Ultimate Spider-Friends?


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Jul 24, 2004
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In the Bendis Q&A he was asked if there would be an ultimate version of "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends", and replied yes. DOes anyone know anything of this? Or when to expect it to be released? And is it going to be in the Ultimate Spidey book, a mini, or its own ongoing series?

I just hope Iceman gets more "time" 'cuz he sure doesnt get used as the others. (Though thanks to Vaughun he has been given more time and not used as a cameo like Bendis did with him.)
Well, considering we've got a Wolverine run up, then something with F4 (mainly Human Torch), Doc Strange, and then Hobgoblin arc... I doubt it will be anytime soon if it's in the mainstream. And since outside of a few of the UMTU comics, there aren't any non-continuity works being published... I'd be hesitant to jump to the conclusion that the Amazing Friends will be the same ones as 616, if they feel the need to implement something like that.
You know, we've speculated that maybe the team-ups coming up are part of one big story...maybe it is Bendis's version of Ultimate Spider-Friends? Hmmm...
That's what I was thinking, however, I would rather the 616 Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

Actually, didn't someone ask him in an interview if it was going to be the ORIGINAL Amazing Friends and Bendis said yes? We'll see, all we know is that it isn't happening for a while.
True. if anything of this is going to happen, which it is because Bendis said yes, I expect it at least the second half of 2005 or early 2006. BUt we will see what happens.
Remind me who was in the original Amazing Friends...
I don't know if Iceman would have good chemistry with Spidey in the Ultimate universe, but I could definitely see Torch taking his place. And we haven't seen Firestar yet, but anything is possible.
WO! WO! WO! Hold up there Dark Images! What do you mean Iceman and Spidey wouldnt have good chemistry? Iceman is like Spidey abit. They both have things to say that the moment doesnt requires. Even though's SPidey's are good one-liners and Icemans are sacarstic comments.

And just because they havent introduced Firestar doesnt mean they cant put her in the book. She can be ultimized in the book.

And hell's no for Torch to take his place. I like and all, but no way.
Well, I think that Dark Images has a point, Mastertron... Iceman and Peter, in the Ultimate Universe, are both hot heads that often act before they think. What if, on the same team, this happened? They'd be fighting one another before they got anything finished. Maybe this is an oppurtunity to get some characterization out of an Ultimate Firestar... While the two are fighting, she can take care of the actual villain. That'd be great! ;)
Yes, they both are hot heads at times, but the same thing could happen if Torch was on the team. And hes a way bigger hot head than both put together. Literally and non-literally. You cant just put someone out because of how they act from time to time. If it was like that, the X-Men might not have Wolverine.
You're absolutely wrong... You are mixing up the 616 counterpart with the Ultimate... Human Torch seems to be more family driven than a person motivated by anger. Iceman reacted to Gambit just cuz he wanted to help and because he was showing off his card tricks. Peter punched Conners before he knew his involvement. In theory, Conners could've had nothing to do with it...
Yeah, but Johnny has shown a complete lack of thought before action so far. He's not hot headed, he just makes no use of his head in a crisis at all.
I agree with Blacksword on this one. And Goodwill, theres not enough "evidence" to show hes a family man or whatever. Besides, if they make him like that, he wont be an intresting character as he could be.
I'd support two new characters for the friends. I'm not sure how the Amazing Friends fit into the canon at that point, but considering Iceman is still tied up with the X-Men at this point, and I doubt Johnny will leave the Fantastic Four for any longer than the one arc we already know about... I don't see either as being serious candidates for Amazing Friends.
Read the comics again and see what motivates Human Torch the most to get off his butt and do something... "Sue?! Dad?!" Came out of his mouth in #9 when he first appeared to fight the robo-flies and in the first arc he was worried sick about Sue and where she was rather than the sea monster that was tearing up the city. C'mon... Not enough evidence... Pssh ;).
Well of course hes gonna care for his family! But that doesnt mean hes not gonna be a hot head, or stay a "family man". Because if that was the case, you can say that Iceman is a family man. Remember why he ran away in the first issue? He didnt want the Sentinels hurting his PARENTS because he was a mutant, and might have been around them if they attacked.
He didn't actually leave his family. He knew his father was wrong in what he was saying. Iceman went to do what he knew was right. And that was to help out the others. Theyre his family aswell. And the people who he helps protect, even though they hate him. So if you look at the bigger picture, he still is a family man. He's just out protecting another part of it.

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