What Ultimate character do we need to see more of?


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Dec 24, 2004
I think there's a few obvious choices, but I'm going with:

Ultimate Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew. (I was hoping she'd show up in Ultimates 3..which appears not to be the case...or even UFF). She has a lot of potential, away from USM I think.

What (who) do you think?
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The choice is simple....Carol Danvers.

With SHIELD being so entrenched within all the going ons of each UU book---with her being assigned to SHIELD, we should be seeing more of her.
This would be hilarious if you weren't be so serious.
...yeah, except I'm not being serious? BD

Unless you weren't being serious about me being serious.

This is seriously starting to confused me a bit. And I used the word "seriously" on purpose. I'm serious here.

Anyway, Mahr Vel seems to be a popular choice, but I'll go with Danvers. And Mystique; I wanna see her get a bit more involved with the X-Men.
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What's wrong with Mary Jane Werewolf Goblin Monster? I like Mary Jane Werewolf Goblin Monster. I don't see what's so wrong about Mary Jane Werewolf Goblin Monster, unless you have some kind of problem with Mary Jane Werewolf Goblin Monster.

Hopefully explaining more of him getting powers. Now I know what your thinking "but he's in ultimates 3 you know." to which I have to say "I'm a venom fanboy Duh!"
I'll have to be completely unoriginal and chime in with a vote for Mahr Vell myself.

I'd love to see him get a mini, or even an on-going that deals with intergalactic stuff...or see him join the Ultimates...or something.

Maybe an Ultimates spin-off, Agents of SHIELD with Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew, Falcon, and Mahr Vell doing America's dirty work and picking up were the Ultimates left off?

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