.


He yelled, as his body suddenly began to glow. Jtg3885 took his slime off of Thee Great One’s skin and began to back up. Thee Great One’s eyes began to glow as he opened his mouth.

THEE GREAT ONE: I think it’s time you saw a doctor…

Thee Great One raised his fist again. It glowed and he opened his fist. Energy began to form in his palm as he aimed at jtg3885.


The blast of energy shot from Thee Great One and landed in jtg3885’s stomach. The energy began to expand and expand as it took over jtg3885’s body.

JTG3885: Uh oh…

The energy ball exploded and everything suddenly went white.

A few minutes later The Avatars arrived in the city. Everything seemed to be rubble.

NURHACHI: No… my wrestling…

PROJECTX2: What the hell happened here?

ULTXON: Due to my calculations, I’d say the unknown member’s powers have something to do with energy manipulation or self-destruction.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: So, he’s dead?

ULTXON: Not quite. Just weakened. If we search around, we may find his body.

NURHACHI: Let’s start then.

ULTXON: Wait. My scanners indicate that there are six members half away across the city; obviously the Cabinet. There’s one unconscious body around here somewhere, but there’s also a fully awake one. And it’s coming this way!

PROJECTX2: Oh crap…

Jtg3885 had survived the blast and was now coming back for more. He ran at full speed, getting closer and closer to the Avatars.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: Um, fire in the hole?

ManWithoutFear shot out a blast of optic energy that hit jtg3885 in the stomach. There was no effect. Jtg3885 continued to speed up and didn’t like he was in the mood to slow down.

NURHACHI: Avatars? Attack together!

All four Avatars launched their attack at once at jtg3885 but again, nothing happened. It seemed like nothing could stop him.

Jtg3885 stopped just before he hit the Avatars.

JTG3885: My, my, what have we here? My other half…

Jtg3885 morphed one of his arms into a claw and attached it to Nurhachi. The two different coloured bloods flowed together, mixing into a darker purple. Nurhachi felt his energy being slowly drained.

NURHACHI: Help me…

The Avatars attacked again but to no effect. Jtg3885 was sucking all the energy out of Nurhachi’s body, through his blood. Eventually, jtg3885 stopped sucking and moved away. The slimy blood shivered around as jtg3885 walked. Nurhachi was now back to normal. His skin was visible and he was unconscious.

JTG3885: Yes, I am now perfect. The two bloods are once again joined, but this time they are influenced by evil. Now that I am perfect, I can do anything. You cannot stop me.

Jtg3885 launched into the air and disappeared.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: Oh crap… What do we do now?

PROJECTX2: Get Nurhachi back to Ultimate Central you idiot. I think he’s dying…

To Be Continued
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Chapter 16 (Plans in Motion)


COVER BY: Nurhachi

Three figures ran through the portal into Ultimate Central. One was ManWithOutFear, one was Ultxon and another was ProjectX2. They were all superhuman members of Ultimate Central, and they had just suffered one of their worst blows yet. ProjectX2 carried the limp human body of Nurhachi, the Avatar’s Field Leader, in his arms. The being known as jtg3885 had sucked all the blood out of Nurhachi’s body and absorbed it into his.

RENE: Over here, over here!

The three members rushed towards where Rene was yelling from and entered into a small medical room. ProjectX2 laid Nurhachi on the bed.

RENE: I saw everything on the computers. Ultxon, do a quick body scan!

ULTXON: Yes, my master.

Ultxon, the robot member of the Avatars could do practically anything. As he got to work scanning Nurhachi’s body, ManWithoutFear and ProjectX2 waited in suspense. Nurhachi was one of their greatest friends, and if he was to die, well, they’d be left with nothing much. The team wouldn’t have a leader, and they’d practically fall apart from the inside out. Nurhachi was the heart of the team and they needed him now more than ever.

RENE: Well, what is it?

ULTXON: Bad news I am afraid. If Nurhachi does not get his blood back in less than 24 hours…

PROJECTX2: Spit it out!

ULTXON: He will become a lifeless shell, and fade away from existence.


Jtg3885 was now incredibly powerful. He doubted there would be anything that could stop him now. But he still wanted to prove he was invincible. His antennae had located the whereabouts of three hidden superhumans. He didn’t know who they are, but he did know one thing: Nothing could stop him now.

He had stopped at a house. It wasn’t a very big house, just a house that you’d stay on holiday for a while, or have a rest at. The perfect hiding place. Jtg3885 made his way towards the house slowly. He stopped at the door step. He’d have some fun this time. He concentrated and his blood began to form a shape. A fist emerged from the blood and knocked against the door. He waited for a while and no answer came.

JTG3885: Fun’s over…

The fist smashed through the door and tore off part of the wall. Jtg3885 ripped through the house looking for the members he had sensed. He noticed some stairs leading down to the basement. He touched his antennae to the floor and sensed that there were three members down there. He leapt down the stairs and emerged in a rather large basement. He found three people staring back at him.

