What are your reading habits?


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May 30, 2006
Not sure if there's a thread for this and i've been curious. How and where do you read your weekly wednesday's dose? Do you read them all at once? Space them out over a few days till the next week?, etc. Where do you read them? In the can? In bed? On your couch? Do you have a special place? Do you need no distractions? Or can you read with a million things going on around you? Anything interesting pertaining to your habits.

For myself if there's a lot coming out on one day, i space them out a little, cause generally that means there's not as much the following week. And my favorite place to read is sprawled out on my bed while my girlfriend is watching tv in the other room. Sometimes i'll also read the previous issue as a refresher. Plus i tend to order them so i get to the one i'm most anticipating last.
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I must:

-Read without interuptions,or noise.
-I must be leaning against the couch just enough to prop myself up.
-I must read them all in one sitting, but not blaze through them (and again,no noise).

Plus i tend to order them so i get to the one i'm most anticipating last.

That right there is my last and final piece of the routine.

Ah, so glad I got that off my chest.
I get the tpbs of comics to read. I read it in one sitting. On my bed quietly while having a ciggy and drink (usuealy coke). It's relaxing no noise I love it. The reason I read it in one sitting could take 1-3 hours depending on story is I see tpbs as like a movie. You watch a movie all at once to get the full story. You dont (or most dont) watch a movie in parts.

I need to know how do things turn out? how does the heroe win if he wins.
Well, I do my comics mail order, getting them shipped out twice a month. When they come in I first sort them by publisher. Then I sort them by what I want to read first. Then I get comfortable wherever, sometimes on the couch, sometimes in bed, wherever I feel like really and read them. I normaly do Dark Horse and Image first, then Marvel, then DC last. I don't read them all at once, and Trades normaly get thier own sitting. I go tho my box in about 3 days or so.
I read primarily at night before bed. It helps put my mind at easy. Of course, sometimes I get a spark in head and can't fall asleep.
Remind me to never borrow comics from Houde.

I tend to read mine in order from "Least Anticipated" to "Most Anticipated". For instance, my reading order today was:

1. 52 Week 20
2. 52 Week 21
3. Batman #657
4. Punisher #38
5. Ultimates 2 #12

I usually read my comics right when I get them home and save the trades for later. Tonight I'm looking forward to volumes 3 and 4 of Promethea.

I usually read them sitting in my room or occasionally on the car ride back from the store. Today I read them in my living room while watching a "Flavor of Love" marathon.

And after typing that post, I'd like to say that this thread is very boring. :lol:
See I usually read the best one first. read some I won't think will be as good and then read some more good ones.

1. Ultimates 2 #12
2. Civil War X-Men
3. 52 Week 21
4. Wolverine Origins #6
5. Astonishing X-men #17
I read an issue or 2 on the john a day. Normally I'm done by the weekend.

I'm sure that was more info than anyone ever wanted on Doom.
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I read the ones I'm most looking forward to out of the ones that are available.

That said, Ellis gets me off.

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