Ultimate Fantastic Four #15 discussion (spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
This issue was great. Another job well done by Ellis. Of course, it felt kindaslow moving with all the science stuff, but what had clinched the issue, was the last panel.



Um, can you spoil a bit more?
Well, there really isn't much to spoil. They're traveling through the N-Zone, talking science stuff, and all that jazz. Then the 4 find there's life in the N-Zone, and they eventually start talking to them.Then, the voice they hear tells them to dock, so they do, and then ULTIMATE ANNIHULUS is shown.
Hmm, sounds okay. So the whole arc so far has been about them walking in the N-Zone talking science stuff?
ProjectX2 said:
Hmm, sounds okay. So the whole arc so far has been about them walking in the N-Zone talking science stuff?
Not the whole arc, no. Just a lot in this issue. But still made interesting to read, of course. :wink:
This arc seems to be moving just a little too slowly. Does it seem that way to anyone else?
I find it entertaining... I don't really mind pacing because, as it is already, there's a lot to the UFF and I think that Ellis does need to slow it down a bit so that we can get all of it. I find what he's saying about how realistic these powers could really be to someone interesting.
eroz said:
Actually this whole series to seems to be moving slowly, but entertaining.

I'll agree with that. The first 2 issues of this arc have been snooze-fests, but I liked #15. The geek stuff was well written.
Is what we can see on the upcoming cover a good indication or just a cool and not too similar picture?
I just read this issue. It was pretty good.

Just wondering, how do you pronounce [last panel guy]'s name. And also, who is he, and what comic is he usually featured in as a villain? (Besides FF)

Did anyone else find Ben's amusement just a bit..... weird? I dont know. Just my opinion, cuz he's like, floating away. :shock:

And I'm a sucker for 1 or 2 page spreads. So I really liked this. It's not that I don't like reading much (I love to read) I just like how the artist gets your FULL attention for a moment, and not just the writers.

I don't know when the last time was that I was more interested in the artwork then what was going on, but this issue does just that. I couldn't stop looking at the colors and the gadgets and everything else that was cool about this issue. I'll admit this arc has been moving at snail speed, but when I saw the effort that Kubert had put into this, I didn't mind a bit. This guy is amazing!
And when I saw the skeleton of what looked like it was once a Pterodactyl, I was like, "WO! That's huuuuuge!". :shock:
ultimatedjf said:
Just wondering, how do you pronounce [last panel guy]'s name.

I always thought it was uh-NIE-uh-luss.
Does anybody think the Four will get into trouble for making contact with an "alien" race and not getting permission from the U.S. gov't?
I wouldn't say "trouble" but it would most likely be something that would be brought up. You really can't blame them if they are searching for SOMETHING in the N-Zone. I mean, SOMETHING is very general and encompasses a lot of things.

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