CADUCEUS: Who dares disturb the E-Men?!

The three were known as the E-Men. There names were Caduceus, Ultimate Gambit and icemastertron. They were enemies to the Avatars and anyone associated with them. They were attacking.

CADUCEUS: You are powerful. Once you become part of us, we shall destroy the Avatars.

JTG3885: Your mind control will not work on me, fool…

Jtg3885 shot out a tentacle that hit Caduceus in the stomach and sent him flying. Ultimate Gambit charged forward, his hands charged with kinetic energy. Once he made contact, J would explode. J however flung the tentacle around and picked up Ultimate Gambit by his adamantium boots and threw him into a table. The table exploded into woodchips which landed on Caduceus.

JTG3885: Hmm. That was fun.

Jtg3885 shot out another tentacle which grabbed Ultimate Gambit by the head and smashed him into the ground.

JTG3885: One down. And look who it is… the Popsicle.

Icemastertron blasted chunks of ice at jtg3885. He was determined to beat this foe. The raging hot fires in his eyes showed this. Jtg3885 continued to dodge the ice. He was right. Nothing could hurt him now. He shot out two tentacles and wrapped them around icemastertron.

JTG3885: I shall crush you…

Icemastertron wiggled, trying to get out of the monsters grasp. It was at this exact moment Caduceus emerged from underneath some rubble. He felt the bump on his head.


He knew that with the sudden blow to his head, his mind control powers were weakened. They might even be so weak, that the people under his control would regain their senses. He looked at icemastertron. He couldn’t risk this happening.

JTG3885: On second thought… I might put you in a sauna and watch you melt…

It was also at this moment that icemastertron gained his old memory back.

ICEMASTERTRON: What? Where am I? What happened?


Caduceus charged at Jtg3885 and tried to punch the blob but it was impossible.

The end was near.

Back at Ultimate Central, Rene was doing all he could do to try and awaken Nurhachi. Ultxon, ProjectX2 and ManWithoutFear were all waiting for something to happen. This was when ProjectX2 got an idea. He suddenly stood up and walked to Ultxon.

MANWITOUTFEAR: What are you doing?

PROJECTX2: I have a plan. Ultxon, can you bring other people here?

ULTXON: If you give me a name I will be able to teleport them here, sir.

PROJECTX2: Right. His name is jtg3885 and he’s the @#@#$@ who attacked Nurhachi.

ULTXON: Teleportation shall begin soon, sir.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: What are you doing? We can’t bring him here! He’ll kill us all!

PROJECTX2: Relax. I have a feeling. It’s the time we bought this punk down.

Jtg3885 crashed into the wall and dropped icemastertron. Caduceus landed next to icemastertron.

ICEMASTERTRON: Caduceus? What are you doing here? I’ve got to stop you!

Icemastertron sucker punched Caduceus in the stomach while Jtg3885 watched in amazement. Suddenly, he began to fell weird. Like something was controlling him.

JTG3885: This isn’t good…

Jtg3885 suddenly vanished from the house, leaving Ultimate Gambit unconscious and icemastertron and Caduceus fighting.

Jtg3885 instantly appeared at Ultimate Central. Again there were three people in front of him. ProjectX2, ManWithoutFear and Ultxon. They were all in attack poses.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: I hope you know what you’re doing…

ULTXON: My calculations say that we have smaller than .11% to win.


ProjectX2 clenched his fists.

PROJECTX2: It’s clobbering time!
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Chapter 17 (The End)


COVER BY: Icemastertron

Icemastertron and Caduceus faced each other. They both had looks of determination on their faces. Caduceus wanted icemastertron back under his mind control, while icemastertron just wanted to know what the hell was going on. Caduceus struggled to put his opponent back under his control, but it wouldn’t work. Icemastertron was now too strong.

ICEMASTETRON: For the last time, what the hell is going on?

CADUCEUS: It is simple. You were blinded by UltimateE’s betrayal, which weakened you and I gain control of you. I made you join the E-Men, and since you are one of UltimateE’s greatest followers, we need you to help us bring him back.

ICEMASTERTRON: Never! I’ll never betray the Avatars!

CADUCEUS: So be it. Now you must die!

Caduceus picked up part of the table and charged forward at icemastertron. Ice managed to dodge Cad’s charge, and Cad nearly ran into the wall. Icemastertron swinged around and blasted ice at Caduceus, which froze him to the wall.

ICEMASTERTRON: That will hold him… hopefully. I’ve got to find my way back to Ultimate Central. I need to tell the Avatars that I’m not evil. I just hope they believe me…


Rene checked upon Nurhachi’s pulse. He still couldn’t feel anything. It was as if he was already dead. A sudden crash awoke Rene’s thoughts. He ran out of the Medical room and found himself in the middle of a fight. Jtg3885 had somehow made his way to Ultimate Central and was now fighting the Avatars.


