What should I read next?

I didn't get into DMZ until the second or third volume.

And then I forgot about it and now I'm about six volumes behind again.
Just finished Y: The Last Man. Crap I've missed out on good stuff. And seeing as how DMZ is well received here, I know what I'm starting next.
I have to also agree with Fables, Sandman, and my favorite series Punisher MAX.

I also want to add Mike Carey's Lucifer that loosely is tied to Sandman and his Hellblazer run.
read All Star Superman instead of DMZ, meh. Good story, but I wanted more. Still glad I read it though, thanks for telling me about it.
Are you guys reading Locke&Key? You should be reading Locke&Key!!!
It's written by Joe Hill, and has a great amount of HP Lovecraftian influence on it.

The basic plotline is as follows. The main character's father gets murdered. The children and the mother are sent to live in the father's house in a made up town in Massachusetts (Based off of Gloucester MA). The house has a number of secrets, which boils down to Key's that fit into certain locks, and certain things happen when they do. There is a witch in a well that starts to teach one of the children the house's secrets.

Then, as you are fond of saying, everything goes pear-shaped.

It's really quite good.

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