Ultimate Hellfire Club- Should They be Back

Should the Hellfire Club Return

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I voted against the rebirth (literally) of the hellfire club, but I woudn't mind seeing a (well executed) reintroduction of the reminder of the hellfire club into the ultimate universe.
The reminder of the club could for example have sworn revenge to the x-men, for the damage they have done to them (perhaps without ever knowing the club originally messed with the x-men first). Just like the reminder of weapon-x in blockbuster ... okay, not very original, i agree.
We could also see a reformation of the HFC independent of the X-Men. They'd be interestes in amassing influence and taking over the world without anyone ever knowing. Fury and his black-ops could discover the conspiracy and the Ultimates could possibly rounf the HFC up in the end.

By the way, I agreed with most you wrote, jtg3885. :)
Well, the only thing is, we can't right them off and just have little factions of them. That would mean that they would never turn out to be a threat that would be entertaing.
I would enjoy it if the Hellfire Club came back greatful to the X-men for freeing them from the insane Sebastian Shaw, which may very well be only because Pheonix wiped them clear of their hatred and filled them with love, but Shinobi Shaw would start a new Inner Circle set on destroying Jean Grey. A Shinobi Shaw who was utterly loyal to his father who is dead would definately be a good way to show the Ultimate line being different from 616.

I would not like to see Emma Frost as the White Queen. Ultimate Emma is a pacifist teacher, she wouldn't fit the standards for the Hellfire Club. I would not mind seeing the Fenris Twins again as the White King and Queen (depending on how they are at the end of this arch), while Shaw recruits Selene, a vampiress for the Black Queen.

This would leave us with a teenage sorceror with tangibility powers and a grudge against Jean Grey (thus bringing in X-men and Dr. Strange possibly), a set of Twins who want to get back at Gambit and Rogue for knowing their Corporate Espionage plans (also involving the X-men), and Selene a vampire (who could very possibly get Ultimate Blade, as seen in UMTU, involved in a story).

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