ManWithoutFear tackled Rene and they narrowly missed one of jtg3885’s tentacles. Jtg3885 had grown as big as Baxter and looked like a cross between a giant squid and a blob of purple paint. Rene noticed that projectX2 was being swung into the ground by one of the tentacles while Ultxon was shooting laser beams at jtg3885. Nothing seemed to harm the monster. Jtg3885 was invincible.

PROJECTX2: Rene! I need you to stay here and hold him off! ManWithoutFear and I have something we need to take care of!

RENE: What? What are you talking about? How did jtg3885 even get here?

PROJECTX2: I’ll explain later! ManWithoutFear, let’s go!

ProjectX2 and ManWithoutFear ran out of reach of the tentacles and towards Ultxon.

PROJECTX2: Ultxon, can you open two portals at the same time?

ULTXON: Yes sir, but they will only stay open for a few minutes considering my energy rate at this moment.

PROJECTX2: Good enough. ManWithoutFear, I need you to go back to the city and get Thee Great One. You need to bring him back here and wait for me to get back.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: Fine. What are you doing?

PROJECTX2: I’m going to go see some old friends.

Ultxon created two portals and ManWithoutFear went through one while ProjectX2 went through the other.

Rene stood up and stared at Jtg3885.

JTG3885: So you’re Rene. I didn’t expect you to look like a freaking goblin!

RENE: I may look ugly, but then again, look at what you’ve become.

Rene created two fireballs in his hands and flung them at jtg3885. They exploded on impact but only seemed to distract him. Rene jumped up and began springing around the room, flinging fireballs at jtg3885. Rene was too fast to get hit, and this was the perfect way to distract jtg3885 so he wouldn’t know that the other members had gone. Rene just hoped they got back soon.

A portal opened in the middle of the city. ManWithoutFear stepped out and noticed that the wreckage had not been cleaned up. He looked up at the full moon? He also noticed the sound that appeared when he stepped on some kind of slop.


It only took a few seconds before ManWithoutFear found the unconscious body of Thee Great One. He picked him up and carried him over his shoulders.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: Sorry we left you here, but damn, you’re heavy. This would have been good training for the army.

ManWithoutFear walked back into the portal with Thee Great One in his arms.

ProjectX2 stepped out of the other portal in an unfamiliar environment. The Ultimate Central Prison. It was pure white, no cells anywhere. There was nothing.

PROJECTX2: Strange. Where the hell is Moonmaster and Irish_4204?

ProjectX2 was answered as a ball of fur slammed into him and knocked him over. Moonmaster was in his wolf form. The full moon must still count whether someone is in the prison or not… Moonmaster tried to bite and claw at ProjectX2 but he just held Moonmasters jaw shut. ProjectX2 swung his fist back and rammed it into Moonmasters face. That bruise would be there for a long time. He then picked up the werewolf by its leg and swung it around and around. He let Moonmaster go, who flied off to the other side of the prison.

PROJECTX2: Irish! Where are you?

He noticed a man on the ground a little while away. ProjectX2 ran towards him and found that Moonmaster had mauled him. Irish_4204 could have been dead.

PROJECTX2: Say something Irish!

As soon as he said this, he regretted it. Irish_4204 opened his mouth and let out a high pitched sonic scream.

PROJECTX2: Aagh! Crap! I should have let ManWithoutFear come do this bit!

ProjectX2 grabbed Irish and ran towards the portal and exited the prison, hoping to never return to that place again.

Rene continued to battle jtg3885, waiting for the two members to return from whenever they went.

JTG3885: You cannot stop me. Why don’t you just give up?

RENE: Giving up is for quitters!

Rene launched himself at the monster and used his fiery hands to attack the creature’s eyes. Rene seemed to have found a vulnerable spot. He got ready to fire again, but a massive tentacle came out of nowhere and slammed Rene against a wall.

JTG3885: Tricked you… Now you will die!

ProjectX2 and ManWithoutFear suddenly appeared with Irish_4204 and Thee Great One.

PROJECTX2: Only one person dies today, and it damn well ain’t going to be Nurhachi!

ManWithoutFear ran towards Rene and freed him from the tentacle. Using their athletic abilities they again began to distract Jtg3885 so ProjectX2 could finish his plan.

PROJECTX2: Ultxon, I need you to connect to these two members. You have to absorb their powers and blast it at jtg3885. Can you do that?

ULTXON: I certainly can master. After all, tortoises can fly can’t they?

ProjectX2 charged at jtg3885 leaving Ultxon to finish off the plan.

