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Like Scarlet Witch. She's technically a magic user, but it's because it's her mutation. Which could make Ultimate Doctor Strange a mutant. Their mutation is being able to tap into this power source.

And like I said, I like the irony of Emma being clothed while Jean isn't. It'd be funny to see Selene and perhaps Tessa the same way. Never got why the men were in 17th century outfits, and the women looked like they were Victoria's Secret models gone bad.
But what makes him able to use magic to such a degree when the Scarlet Witch can use it to a lesser degree, and most people not at all? Chance? Destiny? Or genetic predisposition? I for one would rather see a Harry Potter-esque pattern where magical potential is genetic. Strange and Wanda have it, Selene would have it. Other people don't.
That's nice and all, but it still doesn't mean that Dr. Strange is a mutant. He can use magic at a greater degree because all the time he spent learning it.

And I just noticed we're off-topic so let's get back on it.
Magic is relavent to Selene as well, isn't it? And if Strange didn't show some sort of natural talent for it, why was he taught? I'm not saying being a magician makes you a X-gene carrying mutant, but by definition, anyone with genetic traits not found in baseline humanity would be a mutant, would they not?
This whole gene-magic theory wouldn't make them wizards or whatever. That would make them a mutant. It's where all that science comes into the X-Men.

If you were to be magic, you'd have to have a wand, your source of power, or some mystical object, not something that could be explained by ordinary means.
Like I said, I think it just makes them mutants with the ability to tap into a power source nobody else can. Scarlet Witch, Illyana Rasputin, Selene, and Strange can all do it. If we don't see any flatscans doing it... and we see mutants doing it... what does that tell you? o_O
It tells me that everyone there are mutants because they were born with those abilities. Strange wasn't. He was tought how to.
Yeah, but J's saying that Strange was born with the ability to learn sorcery. *shrugs* Makes more sense than not, if you ask me. I'd still rather there just wasn't any magic, though.
icemastertron said:
It tells me that everyone there are mutants because they were born with those abilities. Strange wasn't. He was tought how to.
<sarcasm>Yes, and Jean was born knowing exactly how to block out minds, as well as use her telekinesis and pick through individual brains to find thoughts. Yep. Uh huh. Because all mutants know exactly how to use their powers when they're born. Just like Storm, too.</sarcasm>

And it's taught. Not tought. Oy.
Isn't anything you have to be taught a mental thing? With the exception of Cyclops, aren't all non-permanent physical mutations mental things?
Ok you didnt win anything. I mentioned before that we were getting off-topic, so just continue this "magic" discussion in another thread.
But magic kind of has something to do with the Hellfire club. Didn't they use magic to summon the Phoenix?
Yes, but what I'm saying is that this has turned into a Dr. Strange-mutant or human thread more than magix dealing with the HFC.
No, it's magic users: mutant or human, and seeing as how magic was involved in the last appearance of the Hellfire Club, as well as part of the 616 version of the Black Queen, it's a perfectly relevent line of conversation.
I agree with J - keep it relevent to the conversation and everything's cool.

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