Ultimate Punisher...

Jul 22, 2004
Wouldn't it be cool if Shield kept letting him out of jail, and would plant subtle pointers on who they want him to take out?
Goodwill said:
To my understanding, SHIELD is not holding Castle.

I don't believe so either, but I think what Miken is hinting at is Castle himself might not even know he's being held, and when we do see him it's on "work release" if you catch my drift.

Interesting theory...I like it.
What´s Punishers story in the Ultimate Universe? Is he basically the same as in 616? I never read the issues of Team Up when he appeared, so the only thing I´ve seen of him so far is when he got spanked by Spider-man in the Carnage Arc.

Anything about him I should know? Are there plans for him to appear anytime soon?
XTFLyons said:
I really hate the Ultimate Teamup issues I didn't read any of them but so many people tell me not too but i feel like I have too...

Hey XTF, you know I love ya like Johnny Storm loves Ben Grimm, but how can you say "I really hate the Ultimate Teamup issues I didn't read any of them"???

That don't make any sense whatsoever.
Goodwill said:
To my understanding, SHIELD doesn't even know Punisher exists right now.

SHIELD likely knows he exists, his address, how many times he wipes, and what size shoes he wears.
I don't know why SHEILD would care about Castle, as far as we know, he is only a police officer gone crazy. He's not the Punisher we know in 616, Spidey actually has some difficulty with him, in ultimate spidey takes some easy. Punisher dosen't havethe credentials that 616 punisher has.
well, punisher IS a mere human while spidey has super strength, danger sense etc. I think its more realistic

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