Nurhachi suddenly awoke. He looked at his surroundings. He was in the Ultimate Central medical room. Last he remembered was jtg3885 taking his blood. His blood! He looked at himself to see that he was naked, and all bare skin. He got off the bed and found that he could still walk. He didn’t know how he was even alive without blood, perhaps it was something to do with Ultimate Central’s gravitational place in the universe. Nurhachi could hear the Avatars fighting with jtg3885 outside. He knew he should rest, but he wanted revenge.

NURHACHI: I’m coming for my blood jtg3885… and you better be ##$%@@# ready…

Ultxon connected himself to the life sources of Thee Great One and Irish_4204. He began to absorb their energy, and his energy rose. Once it was complete, he’d be able to send it all off in one big blast, hopefully separating the blood from jtg3885. He noticed the naked body of Nurhachi walk along but he couldn’t do anything to stop him. Jtg3885 wrapped his tentacles around ManWithoutFear, Rene and ProjectX2. The end was near. They all gasped once they saw Nurhachi alive and walking. He was walking towards jtg3885.

NURHACHI: I want my blood back mutha@##$%#@!

ULTXON: Energy absorption complete. Prepare to fire.

Ultxon raised his arms and they turned into a giant cannon. They began to light up. The end was near.

JTG3885: I will kill you, you little $%^#!

NURHACHI: Bring it on!

Nurhachi charged towards jtg3885 as Ultxon fired the blast. It enveloped jtg3885 and Nurhachi. Rene, ProjectX2 and ManWithoutFear dropped to the ground.

The end had come.

A few minutes later, the dust cleared. Rene, ProjectX2 and ManWithoutFear walked towards the center. There were two figures, lying on the ground. They were lying in a pool of blood, purple blood.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: Now, that’s #%@#% up!

Jtg3885’s skeleton lied there, covered in purple blood. Jtg3885 was finally defeated, yet it had cost him his life. ProjectX2 looked at the other figure.


Nurhachi was struggling to stand up and was now covered in his original red blood.

RENE: Welcome back Nurhachi.


The four Avatars walked back towards the main part of Ultimate Central where Ultxon lied. He had drained all his energy and would need another reboot and installation.

RENE: Ultxon Version 2.0 coming up I guess.

PROJECTX2: Oh know…

The Avatars looked at the bodies of Thee Great One and Irish_4204. They were dead. All their energy had been absorbed to stop jtg3885. They had helped save the earth, and possibly the universe.

MANWITHOUTFEAR: They did their duty. Like we did ours.
PROJECTX2: I guess, but where do we go from here?


The Cabinet joined back together and formed a new base, in Washington DC. Their next plan was to take over the White House.

Ultimate Gambit and Caduceus had left the house and had gone after Ice, determined to bring him back to the side of evil.

And yet, more mysteries were going to unfold…


Author’s Note: During Nurhachi’s original run, which I found entertaining, much better than my stories, he came to me with an offer. He asked if I wanted to write an arc on Ultimate Central: The Fanfic and I thought it would be fun so I accepted. I made jtg3885 as the villain because so many people on the site have had arguments with him, and I thought it’d be cool to “Ultimate Centralize” him. He is Venom because of his fic, Ultimate Venom. Irish_4204 was originally going to be DirishB, but since Irish had been asking for a long time if he could be in the fic, I let him. Even though he’s in it for only two issues, he is one of the most important characters. He literally began my arc, and ended it. Thee Great One is thrown in there for a laugh, to show how some people have cool superpowers, while some are stuck with the crappiest look possible. I’m sorry he had to die, as he could have been a very interesting character to expand with, but I promised his death. Perhaps he will be dug up from the grave one day. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

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Annual #1 (Revolutions)

(Cover will be added soon)

COVER BY: Icemastertron

A bare light bulb hangs over a dingy table in Washington DC. 5 men sit at this table, all brought together by a common purpose, a singular drive.

“Gentlemen, you all know why we’re here”, says a voice from the darkness. As he leans forward Baxter, the Growing Man’s face is bathed in the yellow light. “How do we kill Superman?”

Ultimate Central Annual #1: REVOLUTIONS

Ultimate Quicksilver: Okay, Baxter’s lost it. Of course what can you expect, the guy hasn’t won a hand for weeks.

Baxter: Hey, screw you man. I’m just learning all your tells.

Shihad: Sure you are Bax, I’m winning by sheer luck.

That and the Squirrels that are peeking through the windows.

Baxter: Says the man who was hanging out in the cabin from Evil Dead for how long? We’re lucky you can still talk to us Squirrel Boy.

Baxter tosses down his cards in disgust.

Baxter: I’m getting a beer. Anyone want one?”


Baxter: Shut you damned dragon up Stangefate! I don’t know why we keep the damn thing around, all it does is eat and scream obscenities.

Quicksilver: Well we keep you around, don’t we?

Baxter: Ha ha. Crap. We’re out of beer. Quicksilver, lil’ help?

Quicksilver: Can’t someone else go on a beer run for once?

The entire group stares at Ultimate Quicksilver, their flat expressions telling him everything.

