Ultimate Spider-Man #103... SPOILERS!


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Jun 16, 2004
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The end all be all issue, right? Well, yes and no... Let me explain.

The issue begins at Xavier's School For Gifted Children, where the X-Men are watching a television report about the going-ons in Queens involving Nick Fury and, evidently Spider-Man. Kitty storms out of the room where everyone is watching television to find Xavier. She finally finds Xavier and Cyclops having a conversation. Finally, Kitty has convinced Cyclops that the X-Men need to help Spider-Man.

We then cut to a scene with Sue Storm, Richard Parker, and May in a hospital. After Richard reacts suspiciously to what is going on, Sue takes a blood sample from him.

Now, finally, we're at Oz. Peter is reasoning with himself... He convinces himself the penalty to kill Ock won't be so bad since he's only a teenager. Fury tries to contain the mayhem, but is put off when the Fantastic Four and Peter consider ways to help MJ. Finally, Reed agrees to take her back to the Baxter Building so that he can find a cure for her... With this, Kaine jumps towards the Thing, wanting only to protect MJ. The Spider-Slayers put him down within seconds and Fury is, again, "on top" of the situation.

Ock steps in and tells Fury that he appreciates what he's doing, but tells him that this isn't his problem. After Spider-Man beat Ock up on television, the United States Government commissioned him to work on a super soldier serum because the CIA resents Fury for having the Ultimates for support. He and Ben Reilly used a blood sample of Peter's to create different kinds for the project. He tells Peter that every bit of destruction or perverse moment in Peter's life was all concieved by him... "Coincidentally".

Ock even reveals that Richard Parker is a clone that has been aged to seem like his father.

Since Peter is at wit's end at this point, he asks Fury to give him ten minutes with the clones and Ock. Ock laughs and tells everyone that Fury isn't at charge and is not in the position to be making such a choice... However, Fury does just as Peter says and leaves, saying that if Ock wants to be in charge, he can be.

Tarantuala strikes his "father" first, asking the rest of the remaining Parker People who wants to hit him first. Peter is struck by a metal pillar out of nowhere and Tarantuala is pinned to a column by a pipe.

Ock says, "It wasn't the arms, Peter!!! It was the metal! I COULD CONTROL THE METAL!!!"



With all the build up in this arc, I'm a little disappointed with the issue. Still, we've got no explanation as to why Gwen was brought up... As well as a clear explanation as to how Ock and Fury weren't aloud to touch each other. As far as I know, this story's structure is being held up by some kind of thread... A very THIN thread.
Ultimate Spiderman #103 discussion (Spoilers)

Holy **** this can't be possible, I actualy got a comic early? I can't remember the last time this happened.

First we see Kitty at the ex mansion seeing a news report saying shield has evacuated a queens neighbor hood and MJ's mom on tv telling the she is missing. Kitty freaks out and tells Xavier they have to go there, Cyclop agrees. Than we see Richards and Sue in the hospital getting May to the doctors. Sue looks at some equipment and decides to test Richard's DNA, and guess what? darkspider16 ****ing called it, Richard is a clone of Peter with his memories implanted. We then go to Peter telling himself just to go and kill Ock. Otto goes on about how he was so genius in making the clones that he works for the government and Fury can't touch him (still no word how Fury found him). Peter gets the F4 to take MJ and cure her, Kaine jumps for her and is shot by a slayer, Spider-woman attacks and Fury orders the slayers to stop. Otto goes on and on that tells Pete that it was his works that completely perverts and destroyed his life and tells him Richards is an older clone. He goes on about his genius and says he will get a noble prize one day for this. Than Pete tells Fury he and the other clone will surrender if he and the slayers leave the room for ten minutes. Otto goes on about how Fury is not in charge and how he can always make more clones. Fury then orders everyone to set a perimeter and walks out since he's "not in charge". Tarantula waste no time and attacks. Otto says he didnt want to let this secret out as we she metal flying around and Tarantula is impaled through the chest by a metal pole. Ock then says that it wasnt his arms, it was the metal as we see all the junk become his new arms.

This issue was okay, some dialogue dragged on. The whole issue I just want Pete to rip Ock's head off. I actually want Pete to kill him. But I really dont like how Ock is not Magneto-lite. I prefer the explanation that he was able to control electrical impulses. As I said it was okay but I'm looking forward to this fight. 2.5/5
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Re: Ultimate Spiderman #103 discussion (Spoilers)

We both got the issue early, bud. :) I put a thread up first, though.

You broke the rules!
Re: Ultimate Spiderman #103 discussion (Spoilers)

By 6 minutes, I was typing the damn summary and wasnt checking is someone posted it within those minutes
Re: Ultimate Spiderman #103 discussion (Spoilers)

How did you guys get the issue early?
Re: Ultimate Spiderman #103 discussion (Spoilers)

I get my subscriptions like 2 to 3 weeks late.
I hope I have my copy when I get home!
Sounds pretty crappy, plus it sounds like they are about to undo all of the major "changes" the storyline brought about. If they hit the reset button next issue, what was the point of buying the arc?

Nice summary BTW goodwill, its better than Randoms.
Sounds pretty crappy, plus it sounds like they are about to undo all of the major "changes" the storyline brought about. If they hit the reset button next issue, what was the point of buying the arc?

Nice summary BTW goodwill, its better than Randoms.

Yeah, like I don't know... The entire arc, to me, has been cliche, but now that the villain, the ACTUAL villain, has been introduced into the whole mess... It just seems like the story is irreperable at this point. Ock working for the CIA just seemed like a cop out was just about enough - he's a terrorist who attempted to assault the President at the White House yet our government is still going to employ him. What's the deal? Furthermore, the fact that he can control metal is a little off, too. He's been retconned so that Bendis doesn't have to explain how he got his arms back... Bendis could've done better. Why not just say that, in his free time, Ock reconstructed his arms with on the CIA's dime? No...
Re: Ultimate Spiderman #103 discussion (Spoilers)

darkspider16 ****ing called it, Richard is a clone of Peter with his memories implanted.

I knew it!! It's the only logical explanation that would also make Richard a disposable character. But Bendis wrote this, which takes away from my self-praise.
Damn you guys. I'll probably end up getting mine Late...blast.
If either of you have scanners...well, I'm not hinting at any sort of activities, but...
I get all of my comics at a local comic book shop, so I don't have to worry about getting them too "late" like you subscribers. I would gloat and hold it over your heads but...well, what the hell. I've had this for almost a week, but no motivation to make a thread. Fear my uncanny comicbook purchasing ability!

As for the actual book itself...uuugggghhhh. I hate this. I want Bendis to just make everything cherrys and gumdrops again...but it seems mighty lame of him to do just that. He needs to stick to the goddamn story that he wrote. He made his bed, now he has to lie in it. But I shouldn't have to! I need another bed maker to come along, and make me a bed that all of the USM fans can lie in together. Except for Bendis. He dosn't get any more bed privlages after this.
Okay, there's absolutely no way Peter would be Spider-Man ever, ever again.

No way. This is too much. He's just had everything taken away from him. Everything! Doc Ock even gave him more things (Gwen and his dad) just so he could take them away from him, too. His life has been destroyed. He'll never put on the tights again, nor should he.

You'd have to wipe his mind of all this crap before it would even begin to make sense.
Doc Ock is Magento now?

I'm dangerously close to dropping this. Along with the rest of this god-forsaken line. :roll:

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