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Nov 30, 2004
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Goodwill said:
Well, you never know... There's tons of options. Hammerhead isn't part of X-Men lore, but he was added to it by Austen. There could be a Pym mini, covering a lot of things, introducing some villains and characters that had little to do with them before. You never know.

I'd kinda be satisified with a pym mini based on ultron... that's about it
Well, that could totally work... Ultron could get away at the end or the story about him could be left open ended, only to be continued in the Ultimates cross-over with Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, who knows.
Read up on him, he's more than just crazy...

Pym created him, he created Vision, Vision joined the Avengers, Vision was captured and destroyed by Ultron(s) In Dismembered. ;)
Hes an intellegent indestructable adamantium robot that can shoot really powerful beams. In the "ultron unlimited" story in #19 - 22 in avengers volume 3, he slaughtered a whole country and took it over
Ultron is one of those characters that I think could be used for an entire mini or big arc. Another thing Millar would be perfect for, and I hope he makes an appearance and plays a significant role in Ultimates 2.
Well they mentioned they were creating an A.I. in the second arc of the Ultimates, correct? I thought they would have at least mentioned it in one of the first issues of Ultimates 2.
Yeah, I think Stark actually said something when he was in space with Shannon Elizabeth... We'll see if that turns into anything; I think that Millar was going have Stark create Vision to add to the team. Millar's not too easy to convince about ultimizing every Avenger, but Vision and Tigra, for some reason, are at the top of his list.
Milalr's last arc is going to be called "Grand Theft America". Perhaps Ultron will be introduced and he tries to "steal" America?
I believe Millar himself said that's what it was going to be called...
No I'm serious. I read it over at Millarworld I'm sure. Someone back me up please.
ProjectX2 said:
No I'm serious. I read it over at Millarworld I'm sure. Someone back me up please.

You are correct.

From http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=4339

"The tone for the sequel will be close to the original, the only difference being that the book gets a little more political given that we live in more political times. This series, and most of the stuff I do, hopefully reflects the world around it and I think this is why the book has such a broad mainstream appeal. We're living in a very charged climate right now and the idea of super-soldiers being dropped into an explosive situation in the Middle East seems quite logical in their world. However, I'm not taking sides here. I'm quite left of centre, but it just seems cheap and obvious to do something that's overtly a Bush-bash. I just want to look at the situation where your country is under threat, you have the means to defend it (perhaps pre-emptively) and your superiors are telling you that they need you to help. Each of the characters have very distinctive political views. Cap is a soldier, Iron Man is a utopian, Thor is a pacifist and so this leads to some interesting developments. This isn't the main story in the first arc, but it's an under-current leading into the final arc (Grand Theft America)."

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