Quicksilver: Yeah, yeah… just wait, I’m going to leave something on the top shelf…. in a blast furnace…. Surrounded by giant dragon/squirrels, so you’ll all have to do something for me!

Goodwill: Just go would you. I’ve had about enough of everyone’s moaning.


Quicksilver bolts from the room, not wanting to be around when the rest of the group finds out what that one meant

Strangefate: More from our fearless leader. How’s the plans for domination coming Goodwill. Figured out a way for us to storm the White House and not get dropped on the front lawn yet?

Goodwill: Yes. Yes I have.

Strangefate: ...Oh. Well, what is it?

Goodwill: We need more people for it to work. I’m putting you on that Strangefate. You’re the only one o us who can give people powers.

Stangefate: I can’t give people powers, all I can really do there is bring out a power that was going to manifest anyway. People that had already been exposed to the Ucs information.


Baxter: Oh Jesus, get it away from me

Baxter swats at Aeroth, trying to get the dragons tiny rear end away from him

Baxter: God is that rotten…

Goodwill: You mean Aeroth was always going to be like that?

Strangefate: … Maybe not exactly, but something near. Anyway, don’t you think most of the people who’d have gained powers have shown themselves by now? I mean we were all pretty quick about coming out and going on display. The last one to pop up was JTG, and he was as much Nurachi’s fault as he was changed by Ultimate E.

Goodwill: That’s why you’re all going to go find people that were at the site but didn’t mutate on their own. I want you to find Ourchair and Compound, change them, and bring them back here.

Shihad: I don’t think that’ll be a very good idea boss.

Goodwill glares at Shihad.

Goodwill: Shihad, why would you say that?

Shihad: Well, I mean haven’t you watched the news lately?

Goodwill: Pretend I haven’t.

Shihad: Well, I mean the Philippines have been taken over by a new dictator, call’s himself Moving Colors. Its been all over the papers, even been on Dateline.

Goodwill: That doesn’t change anything. Strangefate, I want you, Baxter, and Quicksilver to -

Quicksilver zips in: What boss? Hey, all I could get was Milwaukee’s best. That okay?

Goodwill: Wha? Damn it! I want the three of you to go the Philippines, find Compound and Ourchair, power them up, and get all five of your asses back here so we can get to some real work. NOW GO! Come on Aeroth, we have planning to do.

The purple menace follows behind as Goodwill leaves the room, going down into the basement of their less than well furnished shack.

Baxter: Wasn’t Aeroth supposed to be your sidekick or something Strangefate? I mean you turned him into that, and he helped you out for a long time.

Strangefate: Yeah. Lets get going guys. I can fly there, Quicksilver, you can run. Bax, how are you getting to The Phillipines?

Baxter: What? You can’t just magic me there?

Strangefate: No. I can’t just “Magic you there”. There are limits to what I can do, and transporting 60 foot tall drunks to the other side of the planet are outside of them.

Baxter: Crap. Well Quicksilver, better get moving. We’ve got get going.

Quicksilver: …. How am I supposed to carry you?

Baxter: I dunno…. I think I saw a wheelbarrow out back. I could sit in that and you could push it.

Quicksilver: I want to join The Avatars.

Baxter goes through the house, grabbing a few cans of beer and comes back around the side, pushing the wheelbarrow. Quicksilver stands beside it, then sighs. A moment later they’re off, flying across country to get enough speed to maintain movement across the ocean. Dr. Stangefate follows behind, the preparing a net spell to find the hopeful new additions to The Cabinet.

Baxter: Well, we’re here.

Quicksilver: Oh god… oh god…

Baxter: Quit being a wuss. Not my fault I threw up, you could have been a little more gentle in the trip.

Quicksilver: Oh god… Oh god…

Strangefate: I’m getting two different readings from my spells. Compound is to the north, Ourchair is to the south. We could split up, or we could do one at a time.

Baxter: Let’s just do Ourchair first. I’m sure he’d be all over being a superhero, then we can worry about Compound.

Dr. Strangefate leads the team south, eventualy coming upon a prison.

Baxter: Tell me that’s just in the way.

Stangefate: Nope, he’s in a sublevel.

Dr. Strangefate turns into his solid steel form.

Strangefate: It looks like we’re going to have to get our hands dirty.

Baxter: No sleep spell?

Strangefate: No sleep spell.

Baxter: Well then. I guess you should burst through a wall and get all of their attentions. It’s just a prison, so they probably don’t have any ordnance high enough to penetrate your hide. Quicksilver here can zip in and disarm them as we move, I’ll take out any stragglers. No sense in leaving people behind, that just bites you in the *** later.

Dr. Strangefate and Quicksilver just stare at Baxter, both with looks of disbelief on their faces.

Baxter: What? You thought I was here incase we got into a drinking contest with The E-Men? Lets move people, time to go to work.

