What Ultimate Miniseries would you like to see?

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Feb 23, 2008
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What untold stories woul you like to see told in a miniseries? (or even an arc of an ongoing, i guess)

I want to see Ultimate Mauraders/Ultimate Sinister/Ultimate Gambit. There have been all kinds of hints about Gambit's dark past and his connection with Sinister and Sinister's connection with Silvermane. I would really like to see that. (those aren't three separate minis, but three different ideas of names for the miniseries)

I woul also like to see a story of how Wolverine and Cap know each other during WWII, Wolverine is released from Weapon X (or whatever that facility is in Ultimate Origins) to be used/tested on a very important mission, to see if he can be Canada's answer to a supersoldier. Maybe this is the second time "Lucky Jim" and Cap have met, but Wolverine has had his mind wiped since the last time and doesn't remember him so Cap just thinks he's a jerk, etc. Maybe call it Ultimate Allies?

and i would like to see an Ultimate Kingpin mini showing how he got started in the criminal underworld - not starting off with, "my daddy beat me, or "all i ever wanted was to be a hero" or anything dumb like that, but just showing him start off as muscle for someone else and move his way up.
Ultimate Deadpool.

This story will take the Ultimate Iron Man approach and completely **** up the established backstory for the character. The difference being that it won't screw up a very well formed and created character like Ultimate Iron Man did, and instead recreate one of the greatest characters to ever exist...
Isn't there already a thread or two about this?

I seem to remember answering Ultimate Blade and Ultimate Venom before now
Maybe an ULtimate Miniseries on Captian America set in WWII by Bendis, maybe a venom one, maybe a silver sbale one. I want to see a dardevil one as well seeing as they have a dd and elktra and elktra one.
Ultimate Conquest; with a really neat spin on Kang. Millar better do that bad guy justice.
Ultimate Captain Marvel mini. I loved that f'ing character.
Ultimate Dr. Strange... let's re-invent us some magic mythos already. This would give us some ultimate Hellstorm, Shuma-gorath, Xorn... whatever.
I've said it before, I'll say it again, Ultimate Strange should be the fifth Ultimate title, if ever there was one.
Ultimate Discovery, sort of an exploratory take on Annihilation

After revisiting his notes on the Negative Zone, Reed Richards discovers that like our own universe, the Negative Zone is expanding, the problem is, that the universe's are bound to collide with each other causing catastrophic damage to both universe's. Reed tries to contact Nick Fury/Carol Danvers but he can't reach them, so he leaves them a message urging them to contact him. Instead of Carol/Nick, an Abigail Brand contacts Reed claiming to be from something called S.W.O.R.D. Reed doesn't believe her, hangs up. Later he is abducted by a spaceship, where he meets Abigail Brand. After a breif rundown of what S.W.O.R.D. is she get's Reed to explain to her what he believe's is going on. He says they need to place a cosmic repulsor in the center of the negative zone, and fire off a pulse that will move the N-Zone out of it's current path towards our universe. Reed say's that he can have the device up and ready soon, and that the Fantastic Four will be able to go in to place the device soon after. Abigail says, she will allow him to create the Cosmic Repulser, however the Fantastic Four will not be going to the Negative Zone again, after all of the interdimensional debacle's the team has caused she decides that a team of S.W.O.R.D. agents will be sent in their place. This team consists of: Peter Quill, Arthur Douglas, Heather Douglas, Gabrielle Vargas, Richard Rider, Adam W. Locke, Gamorah Long, and a recently promoted Wendell Vaughn.

I'll expand on this later I have homework to do
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