UXM #54 - Ultimate Longshot


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May 17, 2004
Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Cover by Andy Kubert
The introduction of Ultimate Longshot! It's the ultimate reality show as mutants convicted of capital crimes are released on an island where they're hunted down by contestants. Longshot has survived longest and the X-Men are sent to rescue him—until they become part of the game themselves. 32 PGS./MARVEL ALL AGES …$2.25
UPC: 5960605047-05411

What do you guys think?
YES!!!!! I Bet the Production Company is called Mojoworld. Are we going to get an Ultimate Mojo? Do we really need Dazzler/Longshot romance? Do the X-men really need MORE members?? So many questions. I can only say that I'm really really glad that Vaughan is writing this
I'm torn. I'm looking forward to Ultimate Longshot, but I want them to stay away from Ultimate Mojo, or anything like it. Guess I'll just have to trust Vaughan to not cross the Rubicon on bad characters.
Do the X-men really need MORE members??

Could be like when Gambit was introduced - he might not necessarily be a new member.
Ultimate Longshot will be a tremendous thing for this title! I can see, with this, that the Ultimate X-Men has the ball rolling again. It's been in a bit of slump of late, but with all of these classic things getting modernized again we're beginning to get that great, great title back again! I have full trust in Vaughan that he will make this arc and character great.

Also, Mojo should be related or rather he should be working along side the same people who brought us the Kraven show. That would be a great tie-in!
You guys, what of that mullet Longshot rocks? Do you think that should be kept around? I would love that!

Penciled by STUART IMMONEN????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I cant wait to see Ultimate Longshot!! With Vaughun writing the book, I know hes going to be a great written character.
Goodwill said:
You guys, what of that mullet Longshot rocks? Do you think that should be kept around? I would love that!

He hast to keep the mullet, it's how you recognise Longshot man. Not the four fingers or the blue suit, it's all the mullet.
Snake Kept the mullet (ala Solid snake from medal gear solid games/escape from new york/LA movies)

as bad as mullets are if the character is cool enough he can keep it..... we will have to see if he is cool enough
Didn't 616 Eddie Brock have a mullet? If the Ultimate Eddie Brock can lose his, there's hope for Longshot.

I can see a radical departure from the 616 version; something completely independent and original, just like Sinister. Maybe he won't even be an alien...
Eddie Brock had a bit of a mullet, yes, but not as prominant of that of Longshot. I, personally, am torn between the mullet and seeing something a modernized rocker would have. We'll see though, his look is left up to Immonen. Also, we've seen how comical colors and cartoonish stuff doesn't work with this title with Kaare Andrews, do you think Immonen will stick with that? I sure would like to see change if only for these three (?) issues.

Are you talking about Mojo in your last paragraph? If so, you're completely right. I meant to get around to that when I went on about him, but never had the chance. He could be a very different villain if he 1.) Wasn't an alien 2.) Wasn't a trashy, fat man that could only walk because of machines.

I also hope Vaughan stays away from killing off classic characters in this arc, too, like he did with the Sinister stuff. As much as I like seeing them, it's horrible to see them get killed off the moment they are introduced.
I am really hoping that Stuart's rendition of Longshot is on the cover of #54! I've been thinking about that and I really hope that we can stop racking our brains and trying to figure out what he'll look like...

I was also considering changing his race. I think they should make him latino or African American.
The solicits I saw didn't have covers, have you got a link? It would be good if there is no Mojoverse/Aliens but maybe some other Ultimized bad guy. Maybe even Apocalypse because he was big on the whole survival of the fittest thing and a show where mutants fight for survival seems Darwinian enough for me. I wouldn't mind Mojo but think it might be just as good without
The solicits I saw didn't have covers, have you got a link?

No covers yet. I'll have them on the main page when they're available.

Oh god! I just hope he gets away from his cartoony FF-looks!!!
I like his UFF. I didn't care for his Hulk stuff though.
That's what I was trying to convey, Stuart Immonen has a very cartoon-like style, something that isn't suitable for such a title. We saw what happened when Kaare Andrews stepped in...

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