The Cabinet starts in, bullets ricocheting off of Dr. Strangefate’s steely hide as Ultimate Quicksilver dashes in, disarming the guards on the overlooks first, then moving in and taking care of the guards trying to old the main gate. Baxter follows behind them, expanded to over 50 feet tall and crushing what’s left of the resistance. Within minutes the prison was theirs.

Baxter: Well that was easy.

Quicksilver: Yeah, it kinda was. Why are we waiting on whatever Goodwill’s working on? We could take the white house now!

Strangefate: … Yes. Yes we could. We’re already here though, lets get Ourchair.

After checking in the prison files the trio quickly found Ourchair’s cell, in the lowest sub-level of the Prison. Making their way down they noticed conditions decrease, perfectly kept wals of steel and concrete giving way to roughly worked stone, as if the foundation of the building had been carved into the accommodate the prisoner. Finaly, they came to a wooden door, held in place by a large stone arm. This was no problem for Baxter to move away after a slight height manipulation. Inside there was a single man sitting in the corner. Small and dirty, Ourchair looked up at the team.

Ourchair: He… Help me.

Strangefate: That’s what we’re here to do. Now come!

Dr. Strangefate begins his chant, drawing on the mystical energies hidden within the stone walls, creating a large pink orb before him

Strangefate: Now gain your powers! Become what you are supposed to be!

The orb lets loose, hitting Ourchair in the chest and expanding, covering his body in a pinkish glow that illuminates the room. After a moment it subsides, leaving Ourchair standing before them.

Ourchair: … Was that supposed to do something?

Quicksilver: I don’t understand. Wasn’t that supposed to give him his powers?

Strangefate: Yeah. It worked before. Sort of.

Ourchair: I’ve already gotten my powers. How do you think Compound took over the country!

Baxter: Really? What’dya do?

Ourchair: I am Ourchair! Master of Magnetism!

Baxter: You’re a magneto rip-off? What’d Compound do, want to pay homage to the Xorn introduction and hid you away here?

Ourchair: No, he just found some rocks with really low mineral content. I’m not terribly good at fine control yet.

Strangefate: Ah. Well, what powers did Compound get?

Ourchair: None that I know of. He and I had a late night and decided we should take over the country, next thing you know I’m throwing the military’s guns into the ocean when they tried to stop us. Compound decided that he should rule, with me out among the people, keeping them honest. He must have drugged me though, because a week later I woke up here. Did you guys come to rescue me?

Baxter: Uh… Sure. Come on lil’ guy, you’re coming back to the states with us.

Ourchair: But what about Compound. I can’t let him get away with this!

As Ourchair shouts tiny bits of metal begin to move in the room, fly tabs lift up, buttons pull away from shirts, and one filling becomes very painful.

Quicksilver grabs his jaw: Okay, okay, calm down man. We’ll help you get Compound. Where is he?

Ourchair: In his newly established “Presidential Mansion” probably. He was bragging about it before he got rid of me.

Strangefate: He’s to the north. I’ll carry Ourchair, Baxter, you and Quicksilver still have the wheelbarrow outside right?

Baxter: Yep!

Quicksilver: Oh god…

The newly formed quartet makes its way out of the prison sublevels, stopping only at the uppermost level.

Ourchair: I want to leave something for them to remember me by…

Baxter: Not a whole lot of “them” left man.

Ourchair ignores this comment and begins to concentrate. Soon the sounds to tearing metal tear through the air.

Ourchair: There. I just set everyone here free. Lets see what kind of resistance Compound can put up when he’s dealing with a wholesale prison break in the south.

The Quartet then being to move north, Quicksilver doing his best to slow to the speed of Dr. Strangefate. They soon reach the Presidential Retreat of Compound.

Baxter: Looks like security is at a minimum. Compound had to know that you’d come here after escaping. Why did he send everyone out?

Strangefate: Truth be told, we didn’t leave a lot of people behind that’d talk…

Baxter grins evilly: Good point. Who’s up for knocking on the front door?

The front door of the retreat was a beautiful, handcrafted piece of sturdy oak, with gilded panel inlays and a delightful knocker hung below the peephole. I say was because 20 seconds ago Dr. Strangefate, in his solid steel form tore through it, hurled by an enlarged Baxter. With an entry to the building made Quicksilver darted in, searching the premises and returning with a small, very scared looking Asian man in a luchadore mask.

Ourchair: Thought you got rid of me, didn’t you? Well now it’s your time to go away!

Baxter: Wait. Hey, Strangefate. Why don’t you try and power him up?

Strangefate: Why that’s a great idea Baxter.

Dr. Strangefate does as he did before, drawing energies from the area around him into a tight ball, then forcing it onto Compound, bathing him in a this time dark red light. After it surrounds him his body twists and breaks, small, segmented legs sprouting from his sides. His hands meld together, forming giant claws, and his entire body shrinks down, with deep red spines growing off of his back. As the light recedes Compound is shown mutated into a small, spiney crab, wich Baxter picks up.

