Ultimate Hellfire Club- Should They be Back

Should the Hellfire Club Return

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Sep 6, 2004
Since 616 is bringing the Hellfire Club back as major parts over the next two years, I was wondering what everyone thought of an Ultimate Hellfire Club being brought back from the dead. Personally I would like to see it but I was wondering what everyone else thought.
They were fried... I think they should stay that way.. however I thought Beast was wiped out too early.. so thy could bring him back.. maybe?
No offense Apostle, but what the hell does Beast's Sentinel-inflicted death have to do with the Hellfire Club at all?

Since I'm still missing the Hellfire and Brimstone TPB, which members of the Club do we definitely see? Because I'd like to see 616 members who weren't toasted appear, but anyone who bites the dust should stay dead IMHO. Well, at least when the Phoenix vaporizes you. o_O
I am just saying if they are going to bring anybody back I dont think they shoudl waste time with the Hellfire Club.. bring back the beast.. he was a cooler character.. though honestly.. he was kinda getting annoying in this book.. with all the internet crap..
Well let's see. Sebastian Shaw was there. Now he's toast- literally. The others weren't specified. So not sure who they were.
So, with the exception of the Kings, and possibly Emma (although for all we know she could be involved with the Club here too), the rest of the Hellfire Club is still around. So no need to bring back Shaw.

And Apostle, no offense, but we don't care about Beast as far as this topic is concerned. If you wish to discuss reviving Beast, find an applicable topic, or create a new one. In here, it's off topic.
Apostle, I can see where you were going with it; it's cool.
I don't want anyone brought back. Ever. Seriously.

The Hellfire Club is gone. Beast is dead. These things happen. Now a storyline where the remains of the hellfire club form a new orginization, that's fine. The storyline should elvolve out of the situations from the present and past, not force rebirths. If I was a member of something of that level and all the leaders were incinerated by a skinny 19 year old redhead I'd seriously concider changing the name if I tried to rebuild. Don't want the attention. A new group built from the old: Good. The Hellfire Club brought back sheerly because some people think it got shafted: Bad.
There could be a new Hellfire Club! I really want to see them back. Like Ice said take out way to fast and way to easy.
*passes the platter around* So, who wants regular Sebastian Shaw, and who wants the extra-crispy?

They served their purpose. They helped Jean become the Phoenix. I for one don't think the Hellfire Club needs to exist further because their purpose has ended in UXM, and it'd be foolish to redefine them just for the sake of inserting them back into the comics.
Im not even arguing for BEast.. Im just pointing out how little the Hellfire club would mean to me.. I dont want them back.. if I had to make a random choice.. if I had the power.. it wouldnt be the Hellfire Club.. thats what I am saying.. I appreciate UltimateE for saying he gets me but really jtq whatever.. yer kind of a jerk.. "no offense".. o wait.. is this off topic.. shoudl i start a jtq isa jerk one?
And we are really left guessing about the Phoenix after that... She definitely still has the powers, she doesn't know what to make of them, because, as you saw in the ROTK arc, Thor warns her about what the Professor can't understand about her powers, and the answers could very well lie in someone like Shinobi Shaw, White Queen, Selene, or even the Fenris Twins (They could even be the Hellfire Club remains). You never know, but, if they brought back such an organization, it could work without Sebastian and it could work without those no name heads in the actual club. Count Beast out, yes, but not the Hellfire Club.
Apostle: Everyone knows I'm a jerk already.
Caduceus: Is that cheese related to the 'cheese that wears me' from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Goodwill: You think if we get Selene, they'll pull an Emma Frost and give her clothes? I found that one kind of ironic; Ultimate Jean is running around in the halter top with the pants with cut-out parts, and Ultimate Emma is fully clothed.
Well, I was trying to keep things as serious as possible, however, I don't see why they wouldn't give Selene a provacative costume.
It would be interesting to see Selene but I don't really want her the focus of more than one arc. Selene could too easily lead to magic and magic is not something i want to be a big part of Ultimate U

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