What was the voice in Blockbuster?

Definitely Mystique. Sadly, them arranging to meet to continue their torrid lesbian affair was cut from the comic due to space restrictions.

Speaking of Mystique, people mentioned that Xavier's got a cat named Mystique... we've seen what Xavier did to Magneto. What if Xavier trapped Mystique into that form somehow as punishment?
Xavier's a shady dude, and he's definately got some skeletons in his closet. Jean's the only one that knows the truth about Mystique. Probably Emma too. But I don't they they know why Xavier REALLY keeps her around...
If Mystique is the cat, I would doubt Emma knew about it. She's been there from the beginning, like, before Jean, but left after the relationship with Xavier ended. She came back shocked that there's a bunch of things that Xavier has done under the table, so it doesn't indicate any knowledge that she knows about the cat.

Jean may know. Who knows.
Personally, I agree with Bludd Rush, and am leaning to it being the Phoenix. Another, less likely possibility is Wolverine. I say this because of the dialogue mainly, and the fact that he may have been able to sneak away or hide very quickly and very quietly (he's a frigging former assassin). And this MAY be what Jean was talking about at the end of Ultimate Spider-Man #67 when she said she switched Wolverine's and Peter's bodies as punishment for Wolverine "hitting on" her after she warned him not to. Eh, who knows.
That was the implication.

But I still stick to my belief that it was someone physically in the room and Wolverine is the best candidate.
It ain't Wolverine. If you remember, Wolverine was sitting outside that very window Jean was looking out of, holding his wedding ring. It was Phoenix or something out of left field (Apoc, Mystique, etc.)
That's true. IF she was talking to Logan, then she would have done in telepathically and not outloud, how Cykes heard her. I mean, to talk to Logan outside all the down on the ground, (being that she was up at least a story or so) she would've been yelling and Cykes probably wouldn't have been the only one to hear her.
Have you guys considered Shadow King? He's a very strange characater, power-wise, but he's a candidate that has been overlooked, I think. It would be incredibly interesting to see him involved with the Phoenix, since, I doubt, Pslocke will have anything to do with him in the Ultimates.
Whether it's good or bad, it's an option and a good one at that. If there is more to the Phoenix there could be, like a mythological father-figure for this Pheonix and the Shadow King is this person... It would totally be feasible for the Phoenix explanation.
What would be very interesting is if there are Phoenix and Shadowking sitting on Jean's shoulder like the customary little angel and devil. A conscience and an instinct (or whatever the devil is customarily called). It could end up being a struggle between the conscience and the instinct, the most primal parts of a person. Plus this would stop the "lets-make-Jean-unbearably-powerful-so-she-can-do-anything" thing the Phoenix has always had going. It would crack me up if the Phoenix and the Shadowking were little things that Jeans own mind had produced just to help her deal with her powers. The things that psychoses (sp? plural of psychosis) throw up have so much entertainment potential
Wow, that's a great theory! I really like how you said there's instinct (or temptation) versus justice and conscience. Therein lies the multiple personality deal that Jean always seems to toss around once and a while and it appears that this could also be the reason why Jean lacks control over her powers. Very cool.

What if the Shadow King made the Phoenix Force? He wanted astral superiority, right? Why not create something and use it as a tool to achieve what you wanted? It could work, too.
No offense, but I don't like that theory. I think it would never happen. To me, it's just something that would mess up how the Phoenix is. And as for Shadowking making up Phoenix, nooooo waaaay! That's just not possible. Especially since we already know that it's an entity which the HFC brought into Jean.

I know I sound rude and mean or whatever, it's with knowing these characters from the 616, it's (again to me) not how they should be in UXM, even though it is a different universe. Being brought in and portrayed differently is one thing, but completely changing them around is a WHOLE different story.
Sorry, but the Phoenix is no longer an inter-galactic force, Ice. Unfortunetly, it's magic now... That's changing something drastically and, yet, you still find it odd to incorporate Shadow King with it? To you, no offense, but your reason behind that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sure, you're conservative, but since the Phoenix has already been changed, why say don't change it?
Goodwill said:
Sorry, but the Phoenix is no longer an inter-galactic force, Ice. Unfortunetly, it's magic now

OK, clearly I missed something here...
Well GW, to me, something is ok to change or 'tweak'...just a bit or so. But to change something completely different, I'm just not cool with that.
So, do you not like the fact that Beast died? Do you not like the fact that Colossus is probably gay? Do you not like Prosimian and the rest of those animals because they replaced Toad and Mastermind? C'mon... Being that conservative about change in a universe like this is insane. If the Phoenix was being controlled by the likes of the Shadow King, I think you'd be alright with it. They are still there on deal however, this time, they have ties to one another.

The Phoenix force is magic, UltimateE. It's not a space alien.

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