Baxter: I think I’ll call him Pokey.

Strangefate: Lets get going team. We’ve got some work to do back in America.

The team returns stateside a little less comfortably than the original trip, but with far less bodily fluids escaping. Once shown to his room in the shack Ourchair quickly fell asleep. Baxter passed out soon after, but that was more thanks to the case of beer than to months of imprisonment.

Goodwill: You brought me a crab.

Quicksilver: It might do more. Aeroth can talk.

Strangefate: And we brought you someone with control over magnetism.

Goodwill: And a crab.

Strangefate: Yes. And a crab.

Shihad yells in from the other room: Guys. You might want to come check this out.

Goodwill, Quicksilver and Dr. Strangefate go into the other room where the 11 o’clock news is on.

Reporter: Today the dictator known only as Moving Colors was deposed from his rule in the Philippines

Goodwill: ...what did you do?

Quicksilver: We-

Goodwill: WHAT DID YOU DO!

Strangefate: We made a difference there! It’s more than we’ve done sitting here, playing cards and drinking beer!

Reporter: All evidence leads the authorities to believe that meta-human activity can be attributed to the overthrow. One citizen even managed to catch amateur video footage of a giant man apparently hurling a smaller man through a doorway.

Goodwill: They got Baxter on film you idiots! How big a calling card do you want to leave! Now Everyone is going to be on our asses!

Goodwill storms off to his basement, Aeroth moving to follow

Strangefate: Aeroth, wait! Its me, Dr. Strangefate. I’m your friend.

Aeroth: M… Friend?

Goodwill: Aeroth, come!

Aeroth immediately turns and follows, leaving Dr. Strangefate to seethe in his anger.

Strangefate: Things are going to change around here… Soon…
Chapter 18 (The Calm Before The Storm)


WRITTEN BY: Nurhachi
COVER BY: Nurhachi


3 Days Ago

He entered his bedroom and sat on his bed. He lay down, exhausted from his day. It had not been a particularly good day; he just didn’t seem to be able to concentrate. Everyone was pushing him, annoying him, filling him with rage. This was unusual for this individual. He was usually calm and laid back, it seemed something….or someone…..was channeling there rage through him.

He turned on the TV and switched through the channels….nothing was on. Great, he thought, now I’m bored.

He sighed. Usually, when he was bored he would go on his favorite comic book website, Ultimate Central, but it had been down for months. He lay down on his bed….and then shot up again. Suddenly he was filled with a huge amount of anger…..but this time….the anger was talking to him…… He cried out….the voices had so much pain, so much anger and frustration. They wanted him to help them……avenge them……..free them…..

He stood up, as he did, a black aura of energy surrounded him…

“Avatars, E-Men, Cabinet”, he said, “You will all be punished for your sins against those you have now forgotten!”


MWOF: Ooooh Yeeeahhhh!

MWOF put down his card. It was a number 6

MWOF: You know what the number 6 means! All girls take a shot!

The Avatars were having a break after the demise of the monster, JTG. Nurhachi’s friend Louie was having a housewarming party and Nurhachi brought TheManWithoutFear along with him while Rene had to stay at their home in Ultimate Central to begin repairing the cybernetic Ultxon and ProjectX2 had gone out to the movies with some friends.

At Louie’s party, a lot of the guests, Nurhachi and MWOF included, were playing a drinking game called “Circle of Death”. Basically all the playing cards are face down, with a glass in the middle. All cards mean something and whoever gets a King has to add there drink to the glass in the middle. The person who got the fourth King had to scull the glass.

LOUIE: I got a King!

That was the third King. The first person was a girl who put in some cheap wine, the second was MWOF and he put in a whole can of beer. Louie entered his Vodka and Orange Juice to the mix.

RANDOM GIRL: Yes, I got a 10! The Toilet Card. No ones allowed to go to the toilet without my permission!

Next it was Nurhachi’s turn. He slowly picked up the card.

NURHACHI: Please not King, Please not King.

It was a King of Clubs.


Nurhachi now had to drink that foul glass of vodka, juice, wine and beer

MWOF: Hahahahahahah! Scull you ****ing loser!!!

Nurhachi took the glass in his hand as the others smiled at his bad luck. Nurhachi stood up, tilted his head back and sculled the nasty drink as the group egged him on.

NURHACHI: Oooh Yeah! Who the man? I’m the man! I’m ALL that is MAN!

Nurhachi then leaned over to MWOF and whispered in his ear.

NURHACHI: Dude, I think I’m gonna be sick.

MWOF: Haha, ok everyone, we going outside for a bit.

As Nurhachi and MWOF got outside, Nurhachi went over to a nearby bush and shot projectile vomit all over the place.

MWOF: Damn man! Maybe we should get back home.

NURHACHI: Nah man, I’m good, go have fun…..BLUURGH

MWOF: Nah your ****ed dude. Lets go.

MWOF was half laughing as the exited Louie’s property. They walked over to a place where no-one could see them so that MWOF could push the button on his watch to transport them back to Ultimate Central. As he was about to push the button, a supersonic noise hit them.

MWOF: AAARGH…What is that?

NURHACHI: AAaaaaha Turn it off!

MWOF and Nurhachi were both on there knees in agony as a figure landed in front of them. When they saw who it was, they were shocked and confused.

NURHACHI: Irish_4204?

MWOF: But.....we thought you were dead?

IRISH_4204: Oh I am!!! You all used me!!! USED ME!!!! And when I died….you just forgot about me!

Irish_4204 let out another scream as MWOF and Nurhachi covered there ears.

MWOF: **** this!

MWOF grabbed Nurhachi and pushed the button to teleport them to UC. A portal then opened up and sucked them into it before it closed.

IRISH_4204: Noooo!!! I must have vengeance! I will be back Avatars!!! You haven’t escaped me!

Irish then flew away…..


GOODWILL: I have gathered everyone hear to go over our next move for world domination. Baxter has an idea that he would like to go through with all of you.

BAXTER: Yes, well, first we need to…


The members of The Cabinet all looked at what made the noise, and there, in the next room, was Thee Great One.



OURCHAIR: Who is this?

SHIHAD: Its Thee Great One, we recruited him a little while ago.

DR. STRANGEFATE:: But…..he died soon after….

THEE GREAT ONE: I did die! You all abandoned me!!! So much pain….so much rage…

Thee Great One started glowing. The Cabinet knew that he was going to explode and run outside the building as Ourchair protected them with a magnetic force field. The Cabinet had just made it out of the building before it went up in a huge explosion.

Elsewhere….In New Zealand….

ProjectX2 had just said goodbye to his friends as they drove away in there car. He walked down the road and was about to push the button on his watch to teleport him back to Ultimate Central when someone ran up to him.


It was Icemastertron.

PROJECT: Ice? Hey man where you been? We’ve all been looking all over for you!!!

ICE: Long story, been mind controlled by Cad.

PROJECT: Wow, really, how did you break free?

ICE: Well, I…..WHAT THE???

Project looked at what Ice was pointing at, and gasped as he saw The Captain fly towards him.

ICE: What the hell? You’re dead?

PROJECT: Captain? How? I saw you get killed by E?

CAPTAIN: Yes, you all let me die!

Captain fired a bolt of energy at them as ice quickly made an ice barrier. The beam shattered the barrier, but not before ProjectX2 pushed the button on his watch to teleport him and Ice home.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse…..

CADUCEUS: Ok Gambit, try touching the table. Remember; focus all your energy inside you so you don’t explode it.

Ultimate Gambit closed his eyes….focused…..and touched the table. It didn’t explode.

CADUCEUS: YES!!! You have finally gotten control of your powers!

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: What the…..who knows we’re here?

CADUCEUS: I’ll handle this!

Caduceus went and opened the door, and there stood there dead comrade Patriot.

CADUCEUS: Patriot?

PATRIOT: You!!!! You killed me!!!! Your own team mate!!

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: No Patriot! It was MWOF!!!

PATRIOT: Don’t LIE!!!!

Patriot started shooting at the E-Men while they ran for cover. Caduceus tried to use his mind powers on Patriot.

CADUCEUS: It’s…..weird….it’s like he has no mind, just his body…

ULTIMATE GAMBIT: Damn man, lets get out of here! This is freaky ****!

Gambit ran and blasted a hole in the wall where he and Caduceus ran.

PATRIOT: You can’t escape ME!!!!!

As the E-Men ran out, Ultimate Gambit blew up a support beam, and the warehouse collapsed on Patriot.

CADUCEUS: Let’s get out of here before he wakes up!

In Ultimate Central:

RENE: Ok everyone CALM DOWN!

MWOF: What’s Ice doing here?

NURHACHI: It was Irish_4204!!! He was ALIVE!!!

PROJECT: The Captain came back to life and…..

RENE: I said CALM DOWN!!! It’s the latest receiver of UC powers. He can bring people back from the dead…

ICE: Back from the DEAD?

PROJECT: Who is it?

RENE: It’s……

“knock knock”

NURHACHI: Who’d be knocking on our door.

MWOF went to open the door and saw a familiar blue face.

MWOF: L….Longshot?

LONGSHOT: That’s right “friend”. Here for a little pay back for ABANDONING ME!!!

NURHACHI: We didn’t….

LONGSHOT: You’re all dead now!!! And Ultimate Central is OURS!!!

RENE: Ours?

Just then, Irish_4204, Thee Great One, Patriot and The Captain all appeared next to Longshot!


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