Ultimization Game Discussion Thread

Just because I won that one. :)

I like Zombipanda's suggestion. It's like a What If? Ultimization or something.

Hah! That's what we'll call it. "What If?" Ultimization Game, or just "What If?"

Does anyone have a preference on what format to do it in? i.e. keep it as a competition or make it a collaborative effort?
Collaboration is really tough-I think keeping it as a competition would be pretty smooth. With it being universe-wide, would we want each round to last 2-weeks? Or even a month each time?
A few non-modly-edict observations and suggestions:

Keep the time frame fairly short. Two weeks maximum, I would think. Believe it or not, the longer you give people on something like this, the less likely it is that they will finish it. The schedule can be adjusted to work around holidays and so on if needed. This shouldn't need to be a full-blown universe with actual stories or in-depth character backgrounds (unless the participants really want to go that far), just a general outline.

We might want to decide up front that this game will only go, say, ten rounds, and then we'll stop. MWoF and I have noticed that the Ultimization game participation tends to dwindle the longer it goes. Keeping the number of rounds small might encourage more people to play because this is running "for a limited time only".

People who participate should have a short list of possible universes or characteristics they want to offer as their challenge should they win, so we can keep the action moving from one round to the next.

Collaboration is often difficult, unless you've got two or more people who've had experience with team creativity. I would keep it at the individual level to start, and then perhaps a few rounds in, offer a team challenge. Or offer a team challenge as a related game.

If you're going to call it a "What If? Ultimization", then some or most of the characters or situations will need to be the Ultimate versions found in the UU. If you just want it to be a "What If?" game, then participants can make any and all characters fit the new universe guidelines. My personal preference is the latter, since we already have an "Ultimization Game", but that's up to you